#5 Best Netflix series’ I’ve been watching in 2019

Netflix constantly releases new series’, movies and shows that we all can’t keep up with. But once a series that I’m super interested in is released, then I end up binge watching that until it’s done.

I can’t watch two shows at once, for some reason I have to get one out of the way first before I watch another. As uni is coming to an end for my second year of studies, I now can watch all of the shows I’ve been dying to get stuck into!!

I’m really into acting and performing, I was quite shy when I was younger so I didn’t enjoy it as much, but now I’m older I want to get involved in it all again and maybe get acting, who knows. But I do really enjoy Netflix shows the most.

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#1 – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina is fabuloussss. I’ve just finished season 2 and it’s everything. I’m really into horror / dark teen series’, so as you can tell, Sabrina was perfect for me. It’s a different take on the original Sabrina the teenage witch. It’s darker themed, more horror / fantasy kind of toned. But it’s a really good binge watch if you’re looking to spend your summer evenings just lounging around and eating lots of crisps. A great series to watch.

#2 – The Vampire Diaries

I started watching Vampire Diaries a few years ago, as it came out a little while back on Netflix. But I was at sixth form so didn’t have the time to enjoy it. You’re probably thinking “well you’re at uni now so it’s harder right?” Well yes, but I have weekends and breaks that I can re-watch episodes! It’s one of those shows that never ends, they could carry it on forever and everyone would love it!!

If you have never watched it, it’s about vampires … shocker. But it’s a teen love story with a twist. It has 8 seasons, so it’s lengthy. I’m on season 7 so for me it’s nearly coming to an end (sad times). But I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a show that you can just turn off and on and not have to watch it day in day out.

#3 – The Perfect Date

Ok, I know this isn’t a series but it needed to be included in this post. This isn’t the typical movie that I’d tend to go for, however it ends up being quite funny! It’s a romance / love theme all about a guy who needs money to get to Yale University. He ends up creating an app that makes him the perfect date for anyone.

Even though it is cringy, typical and lovey dovey at times, it’s one of those movies that if you have a thing for Noah Centineo, then it’s a great watch. (A celeb crush of mine).

#4 – Our Planet

David Attenborough is the KING of nature. I absolutely love his passion for saving Earth’s species and protecting environments worldwide. This is his latest documentary / series on Netflix all about our planet and it’s wonderful habitats and creatures.

As you all know, there have been protests, songs and all sorts about global warming and saving the planet this year. From Dicky’s ‘Earth’ song to Revolution Rebellion in London. This is our only planet and these are our only species, we need to protect them and save our wildlife. Without it all, we won’t be here for long.

I highly recommend watching Our Planet on Netflix, as it is so interesting and informative about the issues Earth is facing in 2019.

#5 – The OA

Ohhhhh ma gosh. The OA is BACK. I watched the first season a few years ago and Netflix ended the show for some unknown reason. It’s made a comeback this year and it’s bigger and better than ever! The OA is about an angel who comes to earth through different dimensions. She meets a group of teens along the way who she teaches and tells her secret information to about her travelling through dimensions. She creates a dance and teaches her younger friends this specific routine to and they use it to help her along the way.

It’s a really emotionally moving series. Season 1 was just amazing, so you have to watch that first!! Then season 2 can become a bit confusing at times, but it all gets explained. If you’re interested in the dance, you can actually learn it on YouTube haha!! (I secretly want to learn it lol).

Hope you enjoy watching these Netflix shows, tell me if you enjoy them too!!

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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