My Trip to Sicily, Taormina: Part 1

Hi my lovely angels!! I’m back from my little break away. I notified my readers through my Instagram that I wouldn’t be writing for a week or so until I was back from my holiday. This was purely because the WiFi at the hotel I stayed at wasn’t the best, so photos wouldn’t load and blah blah blah, let’s get into the post!!

I went on a family holiday to Sicily, Taormina. It is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. From the scenery and the sunsets to the foods and the sunrises, it was all breathtaking. I can’t thank my family enough for taking me on this trip with them because we honestly all had the best time.

I will be doing a part 1 and part 2 to my holiday post, as there is lots to talk about but also wayyyy too many photos to share in one singular post, so part 2 will be this Friday coming. Part 1 shall be about everything I did, then part 2 will be details about clothes and my outfits I wore! So stay tuned.

We travelled to Sicily last Sunday morning, and when I say morning … I mean 3am. It was EARLY PEOPLE. But I survived, as I knew we were going to be in Sicily in a few hours from then.

In the photos shown, you can see a big hill. The ‘big hill’ is Mount Etna, which is one of Sicily’s active volcanoes, and yes, ACTIVE. It actually erupted 2 weeks before we were meant to arrive, so that’s fun.

When I tell you Taormina is stunning, I truly mean it. The whole area is basically so quaint, ancient and just iconic with its buildings and architectural scenes. The cathedrals were beautiful. I take huge inspiration from the interior of cathedrals. From the colours to the paintings and detailed ceilings / walls. The calmness of cathedrals and churches is just peaceful & I enjoy just taking a moment to be calm for once, as I’m always on edge, and in these cathedrals I honestly felt so at peace.

The sunshine was doing my skin a huge favour. My skin was so balanced and healthy feeling! I don’t tend to wear much makeup anyways, at home or on holiday, but my spots went away and I woke up each morning feeling super fresh.

They have some of the most outstanding buildings! The way they are made is just so creative yet impressive, as they are still standing to this day. A paint job or two could be on some buildings in Sicily, but all in all, that’s what makes the area iconic.

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Sicily’s views. We didn’t have a dull day at all. Every single day was in the late 20’s – mid 30’s degree wise, so it was fabulous for my sunkissed tan.

One of my favourite parts of the whole trip was seeing so much wonderful art everywhere. The talent in Taormina is insane! Art is such a talent and these people deserve to be seen and shown to the world their skills.

On one of the mornings, we woke up and went to the ancient amphitheatre in the centre of the town. Years ago, Mount Etna (volcano) erupted and the vibrations I believe caused the walls of the amphitheatre to collapse. However, you now get some wonderful sights through the collapsed stone. The amphitheatre, back in the day, was used by the Romans for gladiatorial fights! How crazy is that?! But now its actually used in the day as a tourist attraction and also for concerts!

Here’s some of the ancient amphitheatre ruins from the Roman times. Statues, tiles and areas of wall were found in the ruins.

After the amphitheatre trip, we decided to get the cable cart down to the beach. I think if you walked down to the beach you’d end up with a 12 pack and like more muscles on your legs and toes because honestly, I wouldn’t have ever done it hahahah. Way too long, steep and would’ve took forever down the mountain. Especially in the heat!? oh hell naw.

The sea was crystal clear. So pure and perfect! The sand was boiling!! So I attempted to dip my foot into the water but gosh the sand was hawwwt.

The beach was beautiful as you can see. Extremely colourful, the colours, smells and everything just popped out! Was wonderful to be there.

hahahahaha, If you want a giggle at me, then this is what me and my sister tried to achieve for this picture hahahahaha. There were some weird features about the pool, such as holes in the walls where people could see you from underneath the pool? Yeah a bit weird, but honestly the first thing I thought to do was one of these pictures. Yes, I’m crap at opening my eyes under water, so I genuinely bought the worlds most expensive goggles in the town centre and attempted to be Ariel, didn’t exactly work out as you can tell.

The Sicilian streets were so aesthetically pleasing and SO CLEAN. I’ve never ever ever ever been to a more clean place. No dog poop, no sick, no wrappers or plastic or anything. It was heavenly to walk around.

I even met a cat, yes a cat. You can tell from the excitement of my face that I was pleased that I got a photobomb from a cat hhahaha.

The Sicilians love to have lots of flowers, plants and pottery all along their houses and streets. Lots of faces and art features are placed around their door frames or on their balconies.

The FOOD!!! Woooow, an all time favourite of mine. Pasta is iconic in Sicily / Italy. The freshness of the pasta is so pure and rich in flavours. I mostly had carbonara oops hahahah, I also had lasagna however so I feel a bit more cultured lol. I should’ve tried a bit more but a girl gets nervous ok.

The gelato was to die for. I kid you not, I had gelato every single night for dessert. It was amazing. For our last night, the lovely waiter made these for me & my sister even though we only asked for a small scoop of chocolate gelato each hahaha! Bless him. He was very kind so we were thankful!

We went on the hop on hop off bus tour which took us to where the famous film ‘The Godfather’ was created. We went into the cathedral, the cafe and the streets that the film was based in, which was super cool! If you haven’t seen the film then I suggest you do because it was actually really good, I enjoyed it.

We met the most wonderful elderly lady, who was born in Sicily in this tiny little village / small town right up in the mountain. The lady showed us the way to the cathedral and then began explaining her background and where she used to live, which was this beautiful house shown here, which was right next to the cathedral and she explained that the school was literally right beside the place of worship and it was very vibrant back in her day.

Me eating more gorgeous pasta. The way to my heart is through a fresh carbonara. Trust me.

This was our last day, we had an amazing view for our last meal of the whole of the coastline. I feel incredibly lucky to have had the chance to visit Sicily and I truly hope I live there some day. Or have a holiday home, who knows.

Part 2 of my Sicily trip will be posted this Friday – explaining my outfits and styling in detail.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and looking at my photos and possibly having a giggle. I had a great time!

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A YouTube Vlog of my holiday will be posted this week also. Stay tuned! Lots to come my angels.

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo

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