December can be stressful: from peaked emotions to blossoming friendships

Hi angels, once again this is a later post, I’m quite liking at the moment just getting into bed and spilling my feelings out to you all. It’s 1) relaxing & 2) medicating. It’s a great feeling to be able to just let go of your emotions once in a while. It’s feelin’ gooood.

If I’m honest, today I’ve had a massive meltdown. My computer aided design work (such as photoshop and InDesign) won’t work. On. Any. Device.

I’ve been in such a tizz about it all day that at the end of the day I’d had enough and completely had a meltdown right in the middle of my uni block. (Embarrassing I know). But at uni, and life in general, we all have meltdowns. And I found out that today was apparently my day to have one.

I’m fine with a good cry, it’s great to let it all out. So as I was crying the river nile (literally) out of my eye sockets, the loveliest girl came up to me and just checked to see if I was ok. From then on I literally cried whilst hugging her and she was soooo sweet about it all. She explained that we all have those days as students & that it was just my time to have one.

She was incredibly helpful, ran upstairs to get her laptop for me to use and was just honestly one of the most genuine people I’ve met. I can hand on heart say that it was the best thing to come out of such a crap experience / day. I also had a lovely guy ask me if I was ok and that we all have those times when we just cry and that it was fine.

All day I have been searching for CAD rooms, talking to lecturers about my project and trying to see if anyone in the IT department could help me, and no one apparently could nor wanted to.

But this angel literally came to me and just simply asked if I was ok and it was enough for me to cry for another good hour about everything going on.

I’m such an ugly crier as well hahahah, but she really just listened and we had the best chat ever. Afterwards, we went up to her class and we met her kind friend who also really tried to help me out. So we were all there in this CAD room just trying to sort out my project, and in all honesty I’ve never felt that people wanted to truly help me more.

This post is for those who are really feeling the uni stress or those who are just getting pressured about jobs, school or apprenticeships. This time of year can especially put everyone in such a down mood. Having deadlines that seem to all coexist one another. Having projects to hand in one after the other. Having to buy a load of Christmas presents when in fact you don’t have much £££ at the moment.

We’re all in the same boat. Never feel like you’re alone. Today I felt really alone and upset. But just around the corner was some of the kindest souls that reached out to me and gave me a helping hand.

It’s never too much to ask for help. Or to ask someone if they need your help. Support is always there. Even if lecturers or teachers can’t help you out, students ALWAYS will. We’re the ones who understand one another and who are actually doing these essays and assignments. We can massively relate to each other.

I just want to say a huge thank you to the lovely girls who helped me today & to the kind guy who asked if I was ok as well. It’s the little things that matter in life.

(P.s: I got the girls numbers, we shall all be friendssss yay)!

December can bring so much happiness, such as my birthday and Christmas time. But it can also be a very stressful month, filled with deadlines and course work and present buying.

But we’re all in this together – quoted by High School Musical.

Just remember to take a moment to breathe if you’re feeling like you’re having a meltdown. Breathe in for 8 and out for 10. (I think that’s what it is haha). Have a hot chocolate, relax and watch I’m a celeb. We all have some sort of work to do, but we ALL need to chill out as well. Home time is chill time.

Also, yes this uni stuff and work and jobs are hard work. It’s part of life. But we can all have a helping hand once in a while. Today was my day that I really needed it, and I happily found it.

You never know, you may make someone’s day just that bit better, like she made mine.

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo

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