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I didn’t post on Friday, as I was SUPER busy. Literally, i’ve been everywhereeee sorting out my uni work / projects / assignments that I haven’t had genuine time to focus heavily on my posts. But when this week is OUTTA THA WAY, i’ll be back to my very regular posting and vlogging (check out my youtube channel). – Sophie Henderson

I was talking to my boyfriend about mens fashion the other day, I sometimes send him outfit pics and inspiration photos to see if he wants to try anything different. I think it’s such a positive thing to try new clothes and styles. You never know when you might really like something that you didnt think of ever wearing or trying out.

So, anyhow I usually send him pics of clothes and items from Pinterest and stores. It then came to my attention that my blog so far has been very female orientated, apart from when I post about mental health, body positivity and vintage clothes. As i’m a girl (wow shocker) i’ve just leant more to talking about female fashion. So, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU BOYS. (If any guys actually read this then thank u, you are in my good books forever).

As I am, again, not a guy, I can’t fully relate to mens fashion as if I really know it well, but I can give my opinion on the latest trends, what kind of styles I like and maybe inspire men to try something different. I want my blogs to be for everyone, not just women.

(All images are NOT my own – all are from Pinterest)


Patterned & Baggy Trousers

I’m all for a patterned trouser. I’m 99.9% sure that all girls love a guy who wears patterned trousers. It just makes you stand out and be that bit more individual. You can easily pair a patterned trouser with a white top – white tops go with everything!! As the trousers will be the main eye-catcher for the look, you could wear a plain shirt, top or jumper depending on the style you’re going for.

For me, I like it when a guy switches it up a bit. Street style is one of those fashion themes that not many people can go wrong with. Anything can be a fashion statement – but not cycling shorts, sorry not sorry.

I find that with mens street style, pattern is a real game changer!

Oversized Vintage Sweaters

YES YES YES. Maybe i’m being bias as I love anything 80’s & 90’s vintage, but a vintage sweater is such a LOOK it makes me gleam with joy. I attempt to pull this look off, but guys always do it so much better. You can style these jumpers to your liking. Whether you’re feeling smart, you can slightly slick your hair back (again, a look), wear a sweater and match it with some cream or off-white smart trousers. I always find, the lighter the trouser, the smarter it is … what do I know, I could be wrong.

For the regular street style casual look, you could wear dark blue jeans, black jeans, washed jeans, rolled up or over boots / trainers, wide-leg, boot-cut jeans, any casual jeans will work with oversized sweaters. However, i’m not a fan of majorly ripped jeans … these need to GO. If the jeans are boot-cut, wide leg or thicker material, then yeah they can be cool when ripped slightly, but the whole super tight jeans look on men isn’t the style for Spring .. or 2019. I think tucked in jumpers extenuate the legs. So if you’re wanting longer legs (in theory), tuck your jumpers and tops into the trousers or jeans! – top tip

Necklaces & Rings & Belts

Chain necklaces are brilliant when it comes to matching it for Spring and summer. I tend to wear silver more than gold. But I like wearing gold when I have a tan! For men, I think chunky jewellery is more noticeable, in a positive way! I think jewellery on men makes a man look smarter and put together. Jewellery easily makes street style a 10/10. But dainty rings are always lovely too.

Vintage belts are always a show stopper for street style. Always match your shoes with your belts though!!! If they’re steel, silver or other metal coloured then ignore. But if it’s a certain colour or tone, then match with your shoes.

Silk shirts & Florals


This look is easily a top 10 for me. Wearing a floral / silk shirt doesn’t have to be super outgoing or obvious. You can pair it more simply with some smart brogues and a matching belt & trouser. Just because a pattern can be super busy and ‘out there’, it doesn’t mean it’s nice to look at. I’d be wary with which style of floral to go for, I think the more simple the florals / toned down, the more impact they have for street style fashion!

Natural Neutrals, Cardigans and Cropped Trousers

JUST A HUGE VIBE. Natural colours are easily my favourite tones. Pairing long cardigans with cropped trousers really does make a fashion statement.

The plainness of the outfit just makes the outfit pop. You don’t have to wear multicoloured everything to be seen / noticed. The casual cardigan makes these styles calm and collected. The warm tones of browns, neutrals and creams are perfect for spring and summer, and tbh all year around.

Floor Length Coats & Co-ords

Co-ords are a trend that I hope will be around forever. Since Clueless (1995) I’ve been obsessed with the co-ord outfits. From bright yellows and greens to darker blues and greys, co-ords / suits / street styles will never be out of season. Men might think that long coats potentially make the outfits more hidden, but it’s the complete opposite!

The long coats are a statement piece. Just a plain long coat can match sooo many colours, styles and outfit occasions. Long coats can be worn formally and informally. To meetings, style events and fun city trips. If you think they’re too smart for your style, then match them with a beanie or cap!

Hoodies and Iconic Tops

Having an image on your hoodie or top can be out there. But it is easily toned down, or up if wanted!! Trainers never go wrong with a hoodie / baggy top. The colours can clash with street style, no one is perfect!! Colour clashes are a thing for 2019 – so don’t be afraid of wearing pinks and oranges or pastel blues and bright purples. Especially with hoodies and the comfy street style look, colour doesn’t really matter. It’s the type of jogger or size of top that matters!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Shout out to all of the guys reading my blog post right now, thank you and hope I can make more good content for you all.

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie x


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