I’m a ‘Nobody’s Child’ Student Ambassador – discount code and % off featured.

Hi my angels, welcome back to another Styled by Sophie post!

I’ve got some very exciting news!!! As you have read from the title of this post, I’m now officially a student ambassador for Nobody’s Child. I’m so excited and can’t wait to share with you all my special discount code featured at the end of the post.

Throughout this post, I’m wearing NC’s black checked loose pocket detail boiler suit in a size 6.

I have known about NC (Nobody’s Child) because of my older sister. My sister was my style inspiration. I now have my own style which is different from hers, but growing up with her, it was nice to know what brands she liked and who I could shop with personally.

NC are a British based brand who care about the environment and their consumers. As a consumer myself, I want to be more ethical and purchase from places that I know who try to be sustainable and use ethical sourcing from materials to producing garments in their own factories. NC does just this!

Being a student ambassador for them is great as I love their clothes and I love their ethos. I will be working with them from the winter to spring term and it’s an incredible opportunity.

I can’t wait to get right into styling their garments and making my mark on these pieces. Styling a few items from their ‘New In’ will be good as I’ll be able to get so many styles out of one garment. Outfits on outfits on outfits!

Spring fashion is really good because it’s a new year, a fresh start and a new time to be able to create your own looks for the year. You can completely change your style if you wish, but I just think its a great season to get really involved in your ‘looks’ and adapting your style further. As we are still in winter for another month or so, it’ll be an experience to style these fashion pieces from one season to another.

Spring styles can easily be seen as being similar to winter, but NO. I believe Spring is all about adapting your styles to make them less harsh, layer yourself with different items from winter and make your style a bit more floral. Spring reminds me of flowers, cold weather and April showers (and lambs, because they’re so cute). So styling up my looks from winter to spring will be very interesting as I’ll be floral and adapting my layers slightly. I’ll still wear coats ofc, as spring is still freezing. But the way I’ll style my NC clothes will be heavily based around layering and patterns. The clothes that I’m styling from NC are dark and neutral, as it means I can mix and match them with more items. From dresses to a boiler suit, you’ll be seeing me styling a variety of garments.

With NC’s fashion pieces, I’ll most likely dress them with layers as I’m a huge fan of layering, especially this time of year as it’s cold and snowy. Have any of you experienced the snow this year already? I have, but only a tiny amount!

The NC pieces that I’m styling are all in their ‘New In’ section on their website. They have truly wonderful clothes and they fit true to size. With other stores, I always find that I struggle when finding something that fits every part of my body, but with NC I can honestly say the clothes really fit well.

I highly recommend that you take a look at their instagram and website:

If you like what you see, then I have an amazing discount code for all my angels to use! NCXSOPHH20 for 25% off until the 31st of January 2019, then it goes back to 20% off.

I hope you love the pieces and use my code to get 25% off whilst it lasts! My friends, family and angels can all use this special code, yay!

2019 is looking really great so far. From the coolest fashion pieces to instagrammable garments, I can’t wait to get into this years looks wearing Nobody’s Child.


(code is valid for 25% off until 31st of January 2019, then it goes back to 20% off).

Thank you for reading my angels, I hope you get the chance to use this amazing code and I’d love to see your NC fashion pieces on instagram. #WeAreNobodys

Instagram: soph.h

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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