My 21st Birthday

Hi angels!! Welcome back.

I’ve had suchhhh a hectic few weeks. From handing in my final major project to another essay and all sorts. My FMP as I’ve previously said is about Dr Martens, they’re one of my favourite footwear brands. But anyhow, nooo more uni talk. Uni is FINISHED for Christmas. I’m now retiring over Xmas and not getting up at all. Consider myself hibernating for Xmas.

My birthday was honestly so much fun. My actual 21st was last Saturday, which I spent the day with my boyfriend and we went out for a lovely bite to eat at a nearby lil cafe. I wanted Saturday to be relatively chilled out, considering we were all going to walk miles in London the following day, and me being me, I get tired v quickly hahah (it’s my short legs, they walk 10X quicker than the average person aye).

My birthday morning was so great because I needed to find my birthday present (from my parents) through a treasure hunt style. So they left a note for me and I needed to find the gift. You’re never too old for a treasure hunt.

Then after happy tears from my gifts, I then spent the day with Jonny. After chilling out for the rest of the day, my sister came over for the weekend & so did my Auntie & her friend. We had a great home cooked meal, courtesy of my lovely mother (you babe), and spent the evening chatting away.

The next day we got up early to go to London. I absolutely love going to London, just walking around, shopping, finding vintage items etc is just a favourite thing to do of mine. But we were mainly in Piccadilly & Covent Garden, so the shops there are more high-end, so vintage shopping had to wait. Off-topic, but I actually found a Brandy Melville store on Regents Street & bought a few outfits from them, as I do find their stuff comfy & casual.

The main point of going to London was because my mum organised for us to eat at The Wolseley. If you don’t know what that is then you HAVE TO because it’s such a beautiful restaurant. We were booked for 4pm so had the morning to shop & then went out for an Afternoon Tea at The Wolseley.

I’ve never ever ever had a better Afternoon Tea. It was heavenly! We walked in and were treated so friendly and warmly, then got shown to our table for the evening & oooooh my! We were sat on the balcony (which there is only one in the building). I honestly felt like royalty haha!! Imagine it, little ol’ me having my own balcony pretty much in The Wolseley. I was so shocked and excited!

We all ordered lil bits that we could share out & try, but for me I wanted a cheesecake, as it’s the ultimate sweet treat of course, along with a hotchocolate (I did let myself go that day oops). Then to my surprise another cake got brought out & it was from The Wolseley staff themselves for my 21st birthday! They made me a cake!! I was over the moon, I had no clue they knew it was my birthday!

I just had the most wonderful time dining there. The staff are so lovely and the aesthetic & environment is just beautiful. They had their Christmas tree up & it was stunning.

We then finished our meal, had a little more mooch about London and then headed home. I had just a really great time with my family & boyfriend. Couldn’t have had a more fun weekend celebrating.

Just want to say thank you to those who said happy birthday to me, I loved the kind messages & photos.

A huge thank you to The Wolseley for making my birthday meal so wonderful & making us feel so welcome. I’ll definitely be back soon! By far the BEST restaurant ever.

Thank you to Jonny’s family for my wonderful presents & for making me a little birthday shrine, it was so kind, loved it.

Last but not least, thank you to my family & boyfriend, you all spoilt me rotten and had a fabulous day with you all.

It was nice as it didn’t rain for the whole weekend, as it typically does in December. I guess Mother Nature knew it was my 21st haha!

Celebrating birthdays and all sorts is really nice when it’s with the ones you love and for others to make it so special also. Everyone collectively made me feel incredibly happy & I’m forever grateful.

I haven’t finished my birthday celebrations just yet! My boyfriend is taking me to London next weekend to see The Lion King in theatre & I can’t wait!!! He’s also booked a meal at a lovely Italian afterwards, he’s spoilt me rotten. So I can look forward to that soon!

Then of course it’s Christmas! How quick this year has gone is crazy. Looking forward to knowing what you are all wanting for Christmas & what’s on your lists.

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Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Thanks for reading.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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