Steff Mix & Match Charms & Hoops Collection by Steff Jewellery

Welcome back to another Styled by Sophie post!

Don’t you just love jewellery? Me too. If you’ve followed me on my Instagram & my blogging journey, you’ll know I’ve been working / collaborating with Steff Jewellery / Steffans Jewellers for a year now. It’s been an amazing year for my blog and for Steff Jewellery. They’re a fantastic jewellery company and I’ve had the pleasure of working with them. #gifted #ad

For today’s post, I’m talking all things Mix & Match. Steff Jewellery have a collection called the ‘mix & match’. This is all about their amazing hoop earrings and the ability to mix and match any charm on them. I am 100% honest on my blog and I can happily say that I’ve worn these hoops EVERY single day!! They are extremely comfy and so light weight that they’re great to wear as an every day earring / hoops if you wish to.

I’m definitely a hoop gal. I find hoops super stylish and great to work with any outfit or style.

The Steff Jewellery Mix & Match hoops have a vast amount of charms that you can put on them. If you would like to check out my short time lapse videos on Instagram featuring the Steff Mix & Match hoop collections then head over to my Instagram: soph.h to check them out.

With the hoops, they’re super easy to take on and off. The way they are designed is so that the hoop goes through the piercing hole and is met with the backing / butterfly to close the hoop together. The way these hoops are clever is because they actually have a stopper, which allows the hoops to not catch on your skin at all – how wonderful!

My favourite collection from Steff Jewellery is the Wildwood Collection. I love animals, creatures and bugs, so this collection catches my eye every time! They have some Wildwood charms which go perfectly onto the hoops, so I typically wear those charms as my go-to’s. But lemme show you the ones I’m wearing today because they’re AMAZE!!

The hoops come in three sizes, small, medium and large. I have their silver hoops to show you today. I’ve worn each size of these silver hoops and they look great on. In the past, I’ve really struggled to find hoops that are 1) comfy and 2) not ‘too big or small’ for my ears. The Steff Hoops are just perfect.

The charms are made to fit the hoops spot on. Every Charm fits wonderfully on each hoop size, so there’s no worries when wanting certain charms to fit, because they all do!

Here are the small silver hoops – I’ve matched these together with the rose gold flower charms. The size of these hoops are like ‘sleepers’ – so they fit amazingly around the ear if you’re looking for small hoops.

Here are the medium silver hoops by Steff. For every day use, I wear the small hoops in my second piercings and I wear these medium hoops in my firsts. Size wise, they suit each other really well. I’ve mixed and matched the medium silver hoops with the bee charm and the silver talon charm.

For the large Steff hoops, I wear these if I have my hair up in a bun or pony tail. When I have my hair out of my face, I love to wear the Steff large hoop earrings to sophisticated events or days out. I’ve matched the hoops with the Steff rose gold heart charms.

I honestly love everything about this company. From their lovely aesthetic of the packaging to the dainty products themselves.

Today’s Styling: Steff Mix & Match Charms & Hoops

In my right ear, I’m wearing everything mix & match!! I’ve gone OTT with the mixing process whoop!

In my first lobe piercing (right ear):

  • Silver medium sized hoops
  • Wildwood silver Bee & rose gold plated Charm
  • Sterling silver angel wing charm
  • Talon

In my second lobe piercing (right ear):

  • Silver cross

(Photos may have flipped due to different cameras)

In my first piercing (left ear lobe):

  • Wildwood Robin Charm – silver & rose gold

In my second piercing (left ear lobe):

  • Rose gold plated mini star charm with diamond

All of these Steff charms (and lots more) can be mixed & matched together on all sized hoops. It’s a great way to style yourself up by switching your charms on your hoops every day. I like to switch between silver and rose gold charms! Silver for the week, rose gold for the weekend!

The Steff Mix & Match earrings allow you to develop your own style. Whether that’s more causal chic or full out party style, you can switch up looks SO easily with the Mix & Match hoops.

As a fashion blogger, it’s important for me to show my audience my own style and see it develop each week. I’ll always love my vintage fashion and second hand 90’s clothing. It’s great that I can use the Steff Mix & Match hoops to suit my style for that day, whether I want to be full out all vintage head to toe, or if I want to be a floral festival lady, the Steff hoops with amazing charms just finish off the whole look every single day.

Steff Jewellery’s designs, creations and pieces are carefully crafted and are really lovely pieces to wear. I’m absolutely loving their charms that can easily go onto the hoops.

Thank you to Steff Jewellery & Steffans Jewellers for the best Mix & Match hoops & charms ever. #gifted #ad #blogger

Go to their websites & socials to have a look yourself! (Linked below).

Steff Jewellery Instagram:

Steff Website:

Steffans Jewellers Instagram:

Steffans Website:

How would you style your Steff Mix & Match Hoops? Let me know below!

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie x

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