Twenty Twenty : 2020

Hi angels! Welcoming you all into a brand new year. How crazy is this? A whole new 365 days of a new decade. Wild!!

But here we are, once again on one of my lil blogs. I want to dedicate this post to my future self. I will be writing another post in 2021 I’m sure, all about 2020 and what I did. So this is to my past self & to my future self.

It’s been such a journey already and it’s only the beginning. I’ve wrote so many posts and I’ve loved writing every single one of them. I’ve enjoyed the journey that I’ve began and hopefully will continue to follow in years time. It’s a happy place for me, a place where I can fully just write whatever nonsense I want and still enjoy it all the same.

I started blogging back in early 2018, where I wrote to express how I feel and my emotions. It included fashion, beauty and also mental health, which is a topic close to my heart. It’s now taken me in a journey of my love of vintage fashion, second-hand clothes and also still embedding deeply about mental health. It’s a blog pretty much about everything I either enjoy or feel passionate about.

It’s now 2020, I’ve worked with brands that I never believed I would back in 2019 and for me, it’s only the start. I’ve grown followers on my Instagram to nearly 3,000 which is insane and I’m growing my little platform on here each week. I’m so thankful for you all for reading my posts, taking the time to connect with me and for engaging in my thoughts and feelings about fashion, vintage items and all sorts.

My collaborations / work with brands have been super exciting for me. This isn’t a post which is all chatting about who I’ve worked with, but i’m just very thankful that it’s all been happening and it’s growing each week. I never thought I would work with brands and have contracts, but I genuinely do haha. I never believed in myself that much, that I could one day begin this blogging journey and it’s truly been really fun.

I started off with my own blog on blogspot, which I fell in love with writing on there. Once I felt I was wanting my own space to call mine, I started this website, which all of you have found me on. So thank you again to my readers for subscribing / following me.

I’ve juggled university life, personal life and this blog these past two years, it’s been tough at times because I’ve wanted to fully put my heart and soul into this platform, but at times my university degree has to be the priority, hence why I’ve not been active for a few weeks. But I’m back on track and feeling whole again.

Christmas was such a pleasant time and I definitely needed that break I don’t know about any of you, but I deffo did. It was peaceful and also lots of fun, to spend time with family. But now we’re in 2020, university is again a priority as I only have a few months left (CRAZY AHHH), and then I’ll (hopefully) have a degree in BA Hons Fashion Promotion & Communication. Let’s see what happens aye.

But I’ll be continuing to write, post & create content on here and Instagram. Instagram is my main platform for all things styling and photos, so if you’re interested feel free to follow me and join in. My styling will be much better this year, as I’ve moved my room around and have PLENTY more space for photos hahah! It was needed.

I’ve got a 32 page magazine that I have to create for my journalism module, which the theme is around micro-bloggers and influencers. Once it’s live, I’ll make sure to tell you all about it, as I’m actually enjoying it. Uni projects can sometimes make you not like that subject much but not for me, I could write about bloggers forever.

For 2020, I’m also working on my fitness. Last year I focussed on my mental health, which was very important to me and I am feeling in a much better headspace than I once was. Some days are worse than others but it wouldn’t be called a journey if it wasn’t a lengthy process.

For my New Years Resolution last year (2019), it was for me to not eat any fast food, ie McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Subway etc. Guess what??? I DID IT! I didn’t eat any fast food last year and I’m very proud of myself for that. So for this year, I’m going to focus on eating healthily, but obvs still treating myself with what food I do like, but just aiming to get fitter for summer.

I’ve been working out every day and feeling good so far. Again, I expect to see progress from after one 10 minute exercise but it isn’t going to happen hahah. I need to carry it on and prove to myself again that if I can do a whole year with no fast food, then I can certainly attempt this.

I don’t think that New Years Resolutions are majorly necessary all the time, but I do like to push myself and give myself a challenge. Never think that you have to do something just because everyone else is. Do it for you and YOU ONLY! You’re brilliant just the way you are. But for me, I want to feel good inside and outside.

To finish this post off, I want to thank you all again (you’re probs finding me boring now haha) but I really do mean it. I wouldn’t be writing on here every week if I didn’t have such good support and positivity from you all. So thank you. I hope you all continue to engage with my posts, Instagram and blogging journey.

Stay happy, healthy and loved. You’re all fabulous. Do what you want to do this 2020. It’s a brand new decade and you can do anything you put your mind to, believe me.

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo

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  1. Can’t wait to read your magazine, it already sounds so interesting! Also congrats on completing your 2019 resolution, that must of took so much will power haha!

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