Fun events!!! From fashion shoots all week – (plus a funny / true story at the end). You’ll want to read this!

Hello gorgeous readers. Can’t believe how late I’m posting this. I’m truly exhausted from the day I’ve had. I’m shattered. Truly shattered.

But I’m ecstatic purely because I’VE GOT ALL MY IMAGES FOR MY PROJECT. Hallelujah!!

So for a few weeks now I’ve been planning where to take my images for my shoot. Basically, for the photography project, our class got put into groups & in those groups we create a magazine. The magazine is based around Dazed & Confused. We take the images separately, so I’ll end up with a single & double page spread of a magazine, filled with the photos I’ve taken. We need from 3 – 8 images. I think I’m gonna go for 4 or 5, because I like large images across the pages, so they stand out.

My theme: the theme for my project is vintage. We could create our own themes / stories and I wanted to include a bit of me in my project, so as you all know I love vintage clothes, I thought I’d take the images in a shop where 1) I always shop 2) because it’s a great vintage store.

I got permission from the manager of the store a few weeks back & I did the shoot tonight. As it was dark, I needed to use a flash (light), trigger & camera for the fashion shoot.

My models: so I worked with three models this evening. 1) Natalie Wixon – Instagram: natwixon 2) Laura Bustard – Instagram: laurabustard 3) Megan Lawler – Instagram: _megan.lawler

Their all beautiful & were fab models. I liked how they all have a slight vintage look about them & they’re young & beauts. So it was great to have them as my models. I modelled all this week for Laura & Natalie’s magazine photographs because we’re all in the same friendship group. I’m modelling for Meg’s fashion project which I’m super excited about!! She kindly asked & I can’t wait, yay!

Clothing: for the styling I asked each one of them to choose their own clothes (I helped a bit). I wanted them to choose things hey liked & what fitted them. I got permission to use all of the vintage stores clothes for the photoshoot, which was fantastic!

I’m really happy to be working with Vintage Guru Northampton. They’re a lovely company & they’re super friendly. Due to me working in their store, they said that my photographs can be put on their social media / store which I’m absolutely buzzed about !!! How great, others will be able to see my images which I’m stoked about!

Thank you to Vintage Guru Northampton for allowing me to shoot in your vintage store & for working with me on my project. If you haven’t been to their store then I suggest you do, it’s absolutely filled with vintage items; from clothes to furniture.

Location: St Giles Street, Northampton, Vintage Guru.

Once my images are all ready to be posted, then I’ll write another post just showing you all of the photographs.

Honestly I’ve had such a tiring week. To top the week off, I’ll tell you a story of what happened to me this week.

Basically, my university is right next to Morrisons car park. You can park there for 2 free hours, so me being me, I wanted 2 free hours (I’m a student so don’t hate). I used up my two hours and needed to move my car because I had another fashion shoot to attend. I planned on going to St John’s car park (a multi story car park nearby). So I walked across the car park and opened the car with my keys. As I sat inside I practically fell into the car. I was so confused, because my seat was pulled really far back & so was the passenger seat.

I instantly thought “someone has broke into my car. I’m gonna have to call my parents & explain it all. As if someone would break into my car”. I then smelt loads of smoke, from cigarettes. So I then thought “who would smoke in my car like what the heck”. I then proceeded to look around the car, the back seats, the passenger seat, all over. I saw a belt, some papers & cigarette packets.

I realised. At that moment. That. This. WAS NOT MY CAR. !!!!!!! I was in ultimate shock. Like I sat in this car for a good 4 /5 minutes. Just sat there. Thinking “why would someone break into my car” WHEN IT WAS ME WHO BROKE INTO THEIRS.

All of my bags were in the car (baring in mind that I was going to a fashion shoot with the bags filled with clothes). So I had loads of bags, lifted them all off the seats & just ran out of the car. I looked at the number plate and for sure, it wasn’t my car hahahhaa.

So I ended up walking away, and TWO CARS AWAY was my car. Poor Milo the Mini. (Milo is my car). I then realised the whole time an older man was staring at me & just watching me go from some random persons car into my own car hahahah. He didn’t say a word bless him. The true VIP. Hope you’re having a wonderful day sir if you’re reading this hahah.

So I then sat in my car worried to death that someone was gonna kill me for breaking & entering their car. So I drove away and went to park in St John’s car park. As I pulled up to the ticket machine, I took my ticket & for some reason a man was saying “hello hello, hello hello” through the speaker. I would usually reply. But because I was pooing myself from the traumatic event of breaking & entering someone else’s car, I thought it was Morrisons or someone trying to tell me off hahahahaha, so I just drove away from the machine & the man constantly said “Hello???? hello????”. I felt awful but there was NO WAY that I was going to stop hahaha.

Anyhow, that’s been my week. I’m absolutely shattered now. Truly tired. But I’m heading off to see my boyfriend now (it’s his birthday Sunday)!! The big 20!!! So we shall celebrate his birthday this weekend.

Speak soon my angels.

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo

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