Start off your January by having a clear out: physically & mentally cleansing! – tips & tricks

Hi my angels, welcome back to another post! Both of last week’s posts were based on mental health / wellbeing and reminiscing. I’ve had amazing feedback and comments about the latest post, so thank you to those who messaged me and appreciated the read. Means the world & more.

For today I’m starting off by saying HALLELUJAH, as I’ve finally had a clear out of my room. Having a clear out is SO important. Not only to have a nice clean space, but mentally it really helps. My mum (I love u girl) always bangs on about how I kept my room is. It’s not the fact it’s “dirty”, it’s literally just one big pile of clothing stacked on the side of my dresser, (I know some of you untidy people will relate).

But really, it’s not the fact I can’t be bothered, because I love having a clean room. It’s really a reflection on my mental health. Being completely honest now, if I’m having a bad week or month, you can really tell by the state of my room. Having an untidy living space speaks volumes truthfully.

When my room was untidy, it made me feel even worse. I wanted to clean up and change it all, but I just didn’t have the energy. Sometimes it’s a HUGE CHORE to do my room all sparkly and nicely.

If you have a sibling or relative or friend who doesn’t have majorly tidy rooms, maybe just ask them if they’re ok? Or just note down that maybe they’re not having a great week, so just be extra kind to them.

No one really notices when I’m down, I have quite a strong face when it comes to pulling myself together (it’s been taught over the years). But now that I’m being more open about mental health, I’m starting to put my barrier down a bit and believe that it’s ok to have bad days.

But this past week I just had some kind of necessity to clean my room and just make myself more prepared for the upcoming week. I have so any deadlines and I feel to break down, but cleaning my room and just having a major spritz of my bedroom has made all the difference.

The next step of my room cleaning is to clear out my clothes. I always give to charity, I’ve never dumped my clothes. I don’t wear them enough for them to be ‘ruined’ really, they’re just old clothes that I don’t particularly wear enough t warrant keeping. So having a good clear out of my clothes will do my mental health and wardrobe good.

For 2019, I’m now ‘throwing one and keeping one’. This is my new saying. It basically means, every time I buy a new item, I throw one away. I don’t want to pile up my clothes again, so doing this will help me clear my wardrobe as well as give to charity often.

A few steps to take if you’re feeling unmotivated and just not in the right mindset at the moment:

1) it’s perfectly fine to have bad days. Have lots of water, eat plenty of fruit & veg & chocolate (cus it’s yum) and just calm yourself down.

2) don’t feel rushed. I know it’s typical of me to say that, but just use a planner to set yourselves tasks for the week. Whether that’s finish your essay or purchase a fabulous outfit for the weekend.

3) tidy your room, only when you’re up to it. I waited tooooo long to tidy mine, but it’s completely helped my mindset. It’s made me feel more open, relaxed and fresh for the year.

4) exercise. I can’t tell you enough how important exercise is for your health! Even if you’re not a gym fanatic, just a simple walk will let you breathe in fresh air and you’ll be in a much better mood I promise.

5) stretch!!!! Once my room was super tidy, I stretched on the floor completely. Having the space to actually do some yoga / stretches really opened my chest and core area. Stretching techniques are super easy and fun! Just go onto YouTube and follow some simple steps. You’ll feel at ease and relaxed in no time.

6) go to bed early! I ALWAYS sleep early. I absolutely love to sleep, I wake up super early though so it depends on your routines. But going to bed early & waking up early makes me feel ready for the day ahead and makes me feel like I can accomplish my daily tasks.

7) LOVE YOUR MIND AND SELF. You’re all so god damn beautiful, embrace your looks, personalities, figures and features. Your mind can be ruined by social media and hurtful comments, but people are only jealous. Learn to love your minds and how powerful they are. Keep being amazing and fabulous and kind and healthy.

I hope January brings you nothing but pure happiness and positive health.

Nothing changes straight away, it takes time for minds to heal and we can all work on that. We’re only human.

P.s: note down a day in your planners to have a clear out. It’s SO GOOD I promise you angels.

Have a wonderful rest to your week and I’ll be back with more blogs on Friday.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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