January – Transitioning from Winter to Spring fashion looks – 2019

Hello my angels! Welcome back to Styled by Sophie. It’s officially the New Year, hope you’ve all been having a wonderful start to 2019.

Next week I start back at uni, I’m excited but at the same time I just love the time off. I have really needed this time off from uni and it’s just been relaxing and refreshing. Not to work 24/7 was a nice feeling. I have an essay due for Wednesday though (which I’ve partly done), but that needs finishing. Then I have projects after that so I’ll be a busy bee once again. I’ll keep you all updated on my photography / styling projects.

I’m very much looking forward to all the fashion looks and styles for this year. I’m super excited for summer and for the outfits I shall wear! But for now I have to enjoy Spring weather and be prepared for the snow. In England, we tend to get snow this time of the year, mainly mid-February. But who knows! All I know is that my faux fur coats are straying with me for the journey.

January transitioning Winter to Spring Styles

(All images shown are not my own). 

Baggy Brigade


Not my own images.

I ADORE baggy clothes. Oversized anything is a major yes. I appreciate colour co-ordination when it comes to baggy clothing, if the colours are co-ordinated I’m a huge fan.

I tend to go for baggier clothing in winter, and all year round tbh hahah. But especially in winter. I find over-sized jumpers really comfy and I feel more warm and content when wearing them. The warmer the better!

Step in the Suit


Not my own image.

Jackets, blazers, smart trousers and straight trousers are all fab for Spring weather. You can have the cutest umbrella or Baker boy cap to match and you’re ready.

I really love pony tails with smart jackets, I just think it finishes off the look really well.

Coloured or patterned smart jackets and trousers are in for 2019, and I think the more colourful the better!

Sweater Weather


Not my own images.

Knits, Turtle necks and Sweaters are all perfect for the transition of Winter to Spring time. I am all in for a cute bun or a high pony with a cosy knitted jumper. Anything that is thick which is on you top half, I always think that you should have your hair up.

By having your hair up when wearing a thick jumper / knit, means that your neckline or chin can be on show and it actually accentuates those facial features. Anything to have your jawline pop is a YES from me.



Not my own images.

I’m a person who does love a nice pattern. I don’t tend to go for busy patterns, but if the colours suit the style then go ahead!

I think deep greens with patterns or florals are in for January – Feb. A pattern is always handy for when you don’t feel like pairing your outfit with a lot. Patterns like these always are the icon of the Attire. So you can go simple with wearing this! I’d pair the dress with a scarf, thin-lined short jacket and a round side bag.

Let the pattern do the magic!

Baker Boy Cap Central


Not my own images.

You all know that I have quite a few Baker boy caps now, different colours and textures. They’re great when you’re wanting to look dressed up but not wanting your hair fully on show. I love how Baker boy caps look and how they can really pull an outfit together nicely.

2019 is the year for caps!

Bold Colours


Not my own images.

I actually have this multicoloured jumper from UNIF. I loooove colourful clothes. Whenever I’m feeling a bit down (especially a Monday or Tuesday morning), then I will certainly be colourful that day. Colour always brings me out of my moods and it helps me get through the day.

Bold colours that match together really can make a massive fashion statement. I’m here for the boldness of 2019.

Check off your style with this pattern


Not my own image.

I will never NOT wear checks or tartan patterns. They’re my all time favourite and I find check jackets just fabulous.

I have one from Zara and it’s one of my favourite statement pieces in my wardrobe. I wear it throughout the year and it will forever be a go-to jacket for me.

Checks or plaids that match together are even cuter.

Tops are on Top of Tops


Not my own image.

This trend has been around foreverrrr. But, I’m wanting to change the dynamics of it for 2019. I really like how it can look casual and cool, but I believe it would look as amazing if you wore it smartly.

With straight trousers, a floor length faux fur jacket and you would look chic. But I think you’d need to blend the colours nicely together. If you’re wanting to look smart, then I’d wear darker colours / shades to match with tops.

If you’re wanting to go casual, then any colour underneath the top would look fab. Long sleeved tight tops / bodysuits which go underneath baggier clothes are fab for Spring.

Thank you angels for reading this post. I will be back as per next Tuesday. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie x

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