Getting very Merry for Christmas – LVL’s, Gel nails & xmas meals

Evening angels, welcome back to Styled by Sophie.

Today I was planning on showing you all my winter coat collection, but as my schedule has been packed this week I haven’t had the chance to take good images of my coat collection. So that will be Tuesdays post I promise. (I’m being cheeky oops).

Anyhow!! This evening I’m going to my friend Elliott’s house for our annual xmas meal. Our friendship group always goes to Elliott’s for a fab meal and to see his wonderful family. (Love you Phillippa xxx).

So I’m planning on going there very soon. But today I needed to pamper myself for Christmas. I’ve just had my lashes done!! I haven’t had them done in SO LONG, purely because I’ve been at uni and I haven’t had the time to schedule myself in. As I’m writing this I’m in the salon sorting myself out!

LVL lashes

LVL’s are super fun to have done. I’ve had mine done a few times this year and they make such a difference. They don’t hurt at all. It’s your own natural eyelashes and they’re just permed and tinted. For those who don’t really get it, it basically means they’re permanently curled (until the lash cycle is over) and then tinted darker, so they stand out more!

I love love love getting this treatment done to my lashes. I love how natural they are and it means I don’t have any false lashes in my eyes. I’m not a huge fan of falseys, but if they look great on you then fab!! I’ve seen loads that look amazing. But for me, I tend to just go for LVL’s every now and again.

Nails by Gabriella – Gel nails

I’m getting my xmas nails done late tomorrow evening with my fabulous nail girly, Gabriella!

Shes located in Northampton and she’s honestly so talented at what she does. I’ve been to her for a year for my gel nail appointments and she always does them perfectly! I usually go for quite funky nail colours and every time she amazes me!!! I highly recommend going to her for your nails!

(I will insert an image of my nails tomorrow evening so you can all see them when they’re complete).

As an update, I’ve finally bought all of my family’s Xmas gifts hahahah, yes I was a late one. I did think about every gift really carefully however so I’m pleased with them and can’t wait to see my family open their gifts. I LOVE to gift people presents, or chocolates or anything. I’m a proper giver and I love seeing people’s faces light up when they receive their presents. Eeeeeek, it’s soooo close now.

I can’t wait for xmas dinner, and you can’t lie, it’s the BEST thing ever. Waiting until lunch/dinner for the most amaze meal ever is what dreams are made of. If you’re one of those who doesn’t like xmas dinner then I feel sorry for you because DAMN you’re missing out hahaha.

What are all of your plans this Christmas? I’d love to know!

Soon i’m visiting my family up north in Newcastle and I can’t wait. They’re so cute and Geordie and I love them all. My cousins are literally the cutest little people ever!

Christmas hair-do!

On Christmas I don’t tend to really do much with my hair. I just wash it probs the night before and then shove it in a bun when it’s dry. I love a messy bun!!! It’s such a look.

Do you all dress up on Christmas Day? Comment down below!

I usually do my makeup on Christmas, purely for my family’s annual Xmas selfie. We always do one at breakfast & then for dinner. If I do my makeup on the day, I usually just put my normal everyday makeup on, which is concealer, bit of highlight and mascara. But as I’ve just had my lashes done I don’t need mascara for ages now yayyyy. Oh happy days.

This is a shorter post than usual, because I need to get ready to have my lil annual Xmas meal with my best friends. So I will love you and leave you all for now.

Can’t wait to talk to you all on Christmas!!! There will be a Christmas post so stay tuned. Featuring all of my coat collection and some of my Christmas antics.

Merry Christmas my angels.

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie x

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