2019 – New Years Day – Latest Youtube Vlog & Newcastle trips

Hi my 2019 angels!!! It’s finally the new year. I can’t believe we are in 2019, I’m literally in shock. Last year went soooo quickly, honestly can’t comprehend the opportunities I’ve taken and the up’s and downs that I’ve had in a whole year. Its amazing what you can truly fit into a year.

New Years Day – 2019

Today is New Years Day, and oh boyyy I had a fun time last night. Chilling with my bestest pals, having a house party and just having quality time with everyone is how I like to end my year. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Eve and was happy and stayed safe and well. As of course, its easy to let alcohol get the better of you. But as long as you were all safe and ended up fine, then I hope you had a blast hahah!

Newcastle Lovin’

This past weekend I went up to see my Grandma in Newcastle and also my God-family up North too. I am obsessed with Newcastle. Even though I was born down here, all of my family (both parents and every other relative) are from Newcastle. So I feel like I belong up there really. Its soooo much fun. So much to see!

I guess you could say I’m like 3/4 Geordie or something, not sure how it works out but that sounds nice hahaha. I am planning on doing a month or so in Newcastle to work in a fashion placement or a styling experience this year up there. I truly feel at peace in the North-East, and I hope to end up doing a placement there this year, who knows!

I have so much planned for this year and I can’t wait for it all to blossom and work out. I will reveal more in the upcoming weeks / months.

As an update, I now only drink Soya milk. I used to be obsessed with milk for hot chocolates and in my cuppa’s, but I’m trying to just drink Soya and other dairy alternatives. I’m changing my diet slowly and I hope to see progress in my mind-set and positivity this year. A lot changes in a year, and I can’t wait to see what evolves. So, I’m now called Soya Sophie if u wanna know hahah.

In Newcastle, we saw my grandma which was really lovely. I try to see her as much as I can with my family, but for everyone to find time altogether to go up can be tricky. But we make it work! I also mentioned that I saw my god-family, and they’re the funniest people on this planet. I end up in absolute tears of laughter every time I’m with them. There’s my god-father and god-mother, Keith and Maria. Then there’s their twin children called Katherine and Paula. They’re all so kind and loving, and I wish I could see them all 24/7 but we can only see them when we are all available. But I hope to see them in 2019 for sure.

Shopping time!

As we were in Newcastle, we had to go shopping. Its an unwritten rule, that you have to go shopping hahah. The shopping in Newcastle is AMAZE. I love it all, especially Urban Outfitters. I’m like a moth to a light when it comes to UO, I just levitate towards it. Naturally, I ended up buying something, I tried not to but then I thought, nah ahahaha.

I got an absolute bargain!! YAY FOR BARGAINS. I bought some Levi’s jeans, which went from £85.00 down to £36.00 !!! I had to buy them. They fit perfectly and I love the length and colour of them. They’re called wedge fit Levi’s jeans, and they make the booty look good yay!

What jeans do you wear? I love a great pair of jeans that fit perfectly!

After this purchase, I was so over the moon that I just wanted to carry on shopping. Oops. Sorry bank account. We went into Fenwicks, and I had been wanting these shoes foreverrrr. They’re from Dune and they look EXACTLY like the Gucci loafers. So naturally, before I can even afford some actual Gucci loafers, I wanted to see if I’d like the feel and look of these loafers in particular. So I purchased them, they were full price but SO worth it. They were £75.00, but I shall wear them until they fall apart.

Walking along, I also saw a proper cute shop which sold little bits and pieces all about Newcastle, so I bought a little pin badge saying “Shy Bairn” – which is a Geordie saying for like shy kid really. I use so many Geordie sayings because of my parents / family, so it all just comes pretty natural to me haha.

I believe that was all that I bought in Newcastle, some black loafers, a super cute pin-badge and some Levi’s Jeans. YASSS.

I hope you all have had an amazing NYE and a fab start to the new year! Here’s to 2019, may it be filled with love, kindness and prosperity.

Happy New Year my Angels!

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie x

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