#4 Top tips on Styling one pair of Trousers

Welcome back angels.

Styling one pair of trousers with your entire wardrobe can be difficult, but it’s not unachievable. I have lots of trousers…probably too many. But styling one pair with everything can seem pointless when you have lots of other garments to style as well.

But lemme tell you, you can get soooo many other outfits & looks by using just one pair of trousers. I’ve attempted to achieve this goal, and I’ll show you a few ways that I style one pair of trousers with lots of my clothes.

Trousers: M&S

These are the trousers that I will be styling today. I only bought them yesterday! I chose these because they’re very stretchy, amazing colour / neutral tone which will go with lots of other colours for Spring and the length / style of them was perfect for me.

I like a smart trouser & I’ve found that M&S do amazing clothes, especially trousers & shoes. Their shoe collection is soooo nice!! You should have a look when you next go by the stores.


Look #1 – Cropped Chop

With this look, I wanted to show some skin. The less fabric involved would be worn in warmer weather.

Loafers suit the top & bottom half of the look because skin is showing both on my top half and then my ankles. Having even amounts of skin showing can make your outfit look more put together sometimes (I find). Especially in summer.

Your body is your muse remember!! Be proud of it. The knitted jumper adds a bit of warmth to your outfit. Having a thick cropped jumper in your Winter to Spring wardrobes is key. I tend to wear thick cropped jumpers during these few months as they are warm yet I can still wear a coat on top and not over heat…that’s the worst feeling ever lol.

    Slip on Loafers: Berties of London
    Cropped knit jumper: Missguided, Selfridges
    Belt: Gucci

Look #2 – Spring in your Step

White chunky trainers with smart trousers automatically make your look a 10/10. Trainers with smart trousers make your style look more casual and chilled out. Just because you have smart trousers doesn’t mean they always have to be worn at a special occasion / work. They can be worn casually if you’re out with your friends or out for the day.

I paired this with a simple white logo top to allow the top to stand out a bit more. The lettering on the top isn’t too much and it is simple enough to be worn nicely with these trousers. Too much logo / font on tops can look a bit much, in my opinion.

Pair this outfit with an oversized jumper or faux fur teddy bear coat and you’re ready to make a STATEMENT down town.

  • Logo / font top: Mango
  • Trainers: NewBalance 608’s
  • Belt: Gucci

Look #3 – Relaxed Vintage

With my vintage shirts, I wear them mostly tied up in a knot / worn cropped with skirts. But I’ve found that if you wear tight trousers, shirts look SO much better when worn buttoned up and worn over the top of your trousers.

If you wear shirts and want them tucked in, then I suggest wearing baggier trousers / jeans with them. If you want to wear tight trousers, then wear the shirt buttoned up smartly and hung over the top of your trousers.

I just really like this look for this year. Sometimes, if everything is super tight fitted, it can look a bit odd – depending on the garments used. Of course tight fitting clothes are lovely, but I like the combination of both baggy and tight together. So if your top half is tight, then be baggy on the bottom. Vice versa.

I paired this outfit with some black boots. Black boots are perfect in all weather, for all styles. A must have in your SS19 wardrobes.

To pair this altogether, I would wear a thick knitted cardigan and a long strap black off-the-shoulder bag.

  • Shirt: Vintage
  • Black sock boots: Bershka

Look #4 – Match for March

I’m all for matching outfits, especially when the colours fit so perfectly together. I wanted this look to highlight the trousers and it’s pure colour. The pink tone of the trousers stand out against the dark black shades.

By having dark shades either side of the pink, you create a statement look for your trousers. Peoples eyes will automatically go to your trousers!!

If you’ve done loads of squats this year and are super fit and healthy & you wanna show off the booty / legs, then wear this style and all eyes will be on youuu. Celebrate yourselves!!

Thought I’d also show the back of the trousers so you know what the fit is like all the way around. M&S are super with their fit’s, so I highly recommend them.

  • Boots: Bershka
  • Knitted balloon sleeved jumper: Zara

Hope you’ve enjoyed my fashion read & I’ll be back again on Tuesday my angels.

Instagram: soph.h

Email: soph.hendy@icloud.com

Youtube Channel: Sophie Henderson

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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