FOR EVERYONE: Personal Colour Palettes SS19

Everyone loves a good colour palette…right? We all want to have our tones and textures to fit into our styles and personalities, however wacky or vibrant they may be, we want these palettes to show ourselves off and thats amazing.

I would say I have a personal colour palette, as I usually go for similar colours. But I do believe we all have ‘safe’ colours, yano, the ones that we go to straight away when we are in a store. Those ones.

I enjoy wearing multiple colours all at once however, but thats purely based on how I feel that day and the weather, the weather has a HUGE impact on my moods & I hope to write a post about that soon.

But yes, depending on my mood that day, of course my colour palette changes, but I do believe we all have an inbuilt colour palette that stays with us. We do adapt it and change it slightly, but we all have those colours, fabrics and styles that we 100% stick with, either due to comfort or they are favourite pieces.

I’d also say that my personal colour palette slightly changes in seasons, but not very much. My trend palette colours are usually neutrals, such as creams, whites and natural stone colours. I LOVVVE earthy tones, I feel they match my hair colour and eyes nicely. I have bright blue eyes and brown hair, so my eyes kind of ‘pop’ more when I wear neutral colours, well … I like to think so hahaha.

So Earthy tones are truly my colour palette for all year round, I tend to stay by these colours as I feel comfortable with them and can easily match them with other colours and materials. Some people have such bright personal trend colour palettes, I follow lots of people on instagram and I see some beautiful bright pinks, purples and yellows and I’d would love to try these colours out more. But they suit those bright, luminous palettes 100% – they’re super cool chicks.


I wanted to include two ladies who I look up to in the fashion world, so let me have my lil moment sharing with you all their amaze styles and palettes.

This is Angel – she is the QUEEN of the pink aesthetic. Angel manages to keep her insta feed looking bomb A F. If I ever need any pink inspo, I go to her page because it’s filled with PINKKK. Angel is the real life pink princess 100%. Rocking the pink hair, fringe and edgy yet envious street style is what makes me in awe of her trends.

Instagram Handle: angelmaginnis

This is Saskia – Saskia is a REAL-LIFE FAIRY of all things pastel. She’s a literal icon to me. Following her on social media, I always get to see her amaze photos and her super cool art creations, such as her super cute plushies!!! They’re hand-made and truly artistic. ICON of plushies and pink. Designing something from hand is in itself a talent, but to make them your own and be different, that makes you artistic. SASKIA = ART.

Instagram: silvermilk_

(both women are super kind and lovely so hit their insta’s up – fashion icons).


I’ve looked around at lots of trend forecasting places and read lots of trend books, searched in stores and online. I’ve came to the conclusion that these are the trends for SS19. If you’re interested then keep reading (love u).

These colours are for EVERYONE. They include EVERYONE! Colour is not just for ‘one’ gender or ‘type’ of person. I’m happy to say that the mindset of ‘blue is for boys’ and ‘pink is for girls’ is changing. Anyone and everyone can wear whatever colour they like. But this post is about the KEY COLOURS for SS19 that i’ve researched and looked into, using websites, fashion stores and my own personal opinion.


Yellows, especially pastel yellows, have been coming into fashion over the last 3 years slowly. This year, it’s making its come back to being overly bright and bold. Shining and gleaming! Yellow goes with every skintone and hair colour, as it’s a lovely bright colour to bring out our personalities. Yellow makes us all happy!


Blue has always been in fashion. It’s a go-to colour in stores, both retail and online. It comes in leaps and bounds sometimes in stores, which can be quite overpowering. A few tones of blue every year are pretty, but trend forecasters can over-load on the blue tones. A deep sea blue pantone is pretty yet dark, so you can contrast items and colours with it. Remember, just because it’s summer it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the deep darker colours, bring them out and pair them with bright summery tones!


Red is a hit and miss for some people, but for me, I do enjoy it. As I have brown hair, I always believe it suits me nicely, idkw, I cant explain it hahaha! I think brown tones and red palettes suit well. Bright red isn’t in my colour palette tbh. It comes out maybe a few times in the year, I haven’t yet found a garment that is a very bright red that I love – but that might come with time! So this blood red is a much thicker red and manages to allow everyone to ‘pop’ this summer. I think this colour would look wonderful in headbands and scrunchies!!

Men usually suit this colour also. Red is a powerful colour and a statement to all wardrobes. So guys if you’re looking for a statement colour this season, then i’d go for the blood reds that will be in fashion stores soon.


GREEN GREEN GREEN. YAS. I’m here for it. Green has been deemed as a ‘no-go’ colour to some people, but it has all of the points to be able to compete with Earthy tones. I’d class some shades of green, such as this, as an Earthy tone. Green goes very nicely with yellows, creams and browns. I’d say this colour would be fab in a mini dress or some tapered trousers – a huge YES.


Pastel is always one of my special colours. The variety of tones that you can actually match with a pastel lilac is crazy! You’d think to just stay in the lane of pastels to match with it, but noooo. Go out of your comfort zone and pair a lilac with bright tones for SS19 – if I can find some lilac trainers or boots for summer then i’d 100% purchase them ASAPPP.

I think Men would have some amazing lilac suits or shorts for this year. It could be worn casual or sophisticated (me thinks).

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and lemme know what your personal colour palette is – either for go-to or for this SS19.

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie x


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