Weekend plans? Sorted!

Hi angels!

Well i’ve had a BUSY week and i’m sure you all have as well. Life. Has. Been. Hard. This. Week. Its tricky to justify yourself sometimes, especially at uni or talking to people, when you’ve had a loooong day, you just want to rest but you have to keep going and be positive. Its hard, i know.

This week I’ve done photoshoots with friends, making a magazine, working on my blog, working with brands, completing university work, I’m just all over the place. Life aye.

So weekends can be for relaxing, and thats my plan for this one. A nice, relaxing weekend. I’m still going to do blogging work and fashion projects, but i’m taking the time to care for myself, which i haven’t properly done in a long time.

What are your plans for this weekend? I wanna knowwww.

Taking care of yourself is super important, whether thats mentally or physically. Physically, maybe have a nice hot shower, or a lovely relaxing bath. Do your hair really nice or possibly go on a nice walk. Whatever the weather and whatever the activity, just take time for yourself and enjoy this weekend, its needed.

I’m planning on getting my nails done in the morning. I always go for gels as i’ve never had acrylics and tbh my nails grow long quickly so acrylics are not really what i need.

(Past gel nails: glitter tips)

I tend to go for gels 24/7 as i work part-time in a hairsalon. As i wash hair every single week, my nails can get weakened by the water and well … not good. Therefore, having gels strengthens my nails whilst being a cute as f colour. YAY FOR THE INVENTION OF GELS.

(Most recent gel colour: dark blue / grey)

I’m thinking of sooo many different colours for my nails. Nails are SO tricky to choose for, especially colour / shape wise. I like to go from square to round then back to square; its a never-ending cycle for me. But this time i want to go a bit funky as i’m at an event in London next weekend so i want super cool nails. Might get pink + sparkly … who knows. I shall show you all the gels I end up having tomorrow on instagram.

Instagram: soph.h

Nail inspiration – Pinterest Board

(Gel nails: mirrored)

If you’re really into nails like I am, then i hope you’re all dedicated (like myself) and have a tab on Pinterest dedicated to all things nails. This helps me when choosing what kind of look i want for that month and for what outfits they’ll match in all honesty. I don’t choose the colour of the season or anything, but if i’m feeling colourful that month then i’ll get super funky gels. If i’m just wanting a colour that will suit everything, then i’ll stick to neutrals or dark tones.

I could talk about gels FOREVER, but i’m here to talk about this relaxing weekend ahead of us.

For the rest of Saturday, i’ll be completing some uni projects from fashion to photography and i’ll be using photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator for these. These editing programmes are incredible, but i’m just a bit rubbish at it hahah, but with practice i’m getting there.

Sunday’s Plans

On Sunday i shall be with the rest of my family and we’re going to the vintage weekend in MK shopping centre. The festival / vintage clothing stalls pop up around three times a year and this is where I buy my blouses from.

Blouses and vintage clothes are a big part of me and how I dress myself. Blouses are beautiful in all seasons, but especially transitioning from winter to Spring, they can look great! With a coat and some straight trousers, they can make an outfit complete.

(Blouse from vintage pop up stall in MK)

If you’re around this weekend (locally), then I suggest going to the vintage weekend at MK shopping centre. The event is held by John Lewis and lots of stalls do different things and sell lots of wonderful items. I’ll be showing you my purchases in a blog post next week i’m sure.

The blouses tend to be two for £25 or £15 each (I believe, don’t hold me to that lol). But thats what I usually pay for, but then the nice lady who owns the business does me a deal because I tend to buy way more than that hahaha, can’t help myself. Thank u nice lady, see u Sundayyyy ❤

As i’ve had such a busy week, i’m going to happily chill out a bit tomorrow and Sunday, so i hope you all do too. Its incredibly important to take time for yourself. My kinda chill out is movies in bed, cuppa tea with freshly washed hair and face mask on. I LOVE to be clean when i’m relaxing, it makes me relax even more, it’s a good and calming feeling.

However, other ways i like to calm myself is going shopping. Its not the ‘purchasing’ side that i like, but rather the walking around, getting out, people watching, being with my family, helping them buy clothes etc. Its just what i do. I feel so calm and at ease when i help people choose clothes / fashion items. Its a way that i feel like i’m helping a little bit, so i get super interested and want to help more if i can.

(Blouse from MK vintage weekend)

Come join me at the vintage weekend in MK centre, it’ll be fun!

Relax, think of your mind, body and soul. This weekend is about YOU.

Instagram: soph.h

Youtube Channel: Sophie Henderson

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie x

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