Uni Deadlines, FMP’s & Events

Hi angels! Remember me? I can admit, I’ve been quiet on here for too long now. Shall we get into details?

One word … uni. University has honestly taken up all of my spare time, from researching & photoshoots to my final major projects. However busy I am, it’s very exciting also! I’m not sure how much I should delve into on here about my project, but I’ll say a few points to it, context wise.

Individually, we have to create a collaboration for a brand which needs to ‘self-disrupt’. This basically means for a brand we think needs to re-invent itself, or possibly just needs an exciting collaboration.

For my final major project (FMP) I’ve chose to design for Dr Martens, in which they will (theoretically) collaborate with Greta Thunberg & Banksy. It’s to give Dr Martens a new look, whilst re-inventing them by re-using their Originals collections & upcycling them for the new collection. As I’m currently still doing my FMP, I won’t go into much more detail. But I am thoroughly enjoying the project, as I get to do my own photoshoot, design my own Dr Martens footwear & create some funky mood boards.

I love a good mood board! But having the time to do all of this work whilst trying to write on my blog & interact via my socials is heavy on my mind. Trust me, I’d rather be chatting on here 24/7 but for my third & final year, I just need to get the work done & completed.

But good things are coming!!! My 21st birthday is in a couple weeks (December the 7th if anyone wants to send a HB message) hahaha, cheers. But joking aside, it’s a big birthday! I’ve been looking forward to my 21st for so long, just thinking about the age, where I am in life & what I’m planning on doing. It’s a lot!

It’s crazy to think that little old me will be 21. I remember being younger & thinking 16 was old !!!! Let alone 21. But in all honesty, ‘old’ is nonsense. No one is ever ‘old’. People put such a negative connotation to age & it’s simply myth. You’ll always feel young at heart & I’m going with that mindset.

I’ll be doing my annual birthday post nearer to the time, but for now everyone can simply know the date of my birthday hahaha! We all love a good HB message aye.

In terms of uni deadlines, I’ve been chatting to my lecturers how I want to get my FMP completed and sent off before my birthday, as the deadline / hand-in is actually just after. But I’m a STRESSER. I stress, stress & stress a bit more. I simply cannot enjoy my birthday weekend if I have something on my mind. So I’ve come to the conclusion that my work just needs to be completed & finished before my B-Day. It’ll be tough, but hay ho. I’m thinking about the bigger picture & this stuff needs done asap.

How are you all finding deadlines or work? It can be hugely stressful. Is hard when others don’t understand or aren’t supportive, so you’ve come to the right place if you need a lil bit of a confidence boost tonight.







(I’ll be honest, my confidence boosting skills aren’t on point, but I’ve given it a go for you all).

My best tips for deadlines, hand-in’s, FMP’s etc would just be to try and complete it a bit at a time. Don’t do it on the day, you know who you are. It’s much better on yourself, mentally, to just allow yourself time & patience to be able to do the work well & for how you want. It’s the worsttttt thing ever when the work you produce isn’t to your best standard. So I’ve made a point for me this year to really try & just have PLENTY of time to get the work done & to then not ever think about it again. Throw the completed (& handed in) work into that deep, lazy place in your mind in which it never needs to come out again. It’s there to stay.

My first term of uni has been a lot, to say the least. I guess final year is what everyone says it is, hard. Final year for me has (so far) not consisted of me crying 24/7, which I think is a plus from last year, for me anyways. Crying is a great thing to get stuff out of your mind & system, but I wasn’t in a good place last year, so it was a mixture of a lot of issues. But this term at uni I’ve learnt to just get on with the work individually, fight your thoughts & process anything that needs to be processed, physically & mentally.

In addition, if you’re feeling overwhelmed due to essays or projects, then it means you care about the work, otherwise you wouldn’t be worrying. You can get it done. You can achieve anything & you can do amazing. Just have a bit more faith in yourself. Confidence is my biggest hate, as in, I don’t have much confidence in myself. But it’s a learning process, I’m learning to get some & believe in myself. If I can, you can.

You’re meant to be where you are right now. You’re here for a reason. So stick with it, be proud of yourself & life will take its course.

(Also it’s only 33 days until Christmas – sorry to all of you grinch’s out there).

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

6 Replies to “Uni Deadlines, FMP’s & Events”

  1. Aah you sound so busy with uni, but your project idea is genius! Also Christmas is getting so close it’s crazy, I’m so excited we went to the annual lights switching ceremony in our town last night which felt like the official beginning of the festive season😊🎄

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