Honest Hour – Mental Health chats

Hi angels!

As I’ve spoken a lot about fashion recently, I want to make time for some mental health posts. It’s very important to check on yourselves, friends and family members.

It can be quite daunting going to the doctors about your mental health. Trust me, I’ve been there. But there comes a time that cooping up all of your emotions gets too much for you and you may be like me. I explode, I become this other person who is so down, hates getting up, would rather be in bed, would rather not see anyone, would rather just be on my own, wants to drop out of uni, wants to stop blogging, wants to give up.

This is not the way.

I’ve learnt that it is fine to have these down days. But it gets too much for your mind and body if you hold it all in. Emotions should be shown. They should be part of you. Embrace you emotions.

Personally, from being bullied in the past and being hated to feeling alone and dark deep inside me. I’ve eventually found light in situations that some people might find it easy everyday chores.

I find it hard to get up. I’ve always been a morning person, but as I over think every single morning, I don’t like getting up for the day. It can be hard.

But I find a way to get up and get things done. I want to succeed, I want to have fun, I want to see friends, I want to be with my boyfriend and enjoy myself and love every minute of it.

I love blogging, taking photos, making memories, writing to you all. It’s my LIFE. I absolutely adore sharing my passions and creative thoughts with you. This is a reason why I want to wake up and get up each day. It’s the little things.

Talks with family, friends, your partners or doctors / nurses can really help. It is TOUGH AS F to get going, but once you take that first step it all gets followed on like dominos into the right direction.

Last year was a hard year for me mentally. Car crashes and a very negative mindset sent me into a downward spiral if I’m honest.

But I got up every day because I needed to. I needed to speak out. I needed to talk to my boyfriend. I needed my friends and family. I needed sunlight, food & water. I needed to work, go to university, get a degree. I needed to blog. So I can share my story, for you all to read and some of you to relate to.

We all can get through this. Whatever troubles you are having, it can get better. Not negative thoughts last forever, it feels like they do, but they don’t.

I get this a lot, and some of you probably will. “She’s rude. She seems shy. Antisocial. Doesn’t like drinking. Doesn’t like going out. Resting ‘bitch face'”. And many more.

I give off this vibe to people who I don’t really talk to because in my mind I believe that they judge me, that they already have their mind made up about me, if I’m horrible, nice, mean, judgy, rude, kind, whatever it is. I instantly have a HUGE guard up.

But this year I’m trying really hard to take it down. I seem “shy” or “stuck up” because I really don’t know how to act around people that I never talk to or hang around with. I always think that they believe I’m mean before they get to know me. This needs to change.

Our judgemental state on people can really impact them negatively. I never thought before that myself having my guard up and being quite rude to people, could have a negative impact on them.

This is why for 2019 I’m going to try and let my guard down a bit. I’ll try to get more comfortable at university or with my friends other friendship groups. At family events or even just with my own family.

Things can really take their toll on you. Your mind can play tricks on you and I’m learning to not believe the thoughts and to try and be my own person.

I hope when reading this blog that you feel like you belong somewhere. Never feel alone. It’s a horrible feeling and it doesn’t stay forever, I promise.

Check your loved ones, friends, family and most importantly, yourselves.

Don’t neglect your mental health to keep others happy. YOU come first.

Maybe for the month of March try something completely different. Try different fragrances, watch other Netflix shows, read more books, buy new outfits, thrift shop more, sell items that you no longer need, have a clear out, tidy your room, buy new candles, watch the stars at night. Whatever you think that could improve your everyday thoughts then try it.

Live in the moment. It’s your moment and your moment only.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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