Suited ‘n Booted – listing the best A/W18 trends

Good evening my angels!

I’ve recently been super busy with uni projects and just life in general. But I can’t wait to have three weeks off for Christmas, so I can spend time with family & friends.

Also, a week today is my BIRTHDAY! I shall be 20 years of age on the 7th December, how crazy. I remember when I was younger and thinking “20 is so old” hahaha, well I am that ‘old’ soon. Can’t wait to write a birthday post, eeeek!

I’ve noticed this year that there hasn’t been much of a “winter trend” or a specific item as such. It’s the way people are putting their outfits together that makes the trends work.

So, i’ve been digging and searching around recently and i’ve found some that I love. In particular, suits and boots. Obviously suits and boots have been around foreverrrr, but the way we change this simple look every year becomes a new trend itself.


Suit jackets / check jackets complete me. They also complete the perfect autumnal look. I’ve had my check jacket from Zara for a while now & it works with pretty much every outfit. I can pair it with jeans, smart trousers, skirts & dresses. It just works!!

I’d pair a jacket like this with a turtle neck jumper / top, or a baggy shirt & tucked into smart trousers. I like the formal yet relaxed look. This jacket makes every outfit look instantly smart.


Low bun’s are SUCH A LOOK. Lemme tell you, I used to never wear a low bun, purely because I had a load of hair on my head & it was super long, but once I cut it all off, I started to wear low buns & oh ma gosh, it’s fab. Super easy, fun and makes you instantly look a 10/10.

I prefer the low bun trend a bit messy. So tie your hair back as usual & tie the low bun, but then pull pieces of hair out of your hair to frame your face & make it look more casual & messy.

Low buns are a major look for A/W18.


Coloured trousers are such a statement piece. They’re needed in everyone’s wardrobes, both men & women should rock this trend.

I’m really liking the way people are wearing trousers for this season. The longer the trouser, the better the look it seems – and I’m all for it.

I don’t like it when the trousers are literally touching the floor, because I wouldn’t want to wreck the bottom of the trouser legs. But when they’re just above the ground I really like it!

Also, coloured trousers really make a statement in any wardrobe. Not just in winter, in all seasons! But during winter, we all tend to wear darker clothes & just be more casual in our choice of colours. But I think it should change. Coloured trousers and jackets make you feel more colourful & ready for the day, especially during winter.

We can all feel a bit crap in winter, with colds or whatnot. But wearing more colour definitely makes me much happier! I wow a pink jumper today because I wanted to feel better and more bright, and I does genuinely work for me haha.


Long, Camel coloured coats are always in during winter. I have a camel coat but it’s more of a light weight jacket. The longer the jacket, the more it’ll keep your whole body warm haha!

I have a particular colour of camel that I like though, not every camel shade / colour works. Also, it depends on the material as well. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers wear these long camel coast and yeah they’re a look, but it has to be the right colour, length & fabric for it to genuinely work and look good for me. I’m picky, I know.


Hats hats hats!!! As you all know, I love a good hat. From baker boy caps to berets to bucket hats, I’m all for them.

The Burberry bucket hat is a hat of dreams. It’s stylish, chic and a statement piece.

I’m not a fan of someone wearing a visor or a normal sun-cap in winter. Those kinds of cap’s STAY IN SUMMER. For A/W, it has to be hats, or Baker boy caps for me.

In a hat, I prefer neutral colours, as you want the item to work with your clothes & hair, not against them.


Under the knee boots are IN FASHION FINALLY. As a girl who has short legs, over the knee boots don’t really work with every outfit I wear. I’m planning on purchasing some of these boots hopefully just after my birthday, so I’m all ready for winter footwear.

I like how the boots don’t over shadow your legs. The boots are an addition to your outfit, they’re not THE outfit. Boots like these are a wonderful autumnal colour and will go with absolutely every outfit. They make this girly look amaze! Add some under the knee boots to your A/W18 wardrobe and you’ll rock this winter in style.

If you’d like to take a look a these ladies Instagram pages, then i’ve kept their insta handles in the images for you all.

Thanks for reading my angels, have a fabulous weekend! I’m sure you’ll all look great this winter. But remember, the most important thing is to be healthy & warm in these upcoming cold months. Wrap up and warm up!

Instagram: soph.h

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo


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