My YouTube Channel – Sophie Henderson

Hi my angels! Welcome back to another post.

So today I just wanted to talk more deeply about my YouTube channel and what I’m up to!

I’ve been making vlogs now since summer ’18 but now I’m getting properly into it and editing them how I want to. So basically taking it more seriously and really enjoying the process.

In 2018, I knew I wanted to vlog and create my YouTube channel more, but I was nervous about videos and I didn’t really know how to talk to the camera much. It’s such a long process but I’m finally getting into it all and I feel so comfortable in front of the camera!

Getting my confidence back since last year was key for me. I’ve never been overly confident, and sometimes that can come across as rude or shy in person. But it’s just be being nervous. But with my vlogging on YouTube, I feel more relaxed and getting my confidence back, which is great for me!

Why I started YouTube..

I constantly watch YouTube vlogs, tutorials and daily videos through YouTube and I’ve done this for years!! Once I began blogging on here, I knew that I wanted to post videos.

I believe videos are much more personal. But I absolutely love to write and I believe blogging / writing can be more thought out and genuine. I will continue to blog on here and vlog on YouTube, as they both serve different purposes!

My YouTube channel is: Sophie Henderson

Link to YT channel:

Feel free to follow me on my journey by subscribing to my channel. It would mean the world if you subscribe! The more, the merrier, yay!

I want 2019 to be about my Youtube channel and me becoming more myself. I believe you can get stuck in life and become a bit lost at times, so I want to get out the house more and vlog about my life journey, which will be through fashion, mental health and just daily vlogs.

I’m vlogging weekly at the moment, so I can get into the editing process slowly and start to learn the ropes a bit. It’s so interesting and amazing to learn all of these small editing things. I’m just practising it all and teaching myself.

I learn by doing things, so making more videos for YouTube will allow me to improve and get much better!

Some people think making vlogs is super easy but ohhhhhh heck naw. It’s hard. But I honestly love it and I get such a buzz when I share my vlogs with you all! It’s a little part of me that I can personally share and you get to see my facial expressions and get to know me.

My editing isn’t exactly the best right now hahaha, but that comes with patience and practise.

This week’s vlog is dedicated to some facts about myself and just getting to know me. I hadn’t vlogged about what I actually do and little facts like that, so I put it all into one video and it’s up and live now. Ready for watching my angels!

I hope you enjoy my videos and there will be plenty more to come.

My vlogs will be mostly about fashion, vintage items / stores, mental health, my life & just a bit of everything really. I’m not going to single anything out, I want to give everything a go and see which category I enjoy to talk about (if I even have one haha).

I can’t wait until summer and I can vlog much more and be in the nice warm weather, lushhh.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel! I’d love it if you followed me on my journey.

Speak on Tuesday.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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