A Sparkly Night: Invitation to the Steff Jewellery event at Steffan’s Jewellers!

Good evening my angels, welcome back to another Friday post. This is up much later than usual, purely because i’ve been at university all day & i’ve just been soaking up Black Friday sales.

On Thursday evening, I attended a styling event at Steffan’s Jewellers in Northampton. I was kindly invited by Julles London, who is the designer of Steff Jewellery. I’ve wrote previous posts all about Steff Jewellery & their amazing products, so remember to take a read of those posts if you haven’t already!

As I entered the jewellery store, I was warmly welcomed & got given champagne (which was fabulous) and some nibbles from canapés. I felt so blessed & thankful!


I got kindly escorted around & shown the newest collections by Steff Jewellery. From their Mix & Match range to their collaboration with Jodi Ellen Malpas, #1 New York Times & International Best Selling Author. The pieces are honestly stunning & easy to match with everything. Absolutely perfect for every occasion.

Wildwood Collection


This is one of my absolute favourite collections so far. The way Steff Jewellery focussed this collection on nature & the power and importance that nature has in this world is great. Their pieces fit so well with one another & can be worn day & night.

I personally have most of their bee collection (which is sooo amazing). I have their bee pendant, bee earrings & yesterday I got gifted their bee ring!! It’s beeutiful (hope you got that play on words there hahah). I wanted a closer look at this collection in particular because the last time I was there they had the wildwood collection in earrings. But this time I noticed they designed a charm bracelet which has its own loops on the bracelet itself. So you don’t have to worry if the positioning of the charms are uneven, because the loops are already in the correct alignment, which is PERFECT!

I’ve had so many people contact me about my bee pendant since I posted about it back during summer. So i’m sure you’ll all love the earrings & ring selection that Steff Jewellery have in the wildwood collection.

JEM collection


Steff Jewellery designed this collection with Jodi Ellen Malpas. Jodi has written a series of books, all linking to sexuality and the human natural emotions. The books remind me of 50 shades of grey, it’s that kind of genre. Julles London wanted to emphasise this part of the books out, so she designed a range which suited the JEM collection wonderfully.

The JEM collection is a mixture of earrings, charms, necklaces and bracelets. Their best selling item from the collection is their shackle bracelet. The shackle bracelet looks much heavier than it is, it’s super light and really easy-wearing. It goes onto your wrist by unscrewing the “lock” on the shackle, which you can get in other metals if you prefer rose gold or silver etc.

Their bullet charms and pieces are really also very lovely. Steff Jewellery have turned an ordinary  ‘bullet’ and made it desirable by including diamonds and beautiful details onto the bullets themselves. The bullets can have two sides to them, dainty yet dangerous & that’s what this collection is all about!  I love it!

Mix & Match collection


This collection is STUNNING. Ranging from sleek silvers to dainty diamonds; the mix & match collection has it all.

Their mix & match collection is based around the idea of not having the same earrings in 24/7. You’re able to mix & match these earrings to any charms or metals that you would want. The charms themselves can be sold sepearately to the hoops, so you’re able to mix the hoops with different charms, which is fab!

My favourites from the Mix & Match are the diamond drops (because they’re soooo beautiful) and the spikes. The spikes I would wear 24/7 as they’re super great & would match everything I wear! Then I would wear the diamond drops for special occasions. But if you’re more blingy than me then you may wear the diamond drops 24/7;sparkle all day long!!


The charms on the hoops can be taken off easily by yourselves, just unscrew the backs of the hoops & the charm can come out & you can put another charm that you love onto the hoops. Their wildwood mix & match range are super cute too, the acorns & bees are adorb!

I really suggest that if you have any days off or time to spare or if you’re Jewellery shopping for a special someone, then have a look at Steffan’s Jewellers in Northampton and get looking at Steff Jewellery’s collections.

I say this from the bottom of my heart, they’re stunning. The owners and designers are so friendly and warming. Also, the Christmas period is coming up & if you’re looking for beautiful jewellery to give to a loved one or friend, then Steff Jewellery / Steffan’s Jewellers is the place to go.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’d like to end this post by saying a huge thank you to Julles London (Steff Jewellery) for inviting me to come along & have a wonderful evening with your company, having an insight into your new collections & for gifting me with a beautiful bee ring. I’m truly in love with it! Julles London is one of the kindest ladies i’ve met, really lovely & a fabulous designer.

Thank you to Steffan’s Jewellers for hosting & inviting me to the fabulous styling event.


My evening was spent drinking champagne, eating some healthy nibbles & spending time talking to designer Julles London & looking closely at the beautiful Steff Jewellery. Couldn’t have gone any better!

The links to Steff Jewellery social media & website are down below.

Instagram: steffjewellery

Website: http://www.steff.co.uk

Hope you’ve had a great insight into the wonderful & sparkly evening that I had with Steffan’s Jewellers. Speak to you on Tuesday my angels!

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo

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