Mental Health reminders for Love Island 2019 – ourselves & the islanders

Hi lovelies, welcome back to another Tuesday blog post.

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock (ie the sponge bob memes that have been floating about hahah) then you’ll have noticed that Love Island UK 2019 has officially started as of last night.

Love Island is a programme / reality show that happens ever summer for around 6-8 weeks. Islanders go on in search of ‘love’ or £££, lol. But anyhow, that’s their choice! In my opinion, it’s a really good career move if you want to have a different way of living and think about the long term jobs that you’ll have once finished the show successfully.

There’s lots of great positives to being on the show, such as a long summer holiday, partying every night, great tan (or burn), meeting lots of new people and possibly finding love, if that’s what you’re looking for.

On the other hand, there’s lots of negatives. Thousands / Millions of people in the UK are watching you every night, so this could consist of judging, having their say on how you look and what you should and shouldn’t do. The islanders only find out what the majority of people are saying once they’ve left the island and many people message the islanders and really bully them purely on their opinion of them when they’ve only see an hour every single evening out of a 24 hour day.

You will probably know all of this before going on Love Island, as the world enjoys to have an opinion on others. But we as viewers can do our bit to just be kinder. I’ve wrote a little list of things that I believe watchers of the series should do instead of commenting on the islanders 24/7 on twitter.

I completely get it, it’s soooo easy to retweet & like tweets on Twitter about the islanders and yes, some of them every year do things that are wrong and say very bad things, but we don’t need to literally tweet about them. I get the funny ones! The ones that are light hearted and are actually funny, with memes and stuff. But the tweets I’m talking about are when people tweet about their looks, their personalities and just really bully them.

Imagine someone saying all of that stuff about you? It would really hurt if it’s all negative comments.

So I’ve wrote this list just to remind people that they are humans just like us, because one the series starts, people get VERY invested into it, which is both positive and negative. I know it’s a reality show but they will at the end of the series come out and read these comments from weeks and weeks worth.

1) if you have a horrible opinion, keep it to yourself.

2) there’s no need to tweet 24/7 about the islanders. Just actually watch the show for the full hour and then decide if your tweet is actually nice or horrible before you comment on them.

3) retweeting memes and actually light hearted jokes is funny and relatable! But just think if the tweets are hurtful or not before you get involved. Its always fun to look at peoples funny tweets about the series, but just think is this bullying before you have your say.

4) social media isn’t nice for everyone. It can be a very dark place for some. So think before you share your opinions on your socials.

5) they’re NORMAL people! We always forget, just because they’ll be known afterwards, doesn’t mean you can happily say mean things.

6) treat others how you’d want to be treated.

7) enjoy watching the show!! It can have some hilarious one liners in them, which usually happens every year. Chris and Kem were my favourites! They were so funny.

8) just because you don’t look like them, doesn’t mean you’re not enough. You’re BEAUTIFUL. They’re only a handful of good looking people from the world. Everyone is unique in their own ways.

9) try not to compare yourself to them. Again, they’re only human. They’re on the show to make it funny, awkward, lovey dovey, cause havoc and stir things up!!! Just remember that.

10) finally, if you want to follow them on their journey, then go ahead! Its career moves for them, so they’d probably love it if you followed them on socials or meet ups in the future. But just be wary of what you say, what you do etc because at the end of the day, it’s just a show.

I’ve wrote all of this today because many young women believe that the people who enter love Island all have to look a certain way and that they’re all beautiful and glamorous. Yes they are good looking people, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only ‘pretty’ people on Earth. Everyone is sooooo unique in their own ways. We all have amazing things about ourselves!!! Talents, personality traits, hobbies, careers, lifestyles, absolutely anything and everything. But when watching this show, just take in the fact that you only capture 1 hour of their 24 hour day. They get ‘glam’ for the show. We as watchers are all probably sitting in bed at 9pm watching them on ITV2 eating chocolate, crisps, snacks or whatnot with no makeup on, scruffy hair and baggy tops that we’ve worn for SOOOO LONG.

So of course we will think ‘oh, well they look like that and I look like this’.

But never put yourself down like that. I’m still learning to accept my looks and figure. It’s a work in progress!!! But every year I see girls comment on how the islanders look and it makes me sad because I used to think like that and openly tweet about it too. We will all learn to accept ourselves for who we are – truly amazing individuals who can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that we put our minds to.

The love island cast for this year of course will stir things up, find love, look amazing and be hilarious, because we as watchers wouldn’t be watching it would we?!? So think about the fact it’s a show, so just enjoy it if you wish! If you don’t watch it, then spend the next 6-8 weeks watching Netflix or something hahaha!

Just be kind, think about what you say / comment on and just love yourselves.

No one in the world is you and no one in the world could do a better job at being you than YOU.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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