What To Do After University: Abroad? Travel? Work experience? Dreams? Jobs?

Hi everyone!
Today is a greattttt day, i’ve finally completed and sent off my university fashion projects ahhhh!! I’ve now got like two more assignments due but they’re for a months time, so i’ve got a bit of time to relax.

As i’m finishing uni for the year very soon, i’ve been thinking about what I want to do. I will be getting some work experience (hopefully lol) in some fashion stores during summer. I also want to try something completely different, if it happens then i’ll let you all know about it when the time comes. So stay tuned!

Apart from work experience this summer, i’m planning ahead for what I want to achieve when i finish uni. I have a mix of things that i’d like to try! I thought i’d make a list on here so everyone can have options if they feel like they have no clue what they want to fully do (like me). We’re all in the same boat.

Work in a fashion store near me

I’ve done some work experience in retail before but i’ve never had a job in a fashion store. I’ve never lived near anywhere or been able to get to a place quickly, as I live in a village far away from two towns so it’s a bit inconvenient sometimes. But now I drive, it’s much more accessible, so my options for this are widening my thought process more positively. Fashion is a HUGE part of my life, so I hope to work in retail at some point to see what job i’d be most interested in working in.

Fashion job: Abroad / Travelling

Ok, this would be a massive jump for me. But i’m willing to do anything exciting even if it scares me. i’m not the most out-going person ever, I get scared and worried about all kinds of things…trust me. But I absolutely LOVE the sun, I am so much happier when i’m abroad and I’ve always said that I will work abroad some day, whether I end up moving there, who knows. But it’s definitely on my things to do in my life and i’d like to do it while i’m young, as I need to get my confidence up. I’m heading to Italy this summer, so i’m planning on seeing what work experience / placements they have out there. I’d like to work in California or New York as well. I’ve been to both of these places and I can happily say that I would feel great being there.

Working for a season: Countries

I’ve seen and know so many people that have gone to Australia or France to work, either for a skiing season (France) or for just experience (Aus). I’ve never been skiing before, plus it looks pretty tricky not gonna lie. But i’d be up for it as work experience and as life experience. I feel like i’m at the age and point in my life where I need to grow, no not literally as i’m a small person, but in my personality and life growth. I need to grow! Become who i’m meant to be. I don’t know who i’m meant to truly be, but I do know that it’s in my reach if I try hard enough. Anyone and everyone can reach their dreams and goals if they try hard enough.

My dreams: Acting / modelling / blogging

Ok, this is a reach. But a girl can dream ok?!

I’m not even joking when I say this, but all of my damn little life i’ve dreamt of being an actress. I have little to none acting training, I used to get frightened on stage and I don’t have a face that people really remember. But one thing for sure is that it’s an absolute DREAM of mine. I wake up every day, honestly wanting and wishing that at times that i’d maybe gone down a different path. I know it’s never too late, i’m only 20, but this is the time when i’d want to try and achieve this dream. SO, HERE I GO. This year I will either join an acting school / summer school or i’ll apply again to be an extra in movies / roles. It’s something that i’ve grown into. I can be funny, sometimes, but i’ve definitely gained confidence since I was younger. So, who knows, i might do this after university! I’ve also been super keen to model. It something that I guess comes quite naturally to me, not to pose professionally or anything, but i’m comfortable in front of a camera and i angle myself to work for the camera. Sounds cliche I know, but for some reason i’ve never minded cameras or anything like that. I think it’s also grown on me as i’m on instagram a lot and i now make youtube videos, so I believe my confidence is growing in that aspect also. Just gaining confidence this year is key for me i’d say! Blogging has been a huge thing for me, i’ve achieved so much in my little year of writing. I’m so proud of myself that this goal is being achieved and I cant wait to keep writing and see where it takes me. It could take me abroad, who knows!

Doing the complete opposite of what i’m doing right now

At some stage, we’ve all said ‘why am I doing this?’ ‘Do I even enjoy it?’ – the answer is up to you. I enjoy what I do right now! Uni isn’t too bad, i’d rather be working or blogging full time, but i’m planning on getting a fashion degree and then seeing where life takes me. But if all else fails after uni, and if I choose to just take a year out, then I will do the complete opposite of what i’m currently doing. Of course i’ll still blog and vlog, but i’ll just get a job where I can then find myself. I’d happily work in any store or shop. I wouldn’t work in a restaurant though (bad experience with one) – so i’d stay away personally from that field. But anything else, i’m pretty much up for. If I was to take time out and do something opposite, i’d like to go to Salcombe, UK. I’ve only ever been once, but oh my, I truly loved the scenery and lifestyle down there. Just extremely peaceful.

Taking a year out, doing multiple jobs and just working it all out

What i’ve considered when writing this, is that I don’t need to fully know what I want to do. I’m freakin’ 20. It would be nice if i could accomplish goals and dreams, in blogging or university, but after uni who knows where i’ll end up. I have a WHOLE year of uni left, it’s all baby steps people. Little steps are still steps. Just be happy within yourself first before you try and go out of your comfort zone so quickly. If you’re cool with that then do what ya like! But for me, i need a bit of time, a goal and a push to get me in the direction I wanna be in.

Love, Sophie Eleanor, (girl who has no clue what to do with her life) x

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