Sustainability: 5 ways to shop better for the environment – fashion + lifestyle

These past 2 weeks have been manic, if I say so myself. I’ve been extremely busy with assignments, presentations and projects that if I’m honest, I’m losing the days haha. I’ll be back on track with posting days after next week!

But within my assignments, I’ve been talking a lot about vintage clothing (my favourite) and sustainability.

Our generation will be the ones to save this planet, I truly hope. Problems with plastic pollution, global warming and fashion’s pollution are a few of the largest issues / causes globally for our planet.

It’s our time NOW to act. I understand we can’t all just magically save the planet in one day, it’ll take years. But with just starting at one small point, it can change everything.

Ways to become more sustainable – at home, at uni, anywhere and everywhere:

1) reduce, re-use, recycle. This is SO important. Separate plastics from metals / foils. Make people’s jobs easier by simply putting the correct waste material into the right bin.

2) buy a reusable coffee / tea / drink flask. This will save you MONEYYY and will slowly save the planet. This is something that I try to do, especially at uni and out & about. Using reusable china (or sustainable material) flask will allow plastics to be used elsewhere for much more needed items (if plastic is to be used). Those plastic coffee lids that you throw away? Most likely don’t get recycled and they end up where everything else does. Waste.

3) fashion: shop vintage or second hand more. This is one that I fully stand by and try to do. I buy vintage / second hand items from vintage stores and charity shops. By doing this, we reduce the waste of the material / items completely (as we are the ones to wear them). We are recycling the garments because we are giving them a second chance of life and we are reusing the clothes so they don’t end up in landfill. This is a huge and great way to slowly save the planet.

4) buy less fast fashion items. I am no angel! I have of course bought ‘fast fashion’ items in the past as it’s all easily accessible and the fashion is on trend and is super cute. HOWEVER, I now have chosen a different path. If I buy a garment from let’s say Zara or anywhere that’s extremely fast fashion, then I will 100% know that I will wear that garment until it wears away completely or I will give it away once it’s done it’s purpose for me. I only buy from fast fashion places if I know I’ll have the product for yearssss to come.

5) give to charity shops once you’re done with your clothes. If your beautiful top is too small for you now or you’ve just simply grown out of that style, then don’t just chuck it in the bin. Give it to a charity shop!! Let others use the top and give them a chance to have a cheaper item of clothing. I loveeee finding bargains in charity shops, ie my wonderful designer Burberry Trench Coat. You never know who goes into the stores and what items will be brought in that week.

As I write, I hope people relate to my way of thinking in any little way possible – I want the stigma of vintage / second hand fashion to end. I still know people who think these clothes are ‘dirty’ or ‘worn’ etc. This. Is. Not. The. Case.

Shopping vintage or second hand literally can save a bit of the planet – even if it’s a small percentage of it!! I thoroughly enjoy buying vintage clothes, I absolutely love to find wonderful items and I get to re-wear them and style them myself. It’s a lovely feeling! I understand that not everyone likes vintage fashion, but it is a way to do your part for the environment and just to reduce your purchases of fast fashion and reuse / recycle fashion pieces from years past.

Reduce the amount you buy – or just buy items that you know you’ll 100% wear.

Reuse your old clothes or change them into something else – make your old baggy top into a crop top for summer or cut those jeans into a pair of funky shorts.

Recycle your fashion! Recycle fashion from yearssss who by buying classic items.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

9 Replies to “Sustainability: 5 ways to shop better for the environment – fashion + lifestyle”

  1. Great blog, and you’re right, small consistent changes do make a difference!
    For the last 20 years my friends and I have been swapping our wardrobe on a relatively regular basis, saves money and you end up with clothes you wouldn’t have necessarily bought yourself.

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  2. I love this! These are practical tips that anyone can put to use to make their lifestyle more green! Becoming a conscious consumer is one of the best things we can do for the planet! Thanks for sharing!

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