IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY!! – featuring some of my Christmas presents & my coat collection

Hi my Christmas angels, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you’re all having a very fabulous & Christmassy day so far. 

I’ve been all over the place today, in a good way! I’ve woken up to amazing gifts, watched my family open their presents, been to my boyfriends house to see everyone and then I’ve been sorting out this post. I am honestly so lucky & I’m incredibly thankful to my parents for making Christmas such a happy and memorable day. They spoil me every single year and I couldn’t be more thankful. Just to spend the whole day with them is enough for me, but they continue to spoil me with gifts & lots of chocolate. Thank you ❤️

A few of my major highlights of my day so far is that I’ve been gifted a beautiful Gucci belt from my dad and it’s honestly sooooo beautiful. I nearly cried when I opened the box. A pink box with stunning detail, just wow! I’ve also received  an amaze mirror which has lights all around it. It’s one of those which completely lights up your face when you’re applying make up & doing your hair. I’ll be able to see myself so clearly and see those blemishes etc hahaha, pro’s and con’s of a bright mirror aye.

Lots of makeup, chocolates and fashion books have truly wowed me and I’m in shock if I’m honest. Christmas to me is all about giving, whether it’s big or small, I love love love to gift people presents at Christmas. Seeing my family open their presents is honestly the best time of the day. Their lil happy faces makes me feel great.


Spend your day with happiness and love all around you. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a grand new year. Spending time with family is key and I couldn’t wish for a better family. They’re my whole world! (Soppy Sophie I know, but it’s so true).

Me and Jonny chose ourselves what we wanted, as we always do big birthdays and smaller Christmas’. I got some Zara black joggers from him and they’re SO COMFY. I’m wearing them as we speak. 

Stockings are always a fav of mine too. Opening them to find lil gems of gifts is just wonderful. It’s the thought that counts in gifts, I’ve always found myself thinking for ageeeees what to get people because I want them to really enjoy the gift. My family have spoilt me and I hope that when I’m older that I can gift them amazing presents and spoil them as they have for me when growing up. 

How’s your Christmas going so far? What’s your favourite part of the day? I’be just had my xmas dinner which was fab as per (love you mother). Now waiting for a little while and then i’ll have some chocolate roulade, YUM. 

I’ve received Michelle Obama’s book names “becoming” and I’ve been seeing this all over social media and in magazines for absolutely ages this year. She’s a one of a kind woman and I hope I could be as powerful and kind as her when I’m older. She is so wise and I can’t wait to get stuck into the book!!

I’ve also kindly received the “inthefrow” book named ‘the new fashion rules’ by Victoria Magrath which I CANT WAIT TO READ. As you all know, I dream all about fashion and styles 24/7 and this book will be filled with iconic sayings and knowledge. Fashion world here I comeee.

Winter Coat Collection

My coat collection is wild. I have lots of coats, ranging from fluffy faux furs to sleek fabric ones. I will be showing you my favourite pieces from my collection.

I’ve previously written more detailed posts about the specific pieces shown & other coats from my collection. But I will just show you these and label where they’re from & my reasoning as to why I absolutely love every single one of them. I will show you my other coats & jackets in another post during the new year my angels.

Skinny Dip – Faux fur stripped coat

Just before summer 2018, I was invited to a skinny dip event at their head office in London and we chose what items would go in their winter collections. I chose this coat to go in their collection because I absolutely LOVE the colours, textures and stripped look of this warm product. It’s such a look and it’s super fun & colourful for winter.

Max Studio – faux fur floor length coat

I saw this in MK when shopping and I died when I saw it. It’s SO comfy, goes with everything and makes me look stylish in the making. I feel like a pimp when wearing it hahha! I try to wear it when it’s super cold or for a blogging event / occasion.

Zara – checked jacket

My DREAM jacket. Yes this isn’t a ‘coat’ but it’s a jacket that I wear pretty much everywhere. I feel really confident when wearing it, it covers all the right places and exccentuates my waistline. Love love love this.

H&M suede camel coat

This piece is very light weight, and doesn’t “keep me warm”. It’s more for spring / summer with skirts and warmer weather. But I like wearing this also with jumpers and trousers because it just needs an extra layer for warmth. I bought this years ago and it has been a go-to jacket ever since. Camel coloured coats are fab!

GAP – faux fur pink short coat

We all need one of these in our wardrobes. This coat is SO WARM. I could wear a bikini underneath and still be so warm hahah. It’s a short coat and goes perfectly with plain or patterned trousers. The pink is the statement piece! The faux fur is very soft also.

All Saints – light pink suede jacket

As you can tell, I love the pink shades. This is a slightly washed out kinda pink colour. More of a peachy pink! The suede is perfect in summer / dry weather. I don’t tend to wear this in winter because it would ruin the suede (if it rains / snows). But this is my go-to jacket in summer !!

Urban Outfitters – Teddy coat / faux fur 

Teddy coats are soooo cute. Especially with dresses, they just suit them so well! This is an oversized coat on me, so it’s a bigger version of what I’d normally wear. I wanted a larger oversized coat for winter because it keeps me warm, looks fab and the material is good in winter weather conditions. The curls on the coat are a really nice touch to the garment.

Liquor N Poker – oversized jacket

Pink pink pink. What a coincidence. It’s popped up once again in my blog! This pink is very obvious, stands out wonderfully and is more of an edgy look. If I’m feeling to have a style which is quite obvious and statement like, then I will go for this jacket. It’s warm in winter, even though it’s a denim material. I’d pair this with a white turtle neck top and some light coloured trousers and i’d be on my way. Love this!

Katy & Bones – edgy denim jacket

I got gifted this the other month as an early birthday present. It was n a vintage stall in MK Centre and it was just super cool that I had to have it. It’s verrrrry oversized on me, but that look is really cute with your hair tied up in a top-knot or a pony tail. Thumbs up for Katy & Bone for designing this jacket.

Zara – Teddy Coat – short

This is my ultimate favourite coat for 2018. It’s extremely comfy, and soft and warm. However, it isn’t good if it chucks it down with rain. Purely because the material isn’t exactly water proof (as you can tell). But I still wear it and it is perfectly fine. It goes with literally every look that I want to wear that day or week and I couldn’t have a better colour for a coat. Love this!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Christmas blog post, featuring some of my gifts and getting to know my coat collection. I have wayyyyy too many coats / jackets, so it’ll take forever for me to show you them all haha! But these are my main coats / jackets that I wear the most & get the most wear out of.

If you’d like to know any more information then please email, comment below or message me on Instagram.

Instagram: soph.h


Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year my Christmas angels.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x


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