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Last week I visited Hitchin, if you don’t know where this is then it’s located in North Hertfordshire, England. It’s a really lovely area, very quaint, lots of stone back streets and small vintage stores.

The best vintage store I visited in Hitchin was Jolly Brown. Jolly Brown’s vintage pieces are so up my street. From the looks of the store, it’s super 80’s and 90’s themed, with the most coolest Levi’s shorts ever, like a whole BUNCH of them.

I’ve been looking for some cute holiday vintage pieces lately (and as you all know I LOVE my vintage goods), I decided to buy some cut blue denim Levi’s shorts. The style of these are very ‘shredded’ if you wanna call them that. Frayed hems are all in for summer ’19. Usually, I tend to go for tighter shorts, but I’ve never felt more comfortable in a pair of shorts, ever. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I don’t particularly like my legs, but in these shorts, I feel amaze! It’s crazy what an item of clothing can do to up your confidence.

Levi’s Vintage Shorts: £25 (£22 with student discount)

These shorts are high-waisted, which is a key thing for me when it comes to shorts. The texture is a soft denim, so they’re very comfy and flexible. There’s nothing worse than a really tight / rough pair of shorts. The Levi’s badge is worn yet still on, which I absolutely love because you can tell they are real vintage Levi’s. Personally, I really like frayed shorts, so I’ll keep the majority of the threads, but i’ll be trimming it to the length I want them – just to add my touch to them. The way the shorts are slightly baggy on the thigh area is the best bit! I wanted the shorts I bought to be worn and slightly baggy (on the waist and legs), so i’m very pleased with this result.

Looking around the rest of the store, I was sooo inspired by the layout and outfit selection. The layout was incredibly clear, you can easily find something that you’re looking for. I didn’t purchase any, (but I shall next time), the sweaters are WONDERFUL. I’m a fan of a baggy or oversized old school American sweater. When I visit vintage stores I always touch the clothes even if I’m not going to buy it, just to see the quality and ‘worn-ness’ of the item itself – and lemme tell you – these clothes are vintage right, but they felt great!! I’ve been in MANY vintage and second-hand stores and i’ve felt some extremely worn clothes, to the point that they’re scratchy. But Jolly Brown’s vintage pieces are very comfortable, great feeling and make you feel amazing.

I shall be going back again soon, hopefully, to purchase much more! As i’m from Northamptonshire, it’s a bit of a drive away, but Jolly Brown Vintage is WORTH IT PEOPLE.

The lady who was in the store at the time (on Tuesday) was sooo lovely and friendly. For all you students like myself, they also do student discount. So if you’re looking for a great day out, having a bit of a thrift and a peek into vintage clothes, then head down to Jolly Brown’s Vintage store in Hitchin.

Instagram: jollybrownvintage

The scenery / background of the store was what first caught my eye outside. The vintage store has to have a great window display for me to even want to venture inside. I always believe a great window display, with styled pieces showing off their collections, can win or lose consumers. But i’m very happy to say that Jolly Brown’s display was very pretty and aesthetically pleasing.

My love for vintage clothes stemmed from 80’s and 90’s films, ie. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) and Clueless (1994) – these are epic films and if you have not seen them then you should be ashamed, they’re CLASSICS. So go watch them now, for your own sanity.

So as i’ve grown up re-watching these films, over and over and over again, I try to re-create the films styles and they’re my main source of inspiration. It reminded me when walking into Jolly Brown, that their clothes looked so much like the two films’ styles and clothing pieces, which made me like this vintage store even more than I did (which is a lot btw).

The lighting was really bright in the store, lots of natural light comes through the main window display and door area. The changing rooms are fine to dress in, large long mirrors so you can see every angle of the items. The staff are super friendly and most importantly, the vibe and environmental feeling was super safe. I felt really great and comfortable changing in Jolly Brown’s store and I felt myself. In a lot of stores i’ve been in, there can sometimes be too much stuff or too many changing rooms / people that it can be too much. But this store is so quaint, edgy and just overall superior to other vintage stores, I felt like a queen bee in those shorts lemme tell you.

Also, what really impressed me with Jolly Brown is that they promote re-usable bags. I brought with me my re-usable tote bag so i didn’t personally need one, but for those who either don’t use re-usable bags or they forget them, then Jolly Brown Vintage Store do their step for the environment and if you need a bag, they give you / lend you a re-usable material tote bag, which you can give back and they can use it again for another customer. As a company, store or individual it’s important to think about the environment and the harm your carbon footprint could be making. The lovely lady who served me explained to me this step that they’re taking with their re-usable bags and said how much paper bags actually do harm the environment, not just plastic ones. So the impact that Jolly Brown made on me was a very pleasing and positive experience and I shall be purchasing from them again.

(Me eating a sausage roll just after buying the best shorts ever).

From the high-quality vintage products themselves to the lovely friendly staff; the scene, feeling and environment of Jolly Brown is safe, stylish and most importantly, INCREDIBLY VINTAGE!

Let me know if you visit their store and we can talk all things vintage by Jolly Brown.

Thank you Jolly Brown for having an absolutely wonderful vintage collection, I’ll definitely be back.

Take a look at their social media – Instagram: jollybrownvintage

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie x

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