Fashion Student Life: Behind-the-scenes of Second Year

Hi my angels, welcome back to another post as per!

Thought for this week I’d write some more personal posts, so you all can see what my life is like from aspirations to the more deeper subjects. I always think it’s good to talk freely about what goes on behind closed doors, yano, inside your minds. Its a freeing and self-reflecting way of understanding your personal needs and what you fully want in life. I still have NO clue what I’m going to be doing, but trust me, you’re not alone.

My student life is relatively good. I mostly struggle with the assignments. Such as CAD (Computer Aided Design) modules. I can get a bit stressed and I can just sometimes want to give up. I’m not extremely ‘techy’, so what others could find easy, I would find probably really tricky. But saying that, I don’t ever give up. I keep on trying, which I guess is a good aspect of mine. Yay for positivity, haha!

I have mentioned in my earlier posts that I’m a fashion student. My course is Fashion Promotion and Communication, which is basically a long babbling version of what is Digital Fashion and Styling. I absolutely LOVE to style myself and others, as you all know by now. I also love to write and take photos, so the course I’ve chose is right up my alley.

The Highs

Fashion styling is super fun. Taking professional photos of models in studios is honestly the best part of the course. I enjoy engaging with the models and styling them. Its not just about ‘what clothes would match together’. Its SO much more than that! Truly, its about 1) who the model is 2) what ‘look’ you’re trying to portray 3) what suits the model 4) the models attributes, i.e. hair, eyes, lips, shape, tones, height etc. Theres soooo much environmental factors that play within photoshoots.

Photoshoots are the best bit about my course (for me). Finding models, having casting days where I can message people asking if they’d like to model for me is fab. Not so long ago I used my instagram stories as a way to search for models, and sure enough lots of people responded. Anyone can model, we’re all ‘different’ and sometimes different is what companies look for.

I find editing the tricky part, its not exactly my forte, but I still get the job done and the editing sorted. Being a second year fashion student is actually fun, stressful, but fun.

My year was the first year to do fashion promotion and communication at my uni, so we’re the guinea pigs. But we know better than anyone else who does this course at my uni how it runs, what to do and how to do it. Being the first year ever at the uni was eye-opening, working with multiple brands and lecturers was really good. So I’m now in second year, and working with the brand Harvey Nicholls. Last year we worked with Benefit Cosmetics UK, which was good. I’m very much looking forward to this opportunity, and who knows where it could lead. Work experience? Job roles? Its these kind of projects that I enjoy.

Models are a huge help in the shoots. But sometimes models don’t know what to do, how to stand, and what faces to pull etc. This is where I step in. I’m weirdly good at posing hahaha, I can kinda make people get really good angles for themselves. Idk, maybe I’m the shoot queen or something to help others haha, but I’m good with positioning models and what positions they should create. Its all about the mood of the shoot. If you’re wanting a happy mood, then have them laughing, jumping, flicking hair, rolling around; it just depends on the vibe of the shoot you’re going for.

But tbh, be picky with models, you want people who do the job and do the job GOOD. I 100% believe that everyone is beautiful in their own ways!! But you can use a beautiful person and they might not know how to stand or gets camera shy. So, my advice would be to have castings or if you know someone who has the look you want or is different and beautiful, then choose them! Always give people a chance, but if they let you down or don’t turn up, then it teaches you that people can be really unreliable. And that sucks.

The Lows

Sometimes explaining what course I do to others is hard. As soon as you say ‘so you design clothes?’ Well, no. Fashion isn’t just about designing, that’s probably not the most important part to it all if I’m honest. Yes designers are creative, but to get the consumers to WANT and NEED the products you’re trying to sell, people like me would be the next step.

You can make a top with some sequins, embellishment and buttons put onto it, but where would you go from there? Its stylists and other fashion workers turns to create the vision, and make it come to life!!

I would 100% start designing clothes, for sure! I have so many thoughts, plans and styles that I would definitely try soon to make. I’m fine with a sewing machine, need a bit of a re-fresher, but I’m ok! So I’m glad that I chose this course, it means once I’m finished (or during), that I can make clothes if I wish to, and then I can style them myself and use shoots to sell the products. I feel like its a great base for me to get to where I want to potentially be. I’ll be my own boss, yay!

The lows of a fashion students life isn’t the exact extremes like some other courses have. Yes I have deadlines, yes I have lots of course work and yes I have a lot of written content that needs doing all the time. The course I chose was a course that I wanted to do since before I started sixth form. Some people think fashion is an easy way out, and it isn’t. Others believe that you can call yourself a stylist or a fashion role model if you’ve simply styled yourself, and that’s not the case. I’ve worked with a bunch of people over this past year, mostly through online, and I’ve helped them purchase items of clothing. From going out-out to attending festivals and summer holidays to birthday outfits and wedding attire. Its crazy to think that people want my opinion, and I’m SO happy to be able to give it to them. My opinion is not factual 100%, but its MY styling opinion. So I roll with it!

I’m so thankful and honoured to have helped people style themselves. It really warms my heart that my opinion can help others. Its important to me that I can share my voice and help people, guys and girls! I’ve helped the lotta ya’s. So I had a fabulous ending to 2018, and it’s all thanks to my followers and readers. You’re all angels.

I’ve learnt that not everyone will support you, and not everyone will understand you. Not many people actually understand what my fashion course is and what I want to do for the future. My course opens lots of doors, that is why I chose it. If you’re reading this and you’re thinking about uni and job decisions, lemme tell you, Uni isn’t for everyone. I don’t even know if its fully for me, but for what I’m doing for the future, I did need it. I need clarification to say ‘yeah she can style and run catwalks and use studios and design CAD work’. But it isn’t the be-all-end-all.

Uni is stressful days, long hours, up early (for some of us), working in groups, working solo, essay writing, planning for shoots, creating samples for shoots, first takes, second takes, third takes, journalism writing, CAD designing, creating portfolios, editing, creating ideas, finding models, styling models, working with lights, camera work, SD cards breaking 24/7 etc. But I roll with it, and honestly, from the bottom of my heart, if I can do it, then you can.

Never give up on your dreams, we’re all here for a reason, and your reason might not be here right now. But you’ll eventually find your purpose.

Thank you for reading my angels, I’ll speak to you on Friday.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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  1. so interesting to hear about being a fashion student. I almost chose it as my major, but ended up doing marketing instead. still wonder what it would have been like to have done fashion, so I really enjoyed reading this!

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