It’s my 20th birthday!!! A special B-day blog post – from an open casting call / modelling audition to an insight of my birthday.

Hi angels!!! It’s my 20th birthday today! I’ve been spoilt rotten and I’m so thankful for all of my family & friends. They mean the world to me.

I have officially been alive for twenty years. That’s crazy! I’m surprised I’ve managed to be ok for twenty years, I’m forever thankful for my health & wellbeing. Stay happy & healthy everyone!

I firstly opened my gifts with my parents this morning in their room (it’s a tradition). I got some lovely items of clothing which I’m super thankful for (thank you family). Then I got my main present which was my blogging / vlogging camera aaaaahhhhh!!!!

I cannot wait to use it. It’s so beautiful and perfect. It’s a Lumix Panasonic camera and it’s the perfect colour and size and everything. I couldn’t have asked for a better camera, like I’m in love with it. Thank you SO MUCH to my parents, I love u both with all my heart. The camera shall be shown more on the next blog post.

So I’ve been out ALL DAY. I decided not to go to uni today because I didn’t want to spend my twentieth birthday indoors and in lectures. My sister around two weeks ago sent me a link to this advertisement on Instagram, which was from a modelling agency. The advert was for an open casting call at their shooting location. But it was on my birthday (today). So I took the decision to go ahead with it and try to audition for the open modelling call.

It was all the way in Birmingham, and my dad came with to spend the day with me, bless him. We eventually found the studio location and I had my casting call!

It was such a blast. I really enjoyed the experience and having my pictures taken and just being in that environment. I’ve only done this once before and it was for a movie audition. I’ve only modelled in one catwalk before and I’ve done lots of project modelling, but other than that I’m not experienced whatsoever. I’m a baby in this industry haha!

But I wanted to go, mainly to get experience of what auditioning is like. I’ve been so interested in this business for as long as I can remember, and to finally have the guts to attend a casting call was just an ultimate dream of mine. I’m really impressed with myself and how I handled myself professionally, go me!!

I had my photo’s taken, asked lots of questions and walked in my heels all over the room, and it was a bunch of fun! I’d highly recommend attending casting calls because they’re super fun yet professional, so you can truly make yourself stand out. That’s what is needed in that industry. To be a bit different from everyone else, whether that’s how you look or your personality. You want to be remembered!

That was the start of my whole day! We swapped details and we drove back home. I got in and started getting ready to go out in the evening. I went out for dinner with my bestfriend, Meg. It’s her birthday on the 9th, so we’re basically twins. So we went out to The Bull in Olney, which I highly recommend.

We shared a starter which was beautifullll. Then I opened my presents from her, and honestly I loved them all. Four amazing presents from my bestfriend, she does spoil me. Can’t wait to give her bday presents to her in a few days!!

We then had mains, I forgot to take images of them so pls forgive me. But I had a bbq pulled pork burger and meg had fish cakes (I think). But we both loved our meals, they were fab.

We chatted the whole evening, we always have so much to talk about and I absolutely love talking to her. She’s so easy to talk to and listens to every single word you say, she takes it all in like a lil sponge hahah. But it’s great because we’re so alike in humour yet so opposite in other ways, for one she’s so much more organised than me hahaha, love her.

We laughed the night away as we always do and spoke about SO MUCH. We both can talk for hours on end so it was great. I shall be seeing her soon for her birthday and all my friendship group is back for xmas in a week or so, then we shall be out in NB’s and other places, whoooop, jokes. NB’s isn’t exactly the highlight of Northampton, if u know then u know.

But I’ve had an absolutely lovely day. I also had flowers delivered to me from my boyfriend who is currently still up at uni in Hull, so thank you to Jonny for them. They’re beautiful.

I’ve had beautiful gifts from my second family (Jonny’s), my friends and then I’ll be getting a few more gifts this weekend from my sister and next week when I see Jonny again.

To celebrate with my family, we went out last night for an Indian which is my all time favourite food !!!! I’m a wimp, so I get a chicken korma (don’t judge me). So I spent last night with my parents which I loved. Thank you to you both for being the best parents a girl could ask for.

Can’t thank everyone enough for making my birthday so special. I love you all!

So that has been my birthday! From going to an open casting call all day, to having lovely birthday presents and celebrating with my bestfriend. Couldn’t have asked for anything more!

Birthdays are a special day to just remind yourself of where you’ve come in your life and especially from the previous year. I’ve done so much! I’ve created this fashion blog, been gifted some amazing blogger mail, worked with fabulous brands, been invited to beautiful events, gone into my second year at university studying fashion, bought a new car (R.I.P Kiwi) and I’ve also been on a fab summer holiday. I feel lucky, happy and forever grateful.

Thank you everyone who’s supported me along the way. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Let’s celebrate being twenty. Here’s to being 20 years old !!!!

Love you my angels!

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo

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