Catwalk modelling for bridal / bridesmaid wear at the Official Saints Northamptonshire grounds!

Hi angels! Welcome back to another post.

Today I’ve uploaded another vlog onto my YouTube channel, so please check it out! Subscribe to my channel, put the notifications on & like & comment. I love chatting to you all and having you watch my vlogs means the world.

YouTube: Sophie Henderson

Right now I’m currently on a coach up to Hull. It’s taking forever due to traffic on the M1, but hay ho life goes on.

A whole week ago I got asked to model on a catwalk for bridal wear. I’ve done a few catwalks before so I kinda know what I’m doing when it comes to walking the correct way and how to pose for each camera and so on.

But I hadn’t modelled bridal wear before, I was quite nervous as because I hadn’t had a fitting o anything prior to the event, but the dresses fitted me perfectly! I absolutely loved them.

I modelled for Gabriella’s Bridal Wear, Northampton. Search them up on Instagram / Facebook because they’re so kind and they are really lovely.

I walked / modelled four dresses in total. Two bridal, two bridesmaid.

The event was really fun, the music was great, dresses were stunning and the audience seemed to have had a lovely time!

It was a great opportunity to be part of and I’m so happy I attended!

I had hair and makeup done when I arrived, and both women were so kind.

The nicest lady did all of my makeup, her name’s Helen! She’s on Instagram: Helensilvermua – go check her page out!

I didn’t get the chance to pick up a leaflet for my hair lady, but she is friends with Helen so you may find her through Facebook possibly. But she was wonderful with styling my hair! Stayed in for the whole event & I didn’t want to take it out afterwards because it was so pretty.

The whole night was fab! Seeing other models and just walking the same catwalk as them was such a great experience.

I’m looking forward to modelling more this year & for many years to come! I love getting these opportunities and I feel so thankful for them.

I’m definitely not a professional whatsoever, but I’ve modelled quite a lot now for projects, beauty days and catwalks, so I’ve had a fair share throughout 2017 /18. I can’t wait to get stuck into modelling and hopefully see it maybe take off!

I model because I really enjoy it. I love all the lights, styling and getting the right images. It’s all about the theme, what look you’re going for and the final outcome.

It comes very naturally to me, I’m not sure why because I’m not that confident hahaha, I’m the kind of person who gets so nervous even when talking to lecturers or asking anyone questions. But when it’s a task that I have to just do individually, such as modelling, I become a different person!

I just get into my zone and I feel so comfortable in it. It’s hard to explain but I feel so much more at ease when modelling in photo shoots or catwalks than I do when talking to someone new. I’m just that way inclined I guess! I come out of my shell when in a photoshoot, which is a confidence boost for me!

I’d love to know if any of you model, even if it’s just projects or catwalks like me, comment below!

No filter in these images, just natural light and a bit of base makeup / every day makeup.

As I’ve said, I’m not a professional at all, but I do it for fun and to get myself a portfolio / lots of experience.

A few tips that I advice (if you’re interested) would be:

• Relax your body when walking, don’t be stiff or rigid. People can always tell when you’re trying a bit too hard, walking on a catwalk should look effortless, yet make sure your walk is powerful!

• don’t focus on your arms too much. Sometimes I feel like idk where to put my arms, but when you’re having fun and have modelled a bit more, you kinda just know where looks good on your body to put your arms / position them. When walking, just make sure they’re not swinging about but they’re still moving slightly. (Depending on the style of the catwalk theme).

• stand straight! I’m not tall at all, so standing straight helps me out a bunch! It allows the garment to have every angle of it look good! If your slumped then the garment doesn’t look it’s best.

• be confident! Have faith in yourself and LOVE what you’re doing. I have such a warmth when it comes to modelling and if you get that warmth then it should just come naturally.

• have fun, don’t take everything seriously and smile and just enjoy it all! Every second of it!

Thank you for reading my angels & i’ll be back with more posts and YouTube videos soon!

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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