My fabulous term with Nobody’s Child – Student Ambassador

For most of Winter (into Spring), i’ve been working with Nobody’s Child. NC are a fashion brand from London, UK. They’re based heavily online and they’re a brand who are very conscious about sustainability and fast-fashion issues. NC up-cycle their fabrics / clothes. They focus on the quality of the items. Their collections change regularly, but their mission is to provide sustainable solutions.

Nobody’s Child donate any leftover materials to fashion colleges, to help and inspire the next generations of designers and creatives. Why? Because why would you waste perfectly good fabric? Saving this planet is what we should be caring about! Save the planet, one small step at a time. Nobody’s Child’s aim is to avoid landfill, create amazing prints and produce small collections that people will want to wear again and again.

So, my contract with NC is nearly up (lets all cry together) – but i’ve had an amazing time and it’s been a wonderful opportunity to work with NC. Collaborating with them and being a student ambassador has been so much fun. The clothes from NC are beautiful! I enjoy promoting clothes and brands that I truly love and believe in, I wouldn’t ever promote a company or item that I didn’t like. Everything i’ve had and seen from NC has fitted to perfection and the fabrics / patterns / colours are AMAZE.

I thought i’d dedicate this post to Nobody’s Child and the team, as my term is nearly up and it’s your last chance to use my amazing discount code!

Use my code: NCXSOPHH20 for 20% OFF! –  (code ends 21st of March) – so hurry!

I want to show you some of my NC collection and it may inspire you to try them out for yourselves. As some are in the wash and things, I’ll show you the items that I’ve worn the most!

Black Large Check Loose Pocket Detail Boiler-suit

This has been my first ever boiler-suit and in one word it’s felt …. FABULOUS.

I will definitely be wearing more boiler-suits. This is so comfy, great fitting and it looks really sleek. Match this with a long coat and black boots and you’ve got a great outfit.


Black & White Dogtooth Self Belt Pinny Dress

 This was one of the first garments that I tried for NC and it’s great for Spring and summer. I don’t wear dresses much as 1) it’s kinda cold in England lol & 2) I get worried when wearing figure hugging dresses. But this dress has made me feel really good about myself.

Genuinely, I love wearing this with a long sleeved turtle neck underneath, as it add’s layers and more texture to the outfit.

Plus, it has an inbuilt belt … what more would you want in a dress?


Black Charlotte Double Breasted Blouse

The Charlotte blouse will be worn both in summer & then Autumn. Wondering why? Well as the cut is a deep cut (the depth of the neckline), it will show off more of my chest, making it able for me to wear a few long and short necklaces! In the Autumn months, the blouse will go perfectly with a turtle neck top & thin scarf to match.

The colours of this blouse match really well with pretty much every colour. It’s a dressy top that can also be toned down with some high-waisted blue boyfriend jeans and vans.


Cord Mini Skirt

Out of all of the amazing clothes, my boyfriends favourite piece is this cord skirt. I like to know what pieces my family and friends like because it lets me know what kinda style they like or like to see me in. It’s just fun!

I’m a huge fan of cords – cord anything is a YES. Some fabrics of cords can be rubbish, but this skirts fabric and texture is really soft, stretchy and comfortable. I feel great in this skirt! It’s also the perfect mini skirt. As I’m a small gal, normal ‘mini skirts’ can be big hahaha. But this is great!!!

The shade of neutral / brown of this skirt goes with all cream and white tones. I would even wear it with black tbh! Plain shades will match this skirt.


Black Etta Star Front Midi Dress

MY FAVOURITE ITEM OF ALL TIME. This star dress is honestly one of the most beautiful, comfy and stylish dresses I now own. It’s just me in an outfit and I felt so confident and glowing when wearing it. The slit in the side makes the outfit super summery and light weighing.

The colourful stars match so many colours – so if you wanna wear a cardigan on top (like I am) then it goes really well.

Any boots, trainers and flats will match this dress. Flats will make it look more dressy and trainers / boots will make you look ready for the day!!

When you find a dress / garment that just makes you feel amazing, hold onto it. Don’t throw it away or anything. It’ll bring back memories and this dress will forever remind me of working with Nobody’s Child and what a great time I’ve had.

A massive thank you to Nobody’s Child and the team for working with me and making this term amaze. I look forward to the future to see what will happen next. This term has been fab and NC have made my university days more fashionable and fun!

My 20% off discount code ends on the 21st of March 2019 – so use this code ASAP angels.


Instagram: soph.h

(Nobody’s Child Instagram) – nobodyschild

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie x

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