Burberry – my BEST vintage designer find (to date)

Evening my angels!

I had a jam packed weekend. Honestly, it was so busy. I happily got my nails done (yay) and I spend the weekend with my family, it was fab.

My sister is the person who got me interested in charity shops and vintage shopping. As I grew older, we both wanted to see some lovely bargains in charity shops and vintage stores, people judge vintage / second hand stores because they think it’s always ‘bad’ items, but they are SO WRONG.

We went to a small local town, Olney. It’s such a pretty & quaint place, so many coffee shops and lots of boutiques to look around. All in all, a nice day out!

We decided to go into a charity shop in Olney, as we love having a look through charity shops & stores. As we were looking, I spotted a coat. It was long, which was what I was looking for in a coat recently. It was an amazing colour so I was like yasss. Then finally, I took it off the hanger and BOOM. BURBERRY.

I was in shock, like genuine shock. I couldn’t believe that a Burberry trench coat was in this store. First I had my doubts, I wasn’t 100% sure so we googled tonnes of websites and all sorts to find genuine labels etc.

This coat was made during the 1980’s, as it says “Burberrys”. It’s also a men’s, as it’s large for me but an oversized Burberry coat is an absolute YES for me.

Oversized coats always look great, 100%.

Anyhow, I was holding it super tight to me because I didn’t want anyone else to pick it up.

It was so busy in the store & soooo many women came up to me saying “amazing” and how it was such a great price and how I had such a good eye for clothing, I was in my element.

I asked the ladies at the till point for information about the jacket and for authenticity, and they said a women came into the store early that week with two Burberry men’s coats. The coat that sold prior to me seeing this was a navy blue, then I bought this one.

The design of this coat is by far just the most amazing pattern ever. The texture is lovely, the check is just perfect and the colours go so well together. The coat lured me to it originally for its shape, colour and pattern. So whether it was Burberry or not, I absolutely loved it. But the fact it’s a coat that I’ve been wanting from Burberry just made it even easier for me to want it more. (It doesn’t take much for me to buy something, I’m pretty impulsive oops).

They said it’s absolutely genuine, they get lots of designer items in (as the area is quite wealthy). I’m guessing this lady wasn’t with her partner anymore or whatnot, but THANK U, NEXT because this was an absolute steal.

£100, vintage Burberry trench coat in pretty much perfect condition. What more could a 20 year old Sophie want?

As I’m now poor due to this taking over my bank account, no more items shall be bought until summer (I’m probably lying right now but it’s the thought that counts).

I’m really happy with myself as whoever the lady was, gave her designer coat to charity, and I paid £100 for the coat. So I’m really pleased that my money went towards something good, either for the store or for the charity itself.

So, before you think you don’t like charity shops or vintage stores, this is a good reason to visit and help out 1) the charity / store & 2) yourself! You can find some amazing designer items in these stores.

This is now my second Burberry item, I also have this jumper / pull over and it’s so comfy and fab. I’ve been told that I find some genuine good buys, so I’m pretty impressed with myself.

This Burberry piece was from a vintage store and it’s also genuine. I tend to wear this as the statement piece of an outfit with a thick belt around my waist.

Genuine authenticity is something I know a lot about with designer brands, so I knew this was legit Burberry.

I’m just in shock at how a day out can turn the opposite direction and be a day that you’ll remember forever. I’m incredibly into my fashion and style / past trends, so buying a vintage genuine Burberry trench coat is up there with my 100 things to buy before I die, it’s that serious to me hahaha.

I guess I only have like 99 things left now, yay!

Instagram: soph.h

Email: soph.hendy@icloud.com

Youtube channel: Sophie Henderson

If you have any favourite designer vintage pieces or places you love to buy from, comment down below or message on Instagram, I’d love to know!

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie x

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