City Adventures: Hull

Hi angels!

For the majority of this week I’ve been in Hull. Hull is in East Yorkshire, England. My boyfriend, Jonny, lives up there as he attends uni in Hull.

We’re both on our Easter Break (hallelujah), so we decided that I’d come up for the week to spend some time in the city and to spend time with him.

Hull was the city of culture in 2017, this may come as a shock to some hahah but Hull does have some really nice areas.

It’s great for art, the vintage scene and for the creatives. I’m literally every corner you look, there is art and graffiti, but not just ordinary curly bubble names on walls, it’s really artistic and eye catching.

I’ve mentioned this in a previous post about Hull, but Banksy has made a piece in Hull not so long ago and it was amazing to look at. It’s still there, but you can’t go too close to it as it’s very rare.

The art scene is HUGE in Hull. From painters to graffiti gurus, if you want your art on every wall in the city then head to Hull. Your work will 100% be seen in the streets of Hull.

The vintage scene in Hull is very large & known as well. There are so many vintage stores and shops! It’s like my own little heaven!! Vintage shops are my favourite things ever, to thrift or to mooch about, it’s just great to find some hidden treasures within vintage items.

During the week in the city, we went to the cinema to watch Pet Semaraty (I would half recommend). I enjoyed most of it, but the ending was just … dead … literally. I wish the ending was much better, it had potential! But anyhow, we watched a movie which was fine and we also grabbed some ice cream. I hadn’t had Baskin Robins before so I was looking forward to it! I went for a chocolate mud fudge one – now this I would 100% recommend.

We went for some nice walks, ate some yummy food and cooked a great chicken Alfredo pasta (was fab).

It was lovely to spend quality time with him. The house where he lives at uni is really cosy! We had chilled days and adventure days so it was a great mixture of the two. He is now down in Northampton for another week so it means another week with him, whoop!

All week, I refrained myself from buying clothes, I know, what a shocker. But I need to save money this month as Milo the Mini (my car) is being expensive. Tragic.

But by next month, I’ll be buying some new items for summer as I’ll need to get ready for my holiday and get some cute pretty vintage pieces.

I’ve decided that I’ll be going back up to Hull before my summer holiday so I can go to the vintage stores and possibly purchase some one-off finds from those shops. I enjoy buying from all vintage stores, but I really like the ones in Hull because they are truly one-off pieces that no one where I live will really have them, so it’s nice to have something that others may not wear! Something that’s truly yours!

A lot of people think Hull is naff and not a nice place. But every city has its ups and downs, I completely agree! But there are hidden gems in Hull, like this park & pond. Government money needs to go into places like Hull and many other places around the UK to help out people, homes, schools, NHS, homelessness, mental health, police force and so many other aspects!!!! Too many to say. But a big aspect in Hull is its litter problem and homelessness. Litter is destroying environments and animals / habitats. Then homelessness is destroying real people and their chance at life.

Hull needs help to become amazing in all aspects, not just its art industry.

Anyhow, I always go off topic. I believe Hull has wonderful hidden parts to it, like it’s cafes, parks, animals and vintage scenes. But as in every city and town, more help needs to be given to people and homing.

Hopefully my generation will be the ones to help out and give as much love & care to people and the environment as we can.

All in all, I had a lovely week with my boyfriend. We had laughs, lots of fun & lots of snacks.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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