London: lunching at Zedel & Visual Merchandising research

Welcome back to, I luv u all.

This past Monday I went to London with my parents, they’re super cute. We weren’t sure whether to go to Birmingham (Bull Ring) or London…so we decided London, yay! Even though I’m a fan of the Bull Ring, I love shopping too much.

London is one of my favourite cities ever. In ranking order it’s Newcastle, London, Barcelona, New York, Rome. (I think, it varies). For fashion, London is the place to be. I hope to move there in a few years time to settle down & work in the fashion industry, whether it’s designing, modelling, catwalk designing or magazine work, who knows!! I’m just very much looking forward to it.

Anyhow, we got the train to London at around 11ish. So when we arrived we were super hungry, LUCH TIMEEE. My parents wanted to go to this restaurant that they’ heard good reviews from, so we got the underground to this precise place.


Zedel. Is. My. Favourite. Place. Ever.

I dream of places like this, the scenery was outstanding. I felt like a true princess, which ofc I am;) .. joking. (Well, half joking).

Rooms like this remind me of the 20’s and beyond. It’s the angelic colours, such as gold & the pillars that wow me. They make the whole attire beautiful. It was like the interior of a castle or Stately home, with a touch of religious embellishments.


I’m planning on doing up my room to make it really clear & basic yet angelic; filled with gold’s & earthy colours, eeeeek I can’t wait.

I highly recommend visiting Zedel’s! Their interior is mainly themed like an old vintage movie theatre, truly fabulous. They also have live shows & events which happen there all the time, so take a gander down to London to Zedel.


For our lunch there, I had a meat / beef with pepper corn sauce & some fries, it was really tasty. However, I would definitely go for something else next time because I was wanting more of a steak kinda meal but it was more like a burger texture. So, not what we planned haha! But still tasty. For dessert I had a dark chocolate mouse / cheesecake kind of thing, which was great.

I loved the fact that everything on the tables were pink themed, made me all warm inside haha!

Dover Street Market


Dover Street Market is my favourite store. I’d only ever seen them online & i’d never ventured into the store, but OH MY. I love the store even more.

All of the clothing is just a bit of me. It’s different, creative & just a bit “out there”. I enjoy being different with my clothing, so I really love being in creative places where others are expressing their styles & designs. A creative little home!!


DSM / CDG collaborate with many brands, from highstreet to designer & also have many other brands within their store. I’ve got a pair of Comme des Garçons who collaborated with Converse, and they’re my all time favourite trainers.

The interior was so edgy and cool. I rarely go into a store & find their interior cool, but honestly DSM are before our time with interior. Whoever are the designers for them I congratulate you. The interior itself is a work of art.

They have around 4-5 floors filled with Designer & Highstreet collections & collaborations.

As I was mooching about London, I wanted to do some personal research about multiple stores window displays & to do some visual merchandising. If I liked the look of the store I took a picture of it. Here’s my results…



I liked Dior’s window display because it screamed out “we don’t care” kind of attitude. The torn effect really worked. I like how Dior is coming out of its shell a bit and becoming a bit more ‘rough’ as in how it is presenting itself as a designer brand. Bravo Dior!



I hope to own a Hermes bag one day, I wish wish wish.

Hermes are a beautiful brand, and their window was the funkiest one yet. Their theme was clearly snakes & ladders (the board game). I hadn’t known a brand yet to use snakes & ladders as a theme for their window, if you know anyone else that has them correct me if I’m wrong! But it was super arty & lots of fun using colours & dynamics. It caught my attention well!

Exterior design: Burberry & Tiffany’s


Okuuuuur. Tiffany’s is my go to for jewellery. I’ve loved Tiffany’s ever since I was in year 6. I remember getting my first pair of T&Co earrings & ever since then I was hooked. As i’ve gotten older, i’ve become more of a fan of their signature pieces & their rings.

Tiffany’s has always been beautiful in every place I’ve been to for their stores. From New York to San-Francisco, to LA & London. Tiffany’s in New York is the ULTIMATE store. It’s a blessing for being so damn beautiful. Exterior & interior. FABULOUS.

The Burberry store has always had such a signature look. Classy, simple and very tasteful. The Burberry check will forever be a beautiful pattern. Yesterday I bought a vintage Burberry jumper & i’m loving it. The texture & pattern is amaze. It’ll be all over my Instagram feed I’m sure hahaha!


Hope you love these photo’s I took on my London trip & i’ll speak to you all on Tuesday my angels.

Have an angelic day!

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo

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