My favourite fashion stores at the moment – part 1

Good evening angels of Earth, welcome back! Hope you’re all getting really excited as Christmas is only a week away!! I still need to buy presents, I’m such a last minute buyer (sad times). But I’ve just been so super busy that I literally haven’t even had time to browse for peoples presents. But I assure you, it will all be bought for by Friday (If I’m organised hahah).

I recently did an instagram poll on my story, asking you all what you’d like me to write about today. It was pretty 50/50 as to what to write. So today I shall be talking about my favourite fashion stores, then Fridays post will be my coat collection. So stay tuned!

I always enjoy browsing through stores, I MUCH PREFER in-store shopping rather than online. Online shopping is just a drag if I’m honest. If I’ve seen a product in-store but its cheaper to buy online, then I may buy online. But that’s literally the only time I purchase clothes online. Depending on if the item is literally to DIE FOR, then yeah I might shop online, but its soooo rare. I love to browse online, but then go into the stores to try on and fully feel the materials of the garments I want to buy.

I will list my favourite stores, from vintage stores to online high-street shops, and I’ll explain why I love these stores and my thoughts behind them as a brand.

(All images included are from the brands instagram pages).

Vintage Guru Northampton

I recently did a photoshoot in Vintage Guru for my fashion photography module for Uni. I decided to locate my shoot in Vintage Guru because I absolutely love to shop there and I wanted my personal style to be involved in my project. I find it really lovely and quite relaxing when I work on projects that i’m so fully dedicated to and completely interested in.

Vintage Guru is a new store in Northampton which as you can tell by the name, its. a vintage store. From Tommy Hilfiger jumpers and Levi’s denim jackets to other high-end and high-street brands, it has it all. I enjoy shopping there because the staff are super friendly, the clothes are pretty much perfect condition and the store is MASSIVE. There’s so many hidden rooms and its like a secret maze inside. Even to just have a mooch about the store, its really fun. I highly recommend shopping there and seeing some fab vintage clothes.

If anyone wants a vintage fashion chat with me just to see what may suit them clothes wise, then please feel free to message me on instagram or email me.


This brand is an A* from me. I became a fan of Bershka really only this year, I had a trip to London and I went to buy some new black boots and I found the PERFECT PAIR OF BOOTS. I want to purchase more clothes and boots from them because I have genuinely worn these boots nearly every single day since. They’re soooo comfy.

I would choose Bershka as my favourite high-street store by far. Their designs, materials and prices are just all a bit of me. If you haven’t been to the London store then I suggest that you check it out, or check Bershka out through their social media / instagram / website. Bershka is part of the Spanish Intidex multi-national group, meaning that its clothes are very similar and if not identical to Zara, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Pull & Bear and Stradivarius. The companies flagship store however is Zara. But it owns all of the chains listed above.

Bershka uses Eastern European and other influences into its designs and I really find them beautiful. I would 100% prefer to wear the actual designs from the other countries, but as I can’t, I have to purchase items from England and this is where I enjoy buying my fashion items from.

ASOS – online store

As an online store, ASOS is up there as one of the greatest. I like ASOS purely because they have sooo many brands to choose from. I can happily say that I’ve never had any problems with delivery or my clothes that I’ve bought from them. I’ve heard that Pretty Little Thing and other online stores have quite bad delivery situations and refund issues (only from what I’ve seen and heard). So I’ve never bought anything from PLT or any of the other online stores. But ASOS haven’t ever let me down, I truly like the clothes I buy and I’ve never had to refund anything so far. I buy from ASOS when I’m looking for a particular item of clothing but I can’t find it anywhere, so I head to ASOS to see if they have it in their stocks – probably 70% of the time they sure do have it.


Okuuuur. Zara is one of my favourite stores if I need a quick purchase for a night out or if I reallyyyyy need new and fresh styles. HOWEVER, I try not to buy from Zara much now as it’s an incredibly fast fashion store. If the stores factories and fashion selling became much less damaging to the environment and workers lives, then I would happily shop there 24/7. But, because of the fast fashion side to the company, it makes me not want to purchase there too often as its harmful to lives, environments and communities. You’re probably wondering then why I purchase from them? Well I mostly purchase vintage clothes when I can. But because vintage items can sometimes be pricey (not all of the time), and not many vintage stores are located near me, so I have to purchase elsewhere. So, Zara is my go-to other than vintage stores. I have a Zara really close to where I live, and I love the styles that Zara’s designers have (it copies high-end brands sometimes). But generally, I really do love the designs and materials.

So Thank u, Next to Zara.

Pull & Bear

Pull and bear are fabulousssss. In terms of clothing condition and long term use of their products, they last ages! I’ve bought their clothes over the years, since I was probably early teens, and I’ve still got the same items today. Pull & Bear aim at the younger generation, so I find great items to fit my style in there. Their jumpers / sweaters are my favourite! If you need comfy clothes, I highly recommend Pull & Bear.

They always have the best colours for literally every season. I always find something I like from them! I like their London store, but I wish it was bigger. I don’t believe the bigger the store the better, but if I really like a store then I wish they were bigger haha!

I have soooo many other fashion brands / companies that I LOVE! I will write a post very soon all about my favourite online / instagram brands. Theres so many different brands out there that have wonderful quality items, I just couldn’t write them all on this! Otherwise this post would be loooooong – and who’s got time for that hahaha.

Love you my angels, speak soon.

Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie x

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