Easter Weekend Plans! Bicester designer shopping, cricket club and sitting in the sunshine!

Hi angels!

Happy Easter!!!! Well I mean Good Friday. But still, it’s Easter weekend so I hope you’re all drowning yourselves in chocolate and having a wonderful time in the sunshine.

The UK is currently in a tiny heatwave this weekend, seeing highs of 23 degrees, which is hottt for the UK!!

I’ve got some exciting plans for this weekend, starting with today! For Good Friday, me and my wonderful mother went to Bicester. I have previously mentioned Bicester designer shopping outlet before, if you haven’t been then you 100% have to! It’s amazing. Their discounts are fabuloussss.

  • Top: Zara
  • Maxi skirt: Nobody’s Child
    Belt: Vintage
    Bag: Tote bag from Glamour UK beauty festival 2019

Today was such a beautiful day and I’m so looking forward to the weekend. I’m a sun baby, so during the year I reallllly need sun. The sun on my face / body does wonders to my skin, hair and mental health. I’m instantly happier when it’s sunny.

Anyhow, having a mooch around Bicester was a great way to start the Easter weekend. The shopping outlet has a big sale on at the moment for the Easter Break and it carries on until next week (I believe), so get yourselves there if you’re looking for a great discount.

It was pretty chocker block today at Bicester village. As there was an extra 20% off from the outlet prices, everyone ended up shopping! Me and mum didn’t clock that a LOT of people would be there, so it was hectic, but we had a lovely time in the sun and just mooching in the shops anyways.

I didn’t buy anything at Bicester, I know, shocker. As I’m attempting to save a bit of £££ for my holiday and for my car (cries).

For tomorrow I’m going to get up very early and do some uni work. I still have an essay to write and I’ve had no motivation what so ever to write it, but I shall write it tomorrow morn and then head to the gym. I haven’t been feeling myself lately. I’ve been snacking too much, not eating the right foods and just eating too big of a quantity for my body. So, all in all, I’m not looking how I want to look. I want to look great and feel great, so I’m heading to the gym tomorrow morning and sorting it all out. Health comes first!

I’ll get all pampered and ready for the day after the gym session. Then in the afternoon, I’m with my group of mates and we’re going to the cricket. My friends play cricket, so we’ll be going to a town nearby, Wellingborough, to watch them play cricket. I shall be sitting in the sun, drinking till my hearts content hahaha. Can’t wait!

I’m not a big drinker at all, I’ll probs end up having J20’s as they’re AMAZING. A fab drink, my favourite is the apple and raspberry ones. Y U M.

For dinner I believe I’ll be at my boyfriends having a bbq. There’s nothing better than a bbq in the sunshine is there?!

I’m not gonna lie to you all … I’ll be having a bbq with my own family on Easter itself. I know, it’s bad lol. But two bbq’s in the space of 2 days sounds great to me.

But after this week I’m setting myself a goal for my fitness and I’m gonna be gyming it HARD. This gal needs to look her best this year. It’ll be my 21st birthday in December ahhhh!!! Do I have a party?? Do I go abroad?? Do I just lounge about and cry at the fact I’ll be 21??? Who knows.

I can’t wait for all of my assignments with uni to be over and done with for 2nd year. I’ve had a trouble with uni this year due to stress levels and just not making my mind up of what I genuinely want to do with my life. But I’m only 20, so I have a bit of time to decide aye. But when these next few weeks are over I’ll be much happier I’m sure. Just this week isn’t my best week, but everyone has those times.

I wanna know what you all are up to this Easter weekend. Comment down below your plans and what you’re most looking forward to!? I’m looking forward to the sunshine and just being with my family and friends all weekend.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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