Daydreaming of Denim, Tote bags & Vintage looks

Denim is one of those materials that will probably never go out of fashion. People still battle over the ‘double-denim’ looks but I think it’s a statement and a half.

{gifted} – I’m working with Nobody’s Child as their student ambassador for the Spring term and the pieces they’ve sent me are beautifulll. If you’d like to check out my latest YouTube Vlog of the Nobody’s Child haul then it’s UP NOW! – here’s the link to my YT channel. Please subscribe, like & share! More vlogs to come every week.

These denim trousers are everything!! Today I’ve paired them with a thrifted vintage jumper, some white Air Force 1’s and a super cute tote bag from the Glamour Uk Beauty Festival.

Tote bags are my go-to’s for this year. If you don’t know what a tote bag is then it’s a long (usually quite thin) shoulder bag that is very deep, which allows lots of items to fit into it! However I don’t tend to put a lot of stuff in my tote bags, because I don’t want them to be super heavy.

Tote bags make an outfit look casual yet cool. I find that when I match a tote bag with my outfits, it just pulls the whole outfit together really nicely.

The jumper featured in these pictures from today is vintage from a charity shop. It was I believe £5 and it’s superrrr comfy. It’s a cream knit jumper with a deep v-neck and it’s got pops of red and very dark blue.

Cream jumpers really suit denim trousers / jackets. Cream goes well with denim by lightening up the outfit. The cream colour kind of overlaps the denim and neutralises the style.

We went to the prettiest cafe ever in Hull this afternoon, which was called the cactus cafe! The cafe walls were filled with cactuses, real and false. The wallpaper was the coolest part!

We had milkshakes, I had strawberry & banana (with cream) and my boyfriend had just banana (with no cream … boring).

Jonny doesn’t tend to take many pictures or use social media in general, so you probably haven’t seen him on here in a while (lol) – so I’ll treat you all to a picture of me & him from today in the park haha! You lucky followers.

Cream, Denim and white always go together really well. I think these colours (materials in terms of denim) fit the spring theme. Materials such as knits and denims are great for spring when it comes to warmth as well as style.

Spring is important to keep warm, considering it’s the transition from winter to spring – especially in England because it’s cold!

So knitted jumpers and denim trousers are fab for daily tasks and casual trips!

We went for a walk around the park in the centre of the city. It was a really pretty park! The flowers are staring to bloom and there were so many little ducks swimming – it was a cute scene if I’m honest.

In all honesty, I should’ve worn a jacket as it was kinda chilly. But the sun was shining so I wasn’t too fussed. But I was glad that I wore the knit jumper with my long denim trousers, a good choice from me!

Thank you to Nobody’s Child for these wonderful trousers. You can use my discount code: NCXSOPHH20 for 20% off.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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