Hi my angels! I’m currently drinking a cuppa tea in bed whilst writing this. There’s nothing better than having a hot drink in bed; I’m all relaxed & warm.

At the weekend I went to Milton Keynes because I wanted to purchase some earrings for my boyfriends winter ball, which is this weekend coming. But me being me, I ended up with loads of other clothes.


What I didn’t realise was that the vintage fair was on in the shopping centre. I try to go to this event whenever it’s on, and this was the third & last time for this year that it’s taking place. But don’t worry, it’ll be back in 2019.

I’ve previously spoken about the vintage fair that takes place at MK in a few of my other posts. I buy something every single time I go. I just love vintage clothes & jewellery, so seeing so much of it is just my ideal place to purchase some.

The fair always takes place in the square area by John Lewis. It’s a large open area that is perfect for events.

For this clothing hall I bought the items mainly from the vintage stalls. But I bought a few from other places too. It will all be listed my angels!

But every time I try to find my favourite stall. The company is called “Vintage Blouses by Blousey”. Instagram: blouseyvintage

I absolutely ADORE all of their blouses. I’ve bought at least 10 of their blouses by now & all of them are wonderful & so different from one another! I also love the fact that they’re vintage because it brings the kind of older era to yourself, so you feel like an old soul if that makes any sense hahha. But truly, I love them.

The people who own it even recognise me now, I guess that means I do go too often hahah, oops. I’m a regular if you wanna call it that!



I bought red, white & floral blouses. I couldn’t choose which one I wanted, so I got all three because I know i’ll 100% wear them. I only buy clothes if I know i’ll wear them until they fall off really, so it’s always worth it.



The red blouse is for Christmas time, even though i’ll be wearing it all year around. I tend to wear more red an Christmas just because I’m feeling super festive!

The white one is for everyday. However, i’ll try to wear it for more formal events as because white shirts / blouses are always better at these events.


The floral one is just so autumnal and beautiful. I’m a sucker for a floral shirt, but it has to be vintage. I just prefer the worn look to floral shirts. Means they’ve had a bit of life in them before me! (My thought process).

All these blouses shall be worn and shown on my Instagram 24/7. You’ll probably get bored of seeing my images but hay ho hahah. (Please don’t, I love u all).

Denim Jacket

Okuuuuur. This jacket is my jacket of dreams. The company is: Katy & Bones. The way it lays on my body is just perfect for me. It’s super oversized, which I love in a denim jacket. But it’s also so so so different from the typical denim.

So basically, the way it’s made is totally different and cool. The denim is actually jean denim, as in trousers / jeans. So they’ve all been cut up, many types of jeans & sewn together to create a jacket! I love how it’s got belt loops all over it, and an elasticated bottom where usually that would be the top of the pair of jeans. Just creatively, it’s fabulous. This is my birthday present from my Auntie, so thank you Auntie Eileen!!!❤️  Love you lots!


The jacket was £30. It has such cool embroidery too, it’s got cartoons all over the top front & back of the jacket, which caught my eye. The dye is a pale wash which will go with pretty much everything I wear. But this is a casual jacket, it won’t be worn to formal events!

I’m 20 this year people, how crazy is that!!!?? 20 will be my year though, I shall grow & glow !!!

I then bought my boyfriend some birthday presents (but I can’t share on here just yet, I will do next week). But he’s getting a few birthday presents from me which hopefully he’s excited for hahah!

I also bought my best friend a really cute birthday present from a stall which wasn’t at the vintage fair, but it was one of the stalls in the centre of MK as you walk around. Meg’s been like my soul mate for a good 4 years now (oh ma god). Plus our birthdays are SO CLOSE to each other’s. My birthday is the 7th of December & her’s is the 9th. So we tend to celebrate together for our birthdays every year. This year we’re planning on going to Bicester shopping for the day to spend our dollar. But we wanna save up first before we go! She really wants a Gucci belt & I wanna buy a vintage Dior or Chanel belt. But I can wait hahha!

From the vintage fair I also bought my sister a small Christmas present, which again I can’t tell you on here yet hahha! But it was from a stall that wasn’t vintage, but it was handmade goods & it’s such a cute xmas gift. I can tell you though that it says “hey hun” on it, so even from that it’s cute. (Hope my sister isn’t reading this lol).


As I said at the beginning, all I was meant to purchase that day was earrings for the winter ball hahah, but I obviously got a bit side tracked as you can tell. These earrings are from John Lewis & they’re wonderful as fashion earrings. I tend not to buy fashion jewellery as I usually get my jewellery from vintage places or other jewellery stores for real silver etc. But this was a last minute purchase & I wanted some dangly earrings that would do the job. They were £7 and they’re a rose gold colour. Super flashy and they shine when the light is on them, so they’re good for me.

Handmade Bag – Make a Difference Schools: Mombasa

I also bought a really cute handmade bag. So this off the shoulder tiny bag is denim & was made by a charity called “make a difference schools mombasa”. They were at the vintage fair section but had their own stall. All of the money goes to the schools in Mombasa that they were raising money for. I wanted to help so I bought this little bag & i’ll be using it all the time!

Its nice to make a difference in people lives. Even if it’s a small amount, it can still make a change. They were a very popular stall so I’m sure they’ve raised lots for the schools in Mombasa.

Any questions about the items of clothing or the vintage stalls then drop me a message on here or on my Instagram: soph.h

Thank you my angels,

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo



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