Brownie Boxes by the wonderful Els Bakes!

I woke up this morning, getting super excited for my holiday! It’s at the end of this week and I honestly can’t wait to be sunbathing and soaking up the sun in Sicily, what a dream. So I’ve nearly finished packing and I’ll be all sorted for the weekend.

But before I head off, I was contacted by Els Bakes (Eleanor). Eleanor is the kindest soul ever, we’ve spoken quite a bit these past few months about all sorts and she’s a fabulous baker. Talented isn’t even the word!!! (She’s amaze). So I’ve been dying to try her cakes, brownies and sweet treats & today I’ve had the absolute pleasure to try one of her original special brownie boxes out.

If you know me, you’ll know as a dessert or snack, I’ll alwayssss ask for a chocolate brownie. I can get very picky with brownies as well, purely because I’ve tried so many so I know what I like in a brownie. I’m a brownie connoisseur. Just like hot chocolates, I know a good brownie when I taste it.

Owner and Baker of Els Bakes, Eleanor, has a 1st class honours degree in baking and patisserie, so she really knows her stuff about all things baking! Using Instagram & Facebook as the main social platforms, Eleanor has gained a great following. I’d heard of her brownies through people’s posts on Instagram and actually by word of mouth. I’ve spoken to quite a few people and whenever I want to try a new dessert, I’ve always been recommended Els Bakes.

So, TODAY IS THE DAY !!! I get to have my own beautiful box of brownies. Shall we have a look??

Each box of Els Bakes Brownies are completely made to your liking. If you like a certain topping or if you’re a plain Jane, then your topping or style of brownie is made to your type. As this was a gifted box of brownies (thank you so much Eleanor), I wanted them to be completely a surprise, the only thing I said was that I don’t like nuts in chocolate. Everything else, topping wise, was a complete surprise!

These are my gorgeous brownies!! How amazing do they look?? On aesthetic alone, the packaging and toppings looked AMAZE. I am completely honest in my blog posts and in general, but lemme tell you, these are the prettiest brownies I’ve ever seen! No other bakery has designed or put more effort into making brownies look this good. Damn tastyyy.

Els Bakes // Eleanor has a drop off service for the brownie boxes in the surrounding local areas, she kindly drives to your destination or house and personally gives you her brownies. This adds such a touch to the whole experience, which I really appreciate. Having the best brownies getting dropped off at your front door??? YES PLEASE.

I had a complete mixture of chocolate toppings, from smarties and mars bars to crunchies and just a whole lotta chocolatey goodness.

I’ve been to MANY places before to have brownies. To restaurants, cafes and corner shops. But I’ve genuinely never had such amazing homemade brownies before.

This lil box of deliciousness had the perfect amount of gooeyness v’s bakedness (not a word, I know but I’m going with it). They have a great texture, they are SO fresh and just mouth watering. Some people say that chocolate in general can be ‘too much’ but oooooohhhhh hellllll nawwww. The Els Bakes brownie boxes are TOP NOTCH for chocolatey perfection.

Have you ever had such good brownies that you won’t want to go anywhere else now?? This is how I feel eating Els Bakes Brownies.

The fact that you can have pretty much any chocolatey, sweety or fruity topping is just the cherry on the cake (pardon the pun).

So the brownies are made to your liking, whether you’re more of a fruity person or whether you’re a chocolate / sweet fanatic like myself, these are the loveliest brownies and the nicest bakery to get your desserts from.

When I’ve been out to restaurants or cafes for desserts before, I sometimes get bloated or feel that it was ‘too much’ for me. But I promise, these brownies did not give me anything like that. I felt super happy eating them and I felt good in myself! Brownies are my forever food and now I believe I’ve found the forever bakery – yay for me!

Instagram: ElsBakes

Feel free to check out Els Bakes on Instagram, her feed is glorious and aesthetically pleasing, just like the food itself. I honestly can’t get over how the topping was the right amount, the chocolate was on point and the flavour!!! Woooow, the flavour!

I’d definitely love to try out the fruit & sweet toppings some time because I bet they’re super yummy as well. Just look how colourful these are! So appetising and appealing. Just the right amount of gooey goodness and crispy crunch on top.

If you’re looking to order some of Eleanor’s wonderful brownie boxes for delivery, they’re £10 per box & she delivers locally to Earls Barton, Wellingborough, Wollaston, Irchester & Great Doddington.

Along with your choice of topping from sweets, fruits and chocolates. Sweets & Fruit topping on brownies sound lush as well, I went for the chocolate topping because I’m OTT about choccy…oops.

Contact Els Bakes / Eleanor herself through her Bakery Instagram or Facebook page. Links are below. She does stunning customs to how you like cakes! They’re so creative and colourful. One of a kind cakes!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Els Bakes / Eleanor for gifting me one of your beautiful brownie boxes. They’re sooo tasty, filled with chocolatey warmth and I’m utterly grateful. Thank you for dropping them off to my door as well. I’ve loved trying them & I highly recommend Els Bakes for her cakes, brownies, cookies & all of her baking. She’s a one of a kind talent. A true queen of baking! (She’s also so stunning!!!)

Instagram: ElsBakes

Facebook: Els Bakes

Remember to go onto her Instagram and Facebook profiles to check her bakery skills out!

Els Bakes Brownie Boxes are APPROVED by!

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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