September Style Edit

Hi angels!

September is here & what does that mean? Another special monthly style edit. September is one of those awkward transitioning months, or in the UK’s case, a typical English month – this means that it could possibly rain for 2 weeks straight or we could have a weekend of 25 degree heat and blazing sun on our skin. Who knows.

What I do know is September is great for transitioning from summer into Autumn. Autumn is a fabuloussss month for fashion. Warm cosy jumpers come out whilst still keeping our floral dresses in use. Be prepared for September weather, let’s say.

But as it’s early September, I don’t want to rush into full autumn mode just yet. I want to keep this summer style going for a lil bit longer.

Grab an old vintage shirt and casually style it up. Match it with some cute small hair clips, some vintage Levi’s, some yellow chunky trainers and you’re good to go. I’ve been enjoying wearing pops of colour recently, so it’s nice to simply put a bit of colour in your hair ie a hair clip or grip.

This street style is one of my summer go-to’s. As the colours are summery, the oversized shirt is a light material so I don’t get too hot and the shorts are an easy button up.

If you’re looking for a mix of seasons – which involves wearing a knit, then September will be your perfect month to pull this off. Just have a look at vintage places for some cute knit jumpers – or charity shops. Charity shops are amaze for vintage & second hand golf jumpers / sports cardigans. They’re smart yet can be worn super casually with some summer shorts.

If you’re not wanting second hand goods, then take yourself to GAP. GAP is ICONIC for their sales. Literally walk in and nearly everything is £10 or less I swear. I’ve got a green version of this cardigan (slightly longer & thinner material) in GAP!

This one however is from Hollister. I wanted a pink & cropped version of my GAP green one. If you want to see my green GAP one head over to my insta.

Long shorts are perfect for September. As the temperature is still quite warm / slowly getting cooler, you can pull off long shorts like these. Tied at the waist, they synch your waistline and allow your figure to pop.

Again, sales sales sales people!! I grabbed these from Fat Face in their sale section. I got these in a size 8 as they didn’t have smaller, but you could deffo get away with smaller sizes as the waistlines themselves are larger then you use the belt to tighten them to your size!

I love to button up my cardigan and wear it as a top itself. It’s super comfy, then tucked in (or over) the shorts just makes it casual and put together.

Colour co-ordinating is a love of mine when it comes to Pantones and layering. I enjoy wearing the same colour on top and bottom, even if they’re not the same fabric. I like a good suit co-ord, whether that’s a dress suit or skirt & blazer. But I wanted to use my styling and see if I could find a colour in the cardigan to match my shorts and BOOM, it worked.

Say YES to the dress !!! – if you know then you know.

Yellow is a colour I’m 100% living for in September. Just because it’s getting into those cooler months, doesn’t mean all your pops of colours have to stay away. Grab those sunny yellows and deep oranges outta your wardrobes!

I only just got this dress actually! It’s from a place I’ve never bought before. Missguided. It’s fast fashion (as we all know) – but my opinion on fast fashion is I don’t agree with how quick their turn overs are for stock in seasons. I don’t agree with throwing away all the garments and what not. I’ve wrote a previous post about my opinions on this! I am definitely a person who buys way more vintage & second hand than anything else. But I will only buy items that I will wear 100%. I will get the MOST WEAR out of. I don’t buy items that I feel I won’t wear, as it’s a waste.

With this item, I actually got given it by my sister! She works for Missguided in their head office (she’s a queen). But she gave me a few items from their head office and I’ll be showing you all of them in another post / on YouTube.

With this dress, I do absolutely love it. It’s just me in a dress! I will wear it until it’s completely worn out, even then I’ll probably keep it haha. But again, I will only buy a new item if I will get at least 10 or 20 years wear out of it. I don’t want to waste materials. I use fast fashion brands wisely – if that.

This dress is just a bit of me though. It’s beautiful, my colour to a T & it fits me like a glove, which I find tricky with dresses. So this dress will be worn a hella lot, on the more warmer days of September.

Keep those Levi’s shorts out and match them with a long / short sleeved graphic top. I for one wear shorts on warrrrm days. I tend to fall into long skirts a lot in summer, but for September I feel that the denim still needs to be around. I’m hoping for a warmer September!

Pair some vintage Levi’s with a comfy top, some dr marten boots and a knit cardigan & you’re good to go.

For this look, I tucked in the stripped top slightly into my shorts. You don’t always have to be prim & proper when it comes to having your tops tucked into your jeans / skirts. Add a bit of slouch to your look by just tucking in a corner of your top – this adds some dimension & ripple effect into your top. Especially if you have a plain white top this’ll work a treat!

The long floral dresses are HERE TO STAY for September. This dress was gifted by Nobody’s Child.

They’re a sustainable fashion brand which serves absolute fashion looks!! This is my favourite dress that I’ve been gifted by them. It’s such light weight material, flowy, floral and yellow!! What more could a girl want?

The slit in the leg adds more movement to the dress when walking. I do love a good slit in a dress or long skirt, movement is a power statement to an outfit.

The length is perfect for me. I like it when dresses allow your shoes to be seen. I’d wear chunky trainers for a casual street style look, or some black boots for an edgy feel to September.

Sleeves are important to me. The detail on these sleeves are wonderful and dainty, giving off a downtown abbey vibe. I used to be such a fan of that show!!

With long dresses, it’s nice to cut it up a bit as so much material can be quite overwhelming. So grab a belt and this will allow the garment to still stand out, but not overwhelm you. My Gucci belt is great for this dress.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Remember to subscribe / follow me on my socials. How will you style yourself this September? Comment below your favourite look out of these.

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YouTube Channel: Sophie Henderson

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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  1. Oh my goodness – I kept thinking I found something that was my favourite item of clothing but then I scrolled down and found more!! That first vintage button up shirt is to die for, as well as that cute little yellow dress and those denim shorts! Love everything about these outfits! xx

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