It’s never too early for a Christmas market! – Birmingham Christmas Market

Hi lovelies, welcome back to another post, this time it’s all lifestyle stuff. I enjoy writing abou a mixture of topics, of course I keep my theme of vintage clothing, mental health & beauty products. But I enjoy talking about other fashion pieces, travelling & lifestyle.

Had a bit of a disaster at the weekend. Ended up going to hospital & got treated there with antibiotics. The doctor was extremely helpful and decided to put me on different meds to help me get better. But it’s a bit of a waiting game at the moment, but i’ll update you on what’s going on in the next few posts. But I’ve had this chest infection thing for around 5 weeks now, and nothing is making it go away. Then this weekend I was feeling so ill, more than usual. Feeling extremely exhausted at the littlest tasks, couldn’t breathe well and was feeling very light headed. So 111 told me to go to hospital and as directed, I ended up there. Typical aye. But hopefully i’ll start to feel more myself again in a few weeks.

So with all of this happening at the weekend, I wanted to just not do any work (as I couldn’t concentrate) and just spend time with my family. We ended up going to the Christmas market in Birmingham and it was really nice!

The market itself is so cute, but extremely long hahaha, needed a good cuppa tea or something to keep me going.

If you’ve never been before, it’s basically a really long road / area that is filled with Christmas goods. Over the years they’ve put decorations to sell, Christmas presents and little ornaments for the tree. But this year it was heavily based around food. From hotdogs to burgers, just warm comfort food really. I didn’t have any as i’d already ate, but if you were to have a trip there I’d suggest going for the food really, as it’s the main part of the market!

The decorations were really cute. I love how the stalls are little cabins and you can sit in there and eat / drink ‘til your hearts content. Lots of happy faces and filled stomachs from all the Christmas food.

Wreaths, fairy lights / Christmas lights and ball balls just top it all off! I love Christmas time, as it’s my birthday first, and then Christmas a few weeks after! My birthday for anyone wondering is December 7th. The best day of the year hahaha;)

As we finished looking at all of the market, we walked into the Bullring and had a look about there as well. The Bullring is the huge shopping area in Birmingham. It has loads of shops, from the normal Zara’s and Primark’s to Urban Outfitters (that’s literally just outside the Bullring) and much more.

They also have a Selfridges, which is my favourite store of all time !!! From the Missguided section to Gucci and Dior. I am in heaven when I see the Gucci section, uuuurgh will someone please one day just buy me Gucci loafers & trainers, that would be fab thanks hahah.

I don’t tend to buy Mac products, part from their velvet teddy lipstick & a red one I’ve bought from them. But their display was soooo cool! Loved it, so had to take a pic. The neon lights and aesthetic was just too cute not to take a pic of.

I’m pictured sitting on the Olivia Burton seat, and if you’re wondering they did say I could sit on it hahaha, the use of it was to be sat on!

Even though I went to Birmingham for the whole day and looked at so many clothes and bags, I actually didn’t buy anything. I know. Cry.

But it was a really great day to spend it with my family. I was coughing the whole day though, but just spending quality time with them was a blast. In both car journeys there and back we played eye spy, and I’m absolutely crap at eye spy if anyone’s asking hahaha. It’s a tough game yano.

But all in all, I had a lovely time. I wanted to go again soon to their ice skating rink, it looks so cool and even though I can’t ice skate, I do enjoy it and have a laugh.


Also I just wanted to show you my meaty breakfast that I had. It was amazingggg. Poached eggs are fab, especially with sour dough bread. A feast!!! I don’t know why the toast looks so burnt, it actually wasn’t hahaha. Sour dough bread is the best bread ever.

Even though I’m feeling a bit rubbish and under the weather, days out like this do make me feel better. I hate being ill and spending all day indoors, ew.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and i’ll speak to you on Friday once again my angels.

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo

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