Talking all things Jeans: styles & go-to brands

Hi my angels!

Today I want to talk all things jeans. I’m a HUGE fan of jeans, any colour, any fit. I’m all for flares and I’m all for slim jeans.

If you name a jean style then I probably have it hahah, if I’m honest I have way too many. A huge throwout is much needed.

My go-to jean styles:

As I’ve said, I have too many. However, having lots of jeans allows me to style them completely differently and adapt them into other looks.


I luuuuv flares. I have super baggy 3/4 length ones. I want to purchase some normal length flares soon, me thinks. Flares can look great in all seasons, I tend to wear them in summer however!

(Jeans: Topshop – in the sale)

Depending on the length of your flares, they suit different footwear. An example is I would wear my 3/4 flares with chunky trainers, loafers and dr martens, whereas I would wear some normal length tighter flares with flats or shorter / skinny trainers only.

The wider the flare, the better they look with thicker / chunkier shoes – tip of the day.


Slim jeans are what I typically wear day to day. They are my go-to jean. I have these in lots of shades, from light blue denims to dark blacks and greys.

(Jeans: Levi’s – Urban Outfitters sale)

If I’m honest, I prefer slim jeans to skinny. I’m not a lover of my legs really, so I tend to hide them away as much as I can haha, but this year it is about acceptance of my body and face so I’m trying to wear skinny’s more to enhance my leg shape, who knows.

I tend to wear slim jeans casually. But that also depends on the colour of the denim. If it’s a light blue / deep blue colour, then it’s casual. If slim jeans are black / dark grey, then they can be worn formally with a white shirt or smart pullover. But for whatever the weather, slim jeans can look amazing.

Skinny jeans

Obviously jeans are worn all year around. They’re super easy and match pretty much everything in your wardrobes. But for me, skinny jeans are worn more in winter, as I like to wear them with thick boots / dr martens and with layered jumpers and coats. I like to let my legs look slimmer in winter with big coats!

(Jeans: Topshop)

Clothes are not about your weight / figure though, they’re about how you feel. In winter, I feel good in skinny jeans, whereas in summer I feel good in baggy / oversized jeans with cute off the shoulder tops.

Where I purchase my jeans from – recommendations:

Vintage stores: vintage stores are fabulous for jeans / trousers. I always find some great fitting jeans. It’s not a definite that jeans in vintage shops will always fit though. But if you’re willing to try them on and give them a go, then you can see if they 100% fit and look good.

Levi’s: Levi’s are my FAVOURITE jean store to purchase from. They’re the store that makes my butt look A*. I don’t have a “big” bum or “small” bum, I’m just in the middle I guess. So finding jeans can be tough, as I also have a kinda slim waist and my back bends / dips in a lot. Basically finding jeans for me can be a chore. But in Levi’s, I know my sizes and they always fit lovely in all the right places.

Urban Outfitters: Okuuur, if you need some funky looking jeans that will be in trend, then go for Urban Outfitters. I found some Levi’s in their Newcastle store and I fell in love. I’ve purchased other trousers from UO and they’re comfy and true to size.

Topshop (sales): I don’t buy from Topshop, but if I did it would be in their sales or if I really like the look of a clothing item.

I’ve only actually got two Topshop jeans. Their sales can be really great! Last summer I bought some flares which were £10 & they fit like a glove. I would recommend Topshop for their sales as the prices and clothing pieces can be really good.

Marks & Spencer’s: yesssss. One huge YES. I’ve bought trousers from M&S as I love the brand and the quality of the clothing. But I’ve never bought jeans from them. You’re probably like “so why are they mentioned here?” Well, it will be on my list for this years purchases. But I just know that the quality of Jean would be great from M&S, or if you’re looking for trousers then I highly suggest looking at M&S.

Lots of people my age and younger judge M&S as an “older” brand. But trusttttt me, their clothes are great. 1) super soft 2) great quality 3) good prices (sales can be fab).

So even though I don’t have jeans from them, I have plenty of trousers, so I just know that their jeans would be good also.

Where do you purchase your jeans from? What styles do you wear? I’d love to know my angels.

With my jeans length, I have to be wary as I’m a small person. I don’t want to drown myself in clothes, so proportion of material is important to me. I have to be careful not to overcrowd my bottom or top half, as I can easily appear to be even smaller than I am. (5ft 3 problems) – I’m not even sure if this is my actual true height, who knows. I need to measure myself asap.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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