Unboxing blogger Mail: Femme Luxe Finery, Shay & Blue, Holly’s Lollies & Alexandria Clothing

Good morning fellow readers. Hope your weekend was fab & you have a splendid week ahead.

This past weekend I’ve been with my boyfriend as it was his 20th birthday, the big 20. Scary to think that we started going out when we were 16. That’s crazy!!

Anyhow, it was a great weekend, jam packed with lush food, fab presents & great company. Throughout the weekend, I’ve had lovely blogger mail which was really nice to receive from different brands.

Femme Luxe Finery:

Femme Luxe Finery have sent me Clothing previously & it’s always so comfy & fits like a glove, especially this dress. In the past & for this mail, I got the choice to chose any garments, so I picked this black dress because I thought it would be a perfect dress for every occasion. I would wear it casually and I could wear it with a pair of heels, for a night out.

This dress would be perfect for anyone, and remember Black Friday is coming up! So I’d head to Femme Luxe Finery on Instagram / their website, so you can check out their amazing deals.

This dress is super stretchy & fits really well to my body. The dress allows all the curves to show in the right places, which I like!

Instagram: Femmeluxefinery

Shay & Blue:

I got in touch with Shay & Blue through Instagram. I had previously heard of their wonderful fragrances through Instagram. This collection they made was a collaboration with ASOS, which is amazing!! The collection is made up of four different scents.

So they kindly sent me two of their four fragrances which I’m so buzzed about, I’m so thankful for these lovely scents. This collection is exclusively on ASOS, so head over to ASOS or Shay & Blue to get these wonderful light sprays.

The first spray is called Voulez Vous, which smells like vanilla! It’s really light on your skin & is perfect for evening wear. I’ll be wearing this one during blogging events & Christmas time for sure!

The second fragrance is called Mandarine and guess what … it smells of Mandarine haha! I absolutely love this one, it’s super sweet smelling & it makes me feel super fresh! I’ll be wearing this dying the day, so people get a whiff of sweet oranges, just fabulous.

All fragrances in this ASOS collection are infused with essential oils. Super fab!

Instagram: shayandbluelondon

Holly’s Lollies

Holly’s lollies sent me these yummy treats around a week ago, and I’ll be having them very soon. I wanted to wait until this post so I can then eat them later, yay!

I’d heard of Holly’s Lollies on Instagram & they kindly sent me these sweet goods to try out for myself.

I could choose if I wanted alcoholic ones or plain ones, so I went with plain because I’d enjoy that more personally as a treat!

The pink lollipop is raspberry & vanilla. I will definitely enjoy that one. I’m a fruit fan, anything with fruit scents or tastes or anything I instantly LOVE. I’m super excited to have them later.

The yellow lollipop is salted caramel flavoured. OH MY, it shall be eaten this week. However, it does say a treat for the 25th. I might wait until Christmas so I know I’ll be getting a sweet treat that day. Christmas dinner, then dessert & then an evening lollipop?? Sounds good to me!

Go check out Holly’s Lollies on Instagram: hollylollies

Alexandria Clothing

I saw a lovely girly on my insta feed wearing some of Alexandria’s clothing, and I wanted to try it for myself! Some amaze blogger mail from this brand was a definite YES this week.

Alexandria makes her own clothes, which is really impressive & they’re all different & colourful. I like colourful clothing, so it was nice to try it out for myself.

The piece I chose was a colourful striped bandeau top, which would go with pretty much everything. It’ll be more worn in the warmer months, but I could easily pair it with some high waisted trousers & a jacket, so it’s good for everything. The fabric is super stretchy, so if you’re more bigger chested then it’ll still fit lovely.

I’d say her clothing pieces could be really nice for festivals & events, so if you’re booking early festivals for 2019 then head over to her page for some great items.

Instagram: alexandriathreads

This is all of this weeks blogger mail, which I’m so thankful for. Thank you to each and every one of these companies / brands for working with me & sending me some fabulous products. Images will be up on my Instagram shortly.

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo

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