Spring Styling with Slip dresses

I have finished one project due for next week FINALLY! Need to send it off tomorrow. But I have officially finished one of them and now I have one more for next week. I’m so exhausted it a joke.

Can’t wait to get making more YouTube videos for you all. I’ll make one for next week!

Today I’ve been loving this Spring sunshine. I’ve decided the looks that I will go for this spring / summer and it’s everythinggg that I want in outfits.

I have a full Pinterest board dedicated to spring and summer looks. Pinterest is so great when you’re thinking of some outfit inspo or you don’t know what to pair with a jumper so you look on there. It’s a great site!

For Spring, I change my look every week. I will forever love jumpers and jeans with some trainers like yasss. But for this week I’ve been feeling cute dresses, belts with a top underneath. Flat shoes, some colourful socks and hair all slicked back is a look that I’m going for right now.

  • Belt: Gucci
  • Dress: Missguided
  • Top: Zara

I bought this slip dress years ago from Missguided. It was the only ever purchase I’ve made from them! I really like it as it’s super comfy, soft / smooth and it’s black – so it goes with everything really nicely.

The texture is very smooth and silky, so matching shoes with it is pretty easy. I would wear either flats with this dress or some chunky black boots ie dr martens.

The sun today was sooo pretty, so I had to take a few pics in the golden hour. If you know, then you know.

Finally my hair is growing as well! My hair grows quite quickly, but I’m hoping it’ll be longer for summer eeeek. Can’t wait to go on my Sicily holiday. It’s a beautiful place and I can’t wait to travel around it.

But anyhow! The outfit for April will be dresses, boots and tops underneath. But that depends on the weather as well. Hopefully it’ll be getting warmer.

The great thing about a slip dress is that they are slightly baggy. So if it’s cold, then you can fit a jumper underneath. If it’s warmer, then a thin top underneath is great!

The more layers for spring, the better. As the weather is always up and down in England, you never know if the weather will turn. So to be on the safer side, always wear more layers, ie top, jumper, cardigan / coat.

I think it’s my age group that don’t particularly wear tights anymore, idk about you but I love tights. I never see anyone my age in them and I always think “won’t your legs be cold?”. But I leave them too it haha! I’m a fan of a dress with and without tights. If I was to wear tights for spring, then they would be darker coloured and thin material. For summer, I don’t wear tights so I would just have my pale legs out hahaha. But with the tan that I’ll hopefully get at the beginning of summer my legs should be ok (let’s pray).

Belts: belts with dresses can be really cute! If I wear a dress, then 99% of the time I wear a belt. The belt just finishes off the whole look. It ties your waist in and makes your figure look more hourglass, which I find pretty! Considering my figure isn’t hourglass, it’s nice that I can get that kinda look with an outfit ie dress!

The belt colour depends on your slip dress or top / shoes. If you have mostly brown on, then wear a brown belt. If you have mostly black or another colour on, then black would be your go-to.

Shoes: if you decide to wear bright coloured shoes or shiny shoes or heels or boots with your slip dress / spring outfit, then if you have a matching belt in that colour then fab!! But if you go for black boots or brown boots, then match them with a black or brown belt. Matching shoes with belts is KEY to a successful outfit.

I even go a bit extreme and match my scrunchies / hair pieces with the belt or shoes. It all depends on the colours, but my scrunchies are mainly neutral colours, so they go with my hair colour and every outfit colour pretty much.

I’d love to know your go-to spring style!? Comment down below!

Instagram: soph.h

YouTube Channel: Sophie Henderson

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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