Art & Archeology in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Today’s post is all about lifestyle and adventures! I’ve always loved a museum. My parents love having days out, going sight-seeing and just spending the day’s out as a family, which is always nice to spend quality time together. On our days out, we visit all kinds of places, towns and cities & yesterday we decided to go to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford – plus there’s a shopping centre so…

I took PLENTY of pictures, may I say. It’s really important to me to take pictures because they’re memories you’ve captured. Also, I wore a pink jumpsuit, so I needed some good outfit pictures for the day hahah! Anyhow, it’s not all about the aesthetic. It’s about the history, scenes and just mass artefacts that are in museums. This museum was for art and artefacts, a mixture of both. It’s actually the oldest public museum in the WORLD!! There was in fact a very famous artist’s exhibition going on at the time, Jeff Koons. If you’re into art then you’ll definitely know who he is, he has just recently sold the most expensive art piece TO EVER BE SOLD, for $91.1 Million…damn expensive lemme tell ya. If you want to check more information about this art piece out then just search it up ‘jeff koons bunny’ – trust me, there’s plenty of info.

But however, going off tangent once again, i’d like to just take this post to share with you the photo’s I took and some style photo’s from the day. I could legit write a list of so many artefacts that I saw, but i’ll leave that info for the museum themselves. But it’s such a wonderful and MASSIVE museum, so so so many rooms, so much art and SO MANY artefacts that you’ll probably have to take at least 2 trips to the museum because its that huge.

My two favourite parts of the museum were the roman statues and also the buried pottery for the dead. Sounds morbid I know, but i’m kinda into stuff like that. I’m super interested in witch craft, sorcery and pottery that is buried with past lives. Its just crazy, all of the information that museums and archeologists and all sorts have found out is amazing! So, basically people would make specific pottery for the dead to be buried with, so their soul would go into the jars or ornaments. Whether you believe in this or not, personally I like to believe it’s true! But who knows aye.

The roman statues in the Ashmolean museum tower over you!! I kid you not, they’re so large – so little old 5’2 (and a half lol) me looks even smaller next to them. But all jokes aside, the statues were preserved so well. Everything in the museum was exquisitely preserved, which makes looking at them a nicer experience. I read most of the artefacts I saw, but on one of the individual roman statues it said that the man who previously owned the statue was very wealthy and he actually got murdered. It didn’t say by who or whatnot, but how crazy?! So the statue afterwards, was bought by someone else which then it ended up in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

From a whole room dedicated to antique beautiful world jewellery and amazing clock work, to real skeletons, burials and tapestries. THERE WAS SO MUCH THAT I CAN’T LIST IT ALL. You should definitely have a day out to visit the museum because it’s honestly one of the best i’ve been to…and i’ve genuinely been to many.

In addition, they have a cute cafe area which do amazing cookies – I had the triple chocolate one if anyone is wondering (important info of course).

Outfit Details

  • Pink Jumpsuit: NewLook, £32.99
  • Trainers: NewBalance, £60.00
  • Belt: Gucci

I recently bought this jumpsuit a few days ago, so I wanted to try it out for a whole first day. It was pretty eye catching in this museum, so many people saw a pink girl strolling along hahaha! But this jumpsuit is incred. NewLook also do this jumpsuit in a washed out blue denim and it just didn’t look as good as the pink one. The pink tone is on POINT, the pantone for this jumpsuit was just what summer needed. Yellows, creams and whites will suit this jumpsuit 100% in summer. Shoe wise, I wanted to be comfy as I was walking around Oxford shopping and the Ashmolean Museum, so I wanted to be able to have a good day out without worrying about my feet. So these Newbalance trainers are HELLA comfy. Very very very comfy, cute and colourful. I like matching yellows and creams with pinks for summer, so this combination was a good pairing day for an outfit.

The museum is £5.00 entry and it’s based on a donation basis, but it’s honestly worth so much more than that because it’s just fascinating walking around HISTORY PEOPLE!! True global history from thousands of years ago, preserved and protected for us to happily see and learn from. Learn every day because your mind will continue to grow and gain knowledge.

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