Adapting to Spring fashion – March 20th

Good morning angels!

Spring can be the month of “what do I wear” kind of weather. Especially in the UK, it can be tricky. The UK goes from super chilly to very hot (kind of). March 20th is the first day of Spring, can’t wait to see all the lil baby lambs omg how cute.

For Spring, it’s mostly April showers, full & overcast clouds and the odd occasion of sun! So we need to get ready in our wardrobes to cope with this weather change.

For my Spring wardrobe, I always keep out the fluffy faux fur coats. You’ll still need warmth during Spring. But I adapt my style slightly by wearing more thicker jumpers instead of coats 24/7. Jumpers for me are super easy and I prefer wearing a jumper to a coat. In the upcoming months of Spring, I always have hot flushes because of the weather. It’s one of these months that I can never fully know what to wear because the weather could easily change in the afternoon compared to the morn.

Spring Necessity’s

Jumpers: are a necessity for Spring. I recommend hooded jumpers, sweaters and chunky cardigans. I’d say purchase some thicker jumpers because it will still be cold, so wrap up warm by matching your hoody with a scarf or a cute hat, Baker boy caps or beanies.

Chunky Knit Cardigan: A chunky cardigan never goes in wrong! I have a few chunky knit cardigans and they’re always handy for Spring. They’re light enough to carry around if I get too warm, but they’re thick enough to keep me warm when outside for photoshoots.

Trainers: my go-to trainers / shoes for Spring would be my converse. During winter, they could get covered in snow and sleet, so I tend to keep them away in winter. But for Spring, the weather can be dry at times so I like to wear them when I know it will be 100% sunny that day.

Jumpsuits: jumpsuits are fabulousssss for Spring weather. They keep you warm but allow you to not wear as many layers as you would during winter. I find that when I wear a jumpsuit, I don’t need a thick coat because I can wear a long thick cardigan or jacket to just add an extra layer of warmth. Especially as my jumpsuits are long-sleeved, so I don’t need too many layers because I will heat up wayyyy too much.

Boots: Boots are worn all year around, so they’re not a spring necessity. But for the on and off weather, boots are always a great go-to if you don’t want to wreck your trainers or loafers. In any weather, boots are BOSS.

Beanies & Baker boy Caps: beanies will keep your head warm when needed. Baker boy caps are good for keeping the rain off your face. Anything with a cap during winter to spring is good, especially if you’re wearing amaze makeup and you don’t want drops to get onto it.

Beanies can mess up your hair, but if you don’t want this problem then bobby pin your beanie to your hair (this is legit what I do – depending on the thickness of the beanie).

If you’re going for a messy look, then beanies are perfect for your Spring style.

Retro Sunglasses: A retro pair of sunglasses never goes in wrong. I find in these upcoming months ahead of summer, that as it gets lighter and lighter, Sunglasses are an essential piece to your look. I only get my sunglasses out when it’s super sunny though. If there’s a tiny bit of sunshine then I don’t see the point! But if you need to put your fringe back in Spring if it gets too warm, then sunnies are always a good accessory.

The picture shown is a screen shot from my YouTube channel / vlog and it’s hilarious hahaha.

Colourful scrunchies: I loooove a scrunchie! In winter, I prefer wearing neutral scrunchies or hair bobbles to match my hair colour. But for Spring I’m all for a colourful scrunchie. I tend to go for light pinks & pastel colours. They go with every hair colour and most outfits. Matching your scrunchie with your outfit isn’t a necessity, but it can be cute.

Neutral gel nails: for colours, I’d recommend neutrals, darks and pinks. I think summer is for super colourful nails and Spring is adapting from winter shades. I love having dark or neutral nails in summer so that they match all outfits. Having dark nails in Spring maybe reflects my mood hahaha, I have too much work to hand in for March / April.

Turtle neck tops: neutral tones are perfect for tops during these months. I find they go with everything in your capsule wardrobe and you don’t have to make much effort in Spring if you have a few turtle neck tops. Match them with smart trousers, mini skirts & tights or layer a dress on top. These tops will keep you not only warm, but fashionable 24/7!

Silver jewellery: minimalistic jewellery is key for Spring. Silver tones are always lovely. I save my gold pieces for summer as it matches my tan / skin nicely.

Minimal silver jewellery is so flattering and makes the jewellery stand out even more, as there’s less of it to look at! So if you’re wanting to “WOW” people, then wear less jewellery in Spring, as less can be more.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed the read! I would love to know your favourite Spring styles. March 20th is the start of Spring so let’s get ready!

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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