What are your weekend plans?

I’ve been lucky enough to go away this weekend with my friend, Meg! We’re going to have a girly weekend with each other as we haven’t had one in FOREVER! Do you like having a chill weekend with your friends?? Me too!!

Weekend plans don’t always have to be massive or super fancy, you can just have a great time – it’s all down to your company and who you’re with. But this weekend I’m going to Southwold! I’ve never been there before so it’ll be so much fun, exploring and just having a fab time with my friend.

These are such OLD PICTURES, from our leavers day at Sixth form. So around 2 years ago! But this is Meg.

We don’t as yet have major plans, we kinda just go with the flow, which is nice & spontaneous. We will most likely go to the beach and have a mooch about. I don’t know about the shopping there, but I’m taking this weekend to fully chill out and just have a really nice time.

As I’ve been at uni for the whole year full time, it’s tiring. So now that I’ve completely finished, I’ll be able to not think about much for this little break away and that will allow me to fully relax.

If you don’t currently have any plans this weekend, there’s lots that you can do whilst it’s sunny! It’s meant to be really hot these next few days (so it says on the weather channels) – whether you’ll take that with a pinch of salt or you take it on board fully, enjoy your weekend!

I’m planning on bringing lots of my Nobody’s Child clothes with me this weekend, so me and meg can do a few photoshoots on location, by the beach or at her family holiday home. Meaning that I can get some great shots for Instagram and my blog – whoop!!!

If you would like to check out any of my latest Instagram posts, head over to my handle: Instagram – soph.h

I love love love the beach. I love everything about it! The sea, waves, weather, food, environment, animals, just everything. It’s also great when it’s hot and sunny, yes there will probs be way too many people on an English beach because any slight bit of sun, the Brit’s go CrAzY for the sun.

Beach photoshoots always look so pretty, with the natural lighting, slight shadows and the light hitting off the waves; the photos come out heavenly. But I won’t be doing any Victoria’s Secret or Vogue photoshoot hahah, this will just be outfit of the day photos and maybe some styling poses.

Food wise, who knows what I’ll have this weekend! I’m still currently having no fast food, ie McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King etc. Which is soooo impressive for me! Haven’t had any of those since November / December 2018!! So I’m keeping that up. I’ll most likely have fish & chips if we go out, or an Italian if there’s nice restaurants nearby. I’m crazy for Italian food, basically pasta. Pasta is AMAZING.

I’m going on my family holiday soon to Sicily, which I’m super excited for! So I’ll definitely be having all the Italian food that I can consume hahah.

What are your weekend plans? Or summer plans? Comment below what you like to do during summer / hot weather! Mine is spending quality time with family & friends.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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