Why reflecting on life’s stages is so important

Hello wonderful people, welcome to my first blog post on my new website/blog page whoop whoop!

I’m still learning and figuring things out on here, it’s harder than it looks trust me. From sorting out how to move my previous posts onto this site to then just working out how to post my writing is tough hahah. I’ll get the hand of it i’m sure.

Well as you know, this post wont be fashion related. I enjoy writing about fashion, but I like to get into depth about life subjects, such as mental health and wellbeing. Having a deep think about your own life is important, to just see where you are and how you’re personally doing.

As I’ve said in a previous post, since I was little I’ve always been self conscious and had massive confidence issues. I get extremely anxious and paranoid at random and unexpected times too, which doesn’t help me in life. However, this post will be about realising that you could be having a bad day or month and then figuring out what the next step is to help yourself.

For a while I’ve been figuring out what to do with my life, I absolutely love fashion and want to carry that on and follow the creative path in life. However, I’m not enjoying where I’m at university wise, so I am seeing whether or not to transfer to another uni. I enjoy uni life, so I will keep you updated i’m sure on what university i’ll be attending. So realising I wasn’t happy at the uni I am at right now, I decided to take it into my own hands and figure out the next step of transferring. I’ve emailed the university I would like to attend to see whether or not I could potentially move away. Exciting yet nerve wrecking stuff. Even just emailing another university made me feel sick but getting it out of the way is the way I chose to go about searching for another uni. So I shall be carrying on with fashion, just possibly attending another university, whoop!

Anyhow, there will be times in life that you’ll think you’re not on the right path, or that you’re a bit lost and confused with jobs or where you’re at. But that’s OK! Every one tries to figure out where they’re meant to be and what they think they should be doing, but nothing is wrong or right. You’ll end up on the path that was (in my opinion) destined for you at that moment in time, if it changes for the good or bad, just know that it will all end just fine.

If you’ve read a previous post then you’ll know I had a car crash earlier this year, and i’m still getting over the side effects that have happened to me physically and mentally. Physically, i’m doing much better, no more muscular neck pain. Mentally, it’s a struggle. But thinking positively, I will get over it at some point in the future. I still drive, in my new car, Milo the Mini. But just even being a passenger in a car I feel sick to my stomach and constantly on edge. Positively, there will be a time that I will drive happily and be a passenger and not be thinking bad thoughts.

However, the main point of this post is to all realise we ALL need a break, or time to reflect on how we genuinely feel. It’s not good to shy away from problems or hide deep down feelings, I can admit, I am a person who hides inner feelings and problems, but it’s much better to release it and just think logically about situations that you’re in. For example, I tend to get in a tizz about being on my own a lot, in the house or doing other things, I hate being on my own. But thinking logically, yes being lonely is horrible, but being on my own should be good. I should be able to get things done, I should be able to have ‘me’ time, and I should be able to relax my mind and body from all issues.

Also, I’ve realised that we all get judged for whatever we do and that’s fine too. Leave people to be themselves because through life they’ll try to get you down, but they wont be able to! Do YOU, and be YOU! Be the best versions of yourselves, everything will work out in the end. Just treat others how you would like to be treated, and friendships / relationships will blossom. The right people will meet you along the way.

Having alone time to yourself is key. It allows you to think about what you need to do and you can get the tasks done with ease. Worrying is the worst possible thing to do in a stressful situation, take it from me. So make yourself a list of things you either need to do or want to do this week, month, year. Make a ‘to-do’ list and it allows your brain to not hold in so much information, having things written down on paper releases the pressure of remembering what you need to do all the time. I write lists of things I need to do and it makes me feel much more organised and more free in my thoughts. Ticking along the page with my lil black pen makes me feel like I’ve achieved my daily or weekly tasks.

I’ve just realised I babble a lot, and i’m truly sorry hahaha, my posts can be a bit lengthy…however, I do have a lot to say apparently.

What i’d love for you readers to take away from this is that it’s so important to stop and think “am I happy”? Being happy is the most important thing, to be happy and healthy and enjoying whatever you’re doing. Having a reflection on stages in your life is a good thing to do. Realise how much you’ve achieved and be proud of yourselves!

Here are 5 ‘to-do’s that you can do if you’re having a break or you’re feeling a bit tired / stressed at the moment:

  1. Make some food, eat some food, love some food. I tend to grab chocolate and stuff my face with it when i’m not feeling 100%. Netflix, my favourite food and a hot-chocolate is good for me.
  2. Make a list and get all of your tasks out onto paper. Or alternatively, make a list of events you’d like to attend or places you’d like to go. Just something that calms you down!
  3. Have a shower. Yeah being clean is great, however I always have a shower when i’m stressed or down, and I feel that having a hot shower always washes away my bad energy.
  4. PAMPER SESSION, for guys and girls. Everyone can pamper themselves, not just girls. Either wash your hair, get it all nice and done, find a cracking outfit, then head out into town on a night out or pamper yourself and just relax in bed with clean sheets. Nothing beats clean sheets. Wack on a candle, make a cuppa and just be free in your thoughts, then sleep the night away.
  5. Read a book, or magazine or a blog post…aye hahah. But on a serious note, doesn’t matter what kind of item you’re reading, on a tablet or a book, just have a chill out and read either some inspirational posts or one of your favourite books/magazines to mellow your mind and soul.

I hope this post made you realise that even though you think you’re going through tough situations on your own, you’re not. Everyone has problems within their lives and you’ve just got to take them one step at a time. We all need calm moments to allow ourselves to know if we’re genuinely happy or not, take a step back once in a while and just think about your wellbeing and mental health. It is so important! 

Any questions, feel free to ask me. If you enjoyed the read feel free to comment below.

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo



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