Getting ready for Christmas 2018: telling you all my Xmas plans!!

Hi my Christmas angels! Welcome back to another post.

This year I’ve decided not to take part in blogmas / vlogmas, purely because I haven’t had time to prep for my everyday posts. I would’ve loved to have taken part, but I’ve got many plans for next years blogmas & vlogmas.

I’ve recently got a vlogging camera for my 20th birthday. I’m so happy with it and I absolutely love it! I shall be taking much more professional images and starting to vlog again. I had previously vlogged for a few months this year, but i didn’t have enough storage on my phone to keep making videos and I wanted time to edit them properly. So with this new camera, I’m ready to start vlogging and getting really stuck into my YouTube channel.

Keep an eye out for my YT vlogs!!

I’ve just finished my term at university today and I’m ready for xmas. I have more presents to purchase, then I shall be ready to wrap them and give them away, yayyy! As you can see, in the first image I was posing and messing about in my photography lecture today hahah, couldn’t help myself.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, as you all know. I personally love Christmas because you get to spend it with your family and make each other happy whilst making more memories.

I’m a giver. I LOVE to give rather than take. Don’t get me wrong though, I love presents hahahah. But just seeing your family & friends open your gifts to them and seeing their faces is just the BEST feeling. So for me, Christmas is about giving.

My family are so supportive of everything I do, and I’m really proud to be their daughter. I couldn’t have asked for better and more loving parents. They’ve really let me grow and be who I am today, so for Christmas it’s that time of year where I really want to show my appreciation to them. I show how much I love them anyways everyday! But at Christmas it’s just such a happy time of year and I want them to be able to have back what they’ve given me over the years. So I try to go all out when I can at Christmas for them!

I’ve got many plans this Christmas which is always exciting. I’m seeing my boyfriend again which I’m really glad to have a whole month with him as he’s back from uni now.

I’m seeing my friends on the 22nd for a girls night in. We’ll be round Meg’s house (bestfriend), and she will be hosting, bless her. I’ve got a nail appointment that evening as well, so I’ll get my nails done and then drive to her house! Can’t wait to have a good ol’ gossip and catch up with my friends who I haven’t seen for ages.

The night before, I’m going to one of my best friends (Elliott’s) house for a Christmas meal. He hosts a meal every year and it’s been a tradition for a while now. It’s really lovely to see everyone at Christmas. My best friends are honestly the funniest people I know, and we all make a great team.

On the 24th I’ll be attending Earls Barton’s Christmas carols. I’m not a carol singer nor do I want to be, but I enjoy the company I’m with and the food we eat. It’s just a laugh! Meg absolutely loves the carols, so I really just go for her hahaha. What I do for my friends aye.

We stand in the freezing cold singing a few hymns and then I go home because the next day is CHRISTMASSSSS!

So, Christmas morn is always so much fun. But I’ll tell you all about that next week or so. After Christmas I’m going to Newcastle to see my relatives. If you don’t know my whole family are from Newcastle (they’re Geordie). Some people say I have a twinge of Geordie, but who knows. Everyone thinks their own voice sounds weird so I’m not sure how I sound hahah! Here is a pic of me & my mother, love u.

Then it’s New Year’s Eve. We always go to Elliott’s house for his house party, and every year its always a blast. All of my friendship groups is there, and then some of Elliott’s & the guys in the groups’ friends also pop round.

I like to get dressed up for NYE, doing my hair and makeup and getting some nicer clothes on. Dressing up is always fun! So me & meg will he dressed up, then we’ll all be sleeping at his house so we bring our other clothes and baggy jumpers with us. It’s fun, cosy and just a great way to start the new year. All my friends in one room, holding hands and singing that funny NYE song hahaha. If you know then you know.

This is my go-to Christmas / Winter look this year. Meg bought me this headscarf / band and it’s super comfy, colourful and cute!!

I’ll be having lots of hotchocolate’s over Christmas for sure. I’m a sucker for a hotchocolate. It’s so pleasing and I’m literally never disappointed with it. But it HAS to have cream with it, that’s my only hotcoco rule.

I’d love to know what you all plan to do this xmas. Comment below your favourite part of Christmas or NYE!

Instagram: soph.h

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo

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  1. I’m the same! LOVE giving gifts to other people during Christmas, such a good feeling, especially when you nail the perfect present! Hope you enjoy your Christmas season x

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