Is there such thing as the ‘fashion rules’? Heck no.

Hi angels, welcome back to my blog. Tonight I’ll be chatting about all things fashion once again. It’s my all time favourite thing to do, freely express my ‘passion for fashion’ – referring to Bratz. I was such a fan of Bratz dolls. You truly weren’t a fan if you didn’t have the Bratz playstation game. If you know, then you know. (If you’re asking, then it’s Bratz Rock Angelz / The Movie).

Relating to Bratz, they all had different styles and it was clear to see when watching their movies and dressing them up. But when looking at dolls in stores and other dress up toys, it never crosses your mind that they only really have one ‘style’. I guess this is for retail purposes and for the characters. But this tends to happen in real life too.

As I’ve said before, I’m a major people watcher. I could stand (probs sit actually) all day and just watch what people do, what families are like and where people like to go and shop. When I do this, I always like to take notice of what people wear. I tend to look at what they’re wearing and think to myself what colours or patterns would suit them, or what shape or style of clothes would look great on them. Even if I think this however, people still have what they’re comfortable in and that’s what matters! Comfort and confidence.

I’m not one for following fashions ‘rules’ as such. I’m a lone wolf hahah. In a short sentence, I wear what I want. If I want to wear a massive statement piece jacket, I shall do. I don’t really have any room in my life for shyness when it comes to my clothing. It is how I express myself in my truest form, hence why I sometimes wear very statement piece clothing items (its fun to do this).

As I try to bring to all of my posts, I want this post to be about positivity in clothing and how you feel. Following the crowd isn’t bad! I just personally don’t follow crowds when it comes to clothes / styles. I enjoy finding vintage items that no one else would have, or items that are very rare and pretty much ‘unpopular’. But every time I find a second hand piece or a great vintage find, I always get asked where its from. Which is great!

As I’m still deciding on what to do with my life and what path to take, its a love of mine to be able to spread my feelings for style and layering of clothing and colours etc. Its just a part of me that I enjoy sharing with you all!

Trends are in the world 24/7 and they shall be until robots take over the planet or something drastic happens for us haha. But trends are here to allow everyone to feel included and to make ourselves feel composed and together. I strongly think that trends are not a bad thing at all, I follow some trends if I like them enough! But a lot of the time, I don’t enjoy them or I’m really picky when it comes to trends that I want to be part of. I didn’t own a pair of vans until I was in sixth form, and that was because everyone I knew was wearing them. But other colours and patterns came out and I decided I loved them! I always liked the look of vans, I just wasn’t part of the ‘school girl who wears vans’ hype. I joined the vans club in sixth form and from then on they’re some of my comfiest shoes ever.

You are never ‘late’ to a trend. Trends were before us and they will be after us. If you like a certain look then go for it! I don’t think that your ‘style’ should refrain you from wearing something you like.An example is that at the moment, I have a dying love for vintage baker boy caps. I have a few now and they’re super cute. But I wouldn’t say that the style of them is 100% my style all of the time. My style changes daily! I always have my vintage pieces on, but I’ll style them up different depending on how I’m feeling that day. If I want to look more relaxed, then I’ll pair some jeans with the cap, or if I want to look more floral then I’ll wear a summer dress with some black boots and my cap altogether. The trend of the baker boy cap is in both of these outfits, but it is the way it’s worn that makes it more individual and personal to your liking.

Are there such thing as the ‘fashion rules’? Well from past experiences, I believe there can be certain ways that you wear garments. But again, that depends on what the fashion piece is. But for the majority of clothing items, you can style it however you wish to. Clothes are fun, but it’s the way you style them that makes it fit for you and your personalities! My style has changed over the years, and items / styles that I wore when I was 7 are now being worn by celebrities such as Kim and Khloe Kardashian. If you’re wondering what style I wore when I was 7 that they wear now it is the cut at the knee denim shorts. They were long shorts that were cut off just above my kneecaps. I was a tomboy at the time so let me off hahah, but even though I don’t wear them anymore, they’re back in fashion for the Kardashians and they rock everything so they look great as per. But as I said, trends come back in a full circle.

We wear our clothes, the clothes don’t wear us. We are the statement! Be confident in what you wear and how you style it. Look up to yourselves and be the style icons that you’ve always wanted to be, aka Bratz dolls.

So is there such thing as the fashion rules? Heck no.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

7 Replies to “Is there such thing as the ‘fashion rules’? Heck no.”

  1. loved this post! i think it’s great that you mentioned its ok to follow trends, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to either. I remember in school I would always be turned off by what was trending too because I just saw it on everyone all the time haha.

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    1. Thank you! That’s exactly how I feel about certain trends. Sometimes everyone follows a trend but it may not be your kinda thing and that’s okay, another trend might be more like your style. It just depends on the trends that season / year really!

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