It’s 7 months into 2019 – where are you in life today?

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a great Wednesday.

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It’s 7 months into 2019 and I’ve been thinking about where I am in my life today, this week, this month, this year. It’s been a journey, lemme tell ya. But we all have our own individual journeys, feelings and lives.

What have you done for 7 months? Do you feel like you’ve accomplished tasks? Job opportunities? Got a degree? Passed your driving tests? A-Levels? Started a new hobby?

Whatever you have done these past few months, just remember to do things for YOU. Don’t do them for anyone else. This is your life. I’ve passed my second year at university studying fashion promotion & Communication. I’ve carried on with my twice a week blog posts, started my YouTube channel and began to be a lot more positive.

But what I always forget, is that happiness and love are the most important things. If you’ve achieved this already and if you’re in the process of achieving this for yourself, then be super proud. If you still haven’t met that moment in your life yet, kinda like me, then you’re not alone. I’m absolutely over the moon with so many aspects of my life, such as family & in my relationship. But in terms of what I want to do with my life, job wise or making friends wise, I’m certainly not there yet.

Life is about your own journey. Never follow someone else’s path. Follow your own wants, needs and loves. Things will change in your life, from friendships to work ethics to all sorts. But one thing that won’t change is knowing who you are and what you deserve!

You deserve the upmost from everything in life. Believe in yourself and you’ll get to where to want! It might take longer than other people to reach your goal. It might take years before you find that amazing job. It might take two weeks before you realise that something is making you feel down. Change is GOOD!

I’m coming to terms with the fact that I have one more year left of my university life. Yes, I’m going to be a third year fashion student in September. Me??? I know right, I didn’t think I’d make it this far.

But, I have. So, people are asking me ALREADY “what do you plan on doing? What do you want to do? Internships? Jobs? Moving? London? Cities?” Like…my brain has become mush.

Long story short, I have no clue what I want to do. People worry for me, people are constantly wanting to know my job aspects and what I’m interested in, which is lovely! But if you’re one of those people who just keeps them self to themselves, then join my club. We’re in this together!

So, let’s crack down on this year shall we. We are all here right now, we’re all wanting to do different things and we’re all interested in sooo many hobbies, careers and interests. I get told all of the time “fashion is incredibly competitive, you need to be able to find a job at some point for it”. Yes, I get that 100%. But, I’m following my own path. I’m not “lazy” or “can’t be bothered” – I’m simply taking time to think about what I truly want. The best part of it is, in this day & age we can have lots of jobs, if we wish to! Just because you’ve gotten a degree in one subject, it doesn’t mean you can’t move onto another part in life. A new hobby you want to pursue, a new career move, moving to a different country! Whatever the path is, it’ll follow you, and you’ll find it.

July is also a strange time of year for me and many many people. It’s that time of the year when people (especially me) think deeper about life and the meaning of why we’re here. We all have completely different journeys and it’s such a wonderful thing. I find myself sometimes thinking I’m ‘behind everyone else’ in terms of jobs or skill abilities. But I then try to think of it on the flip side. I have COMPLETELY different abilities to other people, different life choices, different bumps in the road. Things happen to all of us and for the most of the time, no one else even knows. Just be proud of yourself that you’ve gotten this far!

No one is ‘in front’ of you. No one is ‘further in life’ than you. Just because someone has bought a house this year before you or because they’re getting ‘higher’ grades or because they’re seemingly to have their life together through social media – no one could do a better job at being YOU! You are on your own pathway and everything happens for a reason. I’ve not found my ‘reason’ why I’m here yet. I haven’t found what I want to do in life yet. I haven’t reached my ultimate goals in life yet. However, personally I’ve managed to improve my mental health, I’ve progressed with my blogging / website (thanks to you guys), I’ve continued to create content for you all, I’ve been working non stop with fashion & jewellery brands which I’m super happy about, I’ve finished second year with a great grade & I’ve overcome obstacles that I didn’t know I needed to overcome in order for me to grow as a person.

So, to finish this off. I’m Sophie Henderson. I’m 7 months into 2019 and I still don’t know where I want to be in life…and that’s perfectly OKAY!

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo

7 Replies to “It’s 7 months into 2019 – where are you in life today?”

  1. Ah I loved reading this, everyone is walking a different path and it’s nothing to feel bad about 🙂 I think playing the comparison game is just too dangerous, it has SUCH a negative impact on mental health. Congrats on two years of uni, I’m sure third year will bring you more peace and you’ll find your path!

    – Gillian x

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    1. Thank you so much for reading!✨ means the world, thank you. Exactly, everyone’s paths are different and it’s a beautiful thing. Yes I’ve decided not to keep worrying about whether people are doing things before me and whatnot, I’m following my own journey! Thank you. Wishing you all the best! – Sophie X

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